6/18 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Darby Allin vs. Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page, Jake Hager vs. Wardlow in an MMA Style Match, Orange Cassidy in action, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


JUNE 18, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur


This match was contested under “MMA rules.” There were 3 rounds of 5 minutes, and the only way to win was with a TKO, submission, or knockout (stoppage).

Round 1 – The two men traded some shadow boxing for the first minute, feeling each other out. Hager went for a takedown, but Wardlow was able to sprawl into a mutual grapple. Hager then hit a jab and walk away. Hager hit a body shot and then a leg shot, that Wardlow sold realistically. Hager went for a takedown, but was thrown down to the canvass. Hager then hit a Takedown and left ward low laying on the mat. Hager got Wardlow down again and had hammer fist punches ready to go and backed off. Wardlow was able to hit a straight right and then he slammed Hager and then hit some ground and pound punches. Wardlow then hit a subpar superman punch off of the fencing, to end the round.

Round 2 – Wardlow tried to hit a Masvidal running knee to start round 2, Hager dodged and locked in a waist lock. Wardlow countered and got control and was in full guard, transitioning into an armbar that Hager was able to counter and Hager then got top control and into half guard. Wardlow then was on top, but Hager was able to get a light triangle hold. Wardlow tried to do a Rampage Jackson like power bomb from that position, but he could not get him up. Wardlow was able to get a power bomb, then a spear. Hager locked in his submission, but Wardlow powered out, Hager hit a slam and locked in his submission, the match was stopped by the ref.

WINNER: Jake Hager in Round 2

(Sage’s Analysis: Immediately after the match, my reaction is mixed. I like that AEW took a chance here. But, this match was really exciting when real punches were thrown and nice technique was shown. But, when the match was more wrestling than MMA it really suffered and looked bad in my opinion. The first round around the two minute mark was especially bad when Wardlow took real leg kicks and turned his back on Hager in pain. If this was Bellator Hager would have hit a takedown and ended it there. This was entertaining, but something that should be a once every 3-5 years at most. I would say this should be a one and done unless Wardlow wants to work more of a 50/50, work/shoot match in the future.)

-Shawn Spears attacked Hager, Jericho entered, all four men battled. MJF entered and tapped out Chris Jericho. Dean Malenko came out and pulled MJF off Jericho. MJF punched Malenko, Sammy made the save to end the segment.

-Kaz, Kingston, and Penta were back stage. Kazarian recited some bible scripture and then justified that he was going to commit violence in the name of that scripture. [c]

-Taz was with the entirety of Team Taz sans Brian Cage, he called out Starks and Cage. Taz announce that Adam Page would be taking on Powerhouse Hobbs next week.


Ethan Page was in first for his team, Darby slapped him to start the match. Darby then use this speed to get the advantage on Page, Scorpio Sky was tagged din and Darby continued his advantage. Page and Sky teamed up to get a brief advantage. Allin was able to hit a coffin drop on both, to get Page out of the ring and Sky on the ground. Page then tagged in and shoulder tackled Allin. Allin then got a choke in on Page, but Allin was slammed into the corner and Page slammed Darby to the mat. [c]

Page controlled throughout the break, hitting a backbreaker and tagging in Sky as the show returned. Sky got in quick offense and then tagged Page back in. Page almost immediately tagged in Sky who hit a back breaker of his own. Page was in and Darby was able to counter with an inside cradle for a two count. Allin hit a scorpion death drop on Page, leaving both men laying on the mat.

Sky tagged in, Darby slapped his own hand to tag himself in, he then hit a Code Red, but Page broke up the pin. Allin then zip tied Pages legs and got a series of two counts on Sky. Darby hot a stunner and then went up for a coffin drop, Page was able to pull Darby off of Sky, with his legs bound. Page cut the ties and then threw Allin into the ring post. Sky then tagged in Page who was standing over Allin. Page perched Allin on the top rope and tried to set him up, but Allin bit the hand of Page and pushed him down on the mat. Sky stopped Allin and Page hit the Ego’s Edge for the pinfall win. [c]

WINNER: Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky in 12:00

(Sage’s Analysis: This was really the only way to book a match like this and not totally kill Sky and Page. I liked that Page was able to cut the ties and still do something like pull Darby off of a pin, like someone who desperately wanted to win a fight. There is more to this story, but all parties came out looking good or better than they did before the match.)

***I had a connection issue during the Orange Cassidy Match***

-Matt Hardy and his family office were backstage talking about Christian Cage. Cage attacked and Hardy offered him a retirement check, Cage declined and Hardy said that he would end Christian’s career.


Aaron Solow and Brock Anderson started the match, Solow tried for wrist control as Brock tried the same. Brock did a kip up at one point and let Solow go, he tagged in Marshall. Cody was tagged in and QT immediately tagged in Solow. Cody did a a dive out onto Marshall. Back in the ring, Marshall and Solow teamed up on Cody, hequicklc countered out and tagged in Brock. Who in turn hit classic Anderson moves on both Marshall and Solow. Marshall hit a spine buster on Brock going into the break. [c]

As the show returned Brock tried to make the hot tag to Cody, when he eventually did the ref didn’t see the tag. Brock countered with a crossroads and then got the legal pin. Cody and Solow were the legal men, Cody took him out and then slammed Marshall. Cody locked in a figure four, Solow grabbed the ropes to break the hold. Cody then reversed a destroyer form Marshall, Solow then ran in and got a roll up two count. Brock and Cody now teamed up and Anderson got the pinfall on Solow.

WINNER: Cody Rhodes and Brock Anderson

(Sage’s Analysis: The match was pretty good, Brock does not have a ton of charisma, but he looked pretty solid in the ring. Overall it seems like Cody will be involved with people in his orbit for the foreseeable future. That makes matches like this almost worthless in terms of importance, and that thought was present while watching.)

-Jake the Snake and Lance Archer were in the warehouse setting. Jake had a promo talking about how Archer has no patience and Archer walked off.

-JR and Andrade had a sit down talk. He was asked why AEW? Andrade said because he is a superstar. He also said that he wants the TNT title, then he will go get the AEW world title. He then talked about Vickie, and how they have a surprise. [c]

-Adam Page responded to Taz’s challenge. Page accepted, he said he was only worried about having fun with his friends. Page was asked about being the #2 ranked competitor, he then praised members of the Dark Order.


Penelope Ford got wrist control on Julia Hart to start the match, She took Hart does to the mat with a head lock. Hart countered with a leg lock on the head of Ford. Ford wormed her way out and took down Hart. Soon after Hart got Ford to the outside and showed off a bit. Ford took advantage and took down Hart going into the break. [c]

Both women were trading strikes when the show returned, Hart landed a clothesline and then reversed a roll up attempt. Ford took down Hart after that exchange and tried a front chancery, but was thwarted. Ford then hit a gut buster on Hart, she then went to the top rope and did a moonsault and hit the apron as Hart had rolled out of the way. Hart tried a split slam, Ford dodged and then hit a submission and tapped out Hart.

WINNER: Penelope Ford in 7:00

(Sage’s Analysis: The announce team was more focused on MJF during this match, so yeah. The Miro stuff was really good, the brawl between Miro and Pillman felt real.)

-Miro came out and asked where Kip was, he said she was outnumbered and he was here to help. Miro said that Ford has been through so much and entered the ring and then fought both members of the Varsity Blondes.

-A segment with Britt Baker backstage was shown. As the segment started Vickie interrupted and talked about Cheeseburgers, it was announced that Britt and Rebel would have a tag match against Nyla and Vickie.

-A recap of the rivalry between FTR and Santana & Ortiz was shown. [c]

-Mark Sterling and Jade Cargill had a message. They announced that they are sponsored by the Toronto Four Seasons. Mark said that Jade is undefeated and will continue that.


Frankie Kazarian and Karl Anderson started the match, Kaz attacked Anderson form behind and worked several kicks and punches. Anderson was thrown into the boots of Kingston and Penta. Penta was then tagged in, quickly Matt Jackson entered and they teamed up on Penta, who countered and evened the odds. Eddie Kingston was tagged in and he took control as he and Matt Jackson went one-on-one. Doc Gallows was tagged in, Kingston hit two shoulder bumps and a dive off the top. Then all six men were battling ringside, going into the break. [c]

The Elite teamed up and used Matt as a ram into Kingston, Matt then kicked and punched Kingston. This seemed to power up Kingston and he rose and hit some strikes on Matt, leading to a suplex that allowed him to tag in Kaz. Who in turn took out Anderson and then Gallows at ringside. Kaz got a near fall on Anderson, after that Kaz locked in the chicken wing submission, that was broken up by Gallows.

Penta and Matt were both tagged in and they both hit bug moves on each other. Penta then dove out onto the Good Brothers, and Penta then got a near fall on Matt Jackson. Eddie entered the ring, along with Kaz. All three men hit moves on Matt Jackson. Culminating with a double undertook by Kaz. Gallows broke up the pinning attempt. Anderson and Penta were then the legal men, Penta got a two count that was followed up with a neck breaker by Anderson.

The elite hit moves, then the opposing team. Moral of the story Anderson was the last man standing. That was until Penta hit a backstabber and went to the top rope. Nick Jackson appeared and sprayed Penta with the cold spray. Anderson pinned Penta.

WINNER: The Elite in 14:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Another fun, yet pretty inconsequential match. The spot with Nick Jackson seemed pretty obvious. AEW is typically a little better at having an obvious finish and then twisting that a bit to be surprising. That wasn’t the case here, but it was a fine match on a fine show.)

Final Thoughts: I hope this is the last AEW show that goes until midnight for a long while. These shows just drag for me personally and they do not have the normal level of excitement that the normal Wednesday night shows have had. The first Friday show had the worst hour in AEW’s short history. This show and last weeks show were vast improvements. This weeks show had a lot of solid wrestling that either filled content or pushed stories a little forward. The big angles were the first two matches, you can see my opinion on those in the comments for those matches.


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