7/14 WWE MAIN EVENT TV REPORT: Shelton Benjamin vs. Mansoor, Garza vs. Ryker, more


Results and analysis from this week's WWE Main Event


JULY 14, 2021

Announcers: Byron Saxton, Kevin Patrick


  • Final episode at ThunderDome
  • Ali / Mansoor storyline creeps into Main Event


During entrances, Byron said that Ryker has been “unhinged and proudly walking alone” since cutting ties with Elias. Ryker was blank-faced. The wrestlers shook hands to start, then locked up. They twirled around the ring and the ref had to call Ryker off of Garza in the corner. Garza applied a side headlock and resisted a suplex. Ryker fired him off and took him down with a shoulder block. Ryker ran the ropes and was leapfrogged by Garza, then Ryker blocked a hip toss and slapped Garza downward across his chest. Garza fell to his knees and grabbed the middle rope. Ryker scooped and slammed Garza, then dropped a head butt before covering for a one-count.

Ryker slammed Garza to the mat again, then applied a rear waist lock like a submission hold. Garza broke free by undoing his pants, which came off in Ryker’s hands – thus explaining the bizarre submission attempt. Garza ran the ropes and leveled Ryker with a drop kick then attacked with forearm strikes and another drop kick in the corner. Garza wrenched on Ryker’s leg around the bottom rope, then landed a series of kicks and a third drop kick. He covered Ryker for two. Garza applied an arm bar.

Garza rained down elbow strikes while maintaining the submission. He gave Ryker a bulldog, then slowly got up and maneuvered behind Ryker to stretch his arms backward by the wrists. Garza fired Ryker into a corner but Ryker came back and clotheslined Garza in the opposite corner. He delivered a slingshot suplex to Garza, bouncing him off the top rope. He hoisted Garza onto his shoulders, then screamed in agony as though he had suffered major damage in this match as he let Garza slide slowly back to the mat on his feet. Garza dodged a front kick, then Ryker dodged a right cross. Garza ran at Ryker but Ryker scooped and dropped him with a sidewalk slam, then covered for three.

WINNER: Jaxson Ryker by pinfall in 5:05.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Kind of a strange-looking match, between the awkward finish and how clunky and lumbering Ryker is against the smooth-flowing Garza. Ryker’s got an uphill battle as a singles attraction.)

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After Mansoor’s entrance, a brief clip was shown of him losing to Ali on Raw. The wrestlers locked up and Benjamin immediately tossed Mansoor to the mat – Mansoor nodded in appreciation. Benjamin knocked Mansoor down with a shoulder block. Mansoor applied a side headlock, causing Benjamin to struggle at first but he eventually tossed Mansoor over the top rope, but Mansoor landed safely on his feet. Meanwhile, Ali appeared on the stage in a suit with his hands folded. Mansoor rolled into the ring and looked over his shoulder worriedly at Ali.

Benjamin applied a wrist lock but Mansoor rolled through it and knocked Benjamin down with a drop kick. Benjamin ran the ropes and clotheslined Mansoor, then tossed him into two corners. Benjamin kicked Mansoor out to the floor. Ali looked disappointed and walked down the ramp toward Mansoor as we cut to break.

After the break, Benjamin had control while Ali was now standing at ringside shaking his head. Benjamin applied a chin lock. Benjamin tossed Mansoor to the mat with a suplex, then covered for two before applying another chin lock. Benjamin threw Mansoor out of the ring again, where Ali asked him, “Are you gonna stop thinking with your heart, and start thinking with your mind?” Mansoor used a sunset flip over the top rope to pin Benjamin for two. Benjamin hit a side Russian leg sweep, then slowly covered Mansoor for two. Benjamin, knowing that the third try’s the charm, applied another chin lock. Mansoor made googly eyes on the mat, but then struggled to his feet. Benjamin released the hold and Mansoor landed a series of blows. He hit Benjamin with a jawbreaker, and then an enziguri. Mansoor hit an inverted atomic drop and a DDT, then covered for two.

Mansoor got to his feet and Benjamin rolled him up but the ref noticed Benjamin’s feet on the ropes. Ali stepped close to the ring and started yelling at the ref about Benjamin’s cheating effort, which distracted Benjamin. Naturally, this allowed Mansoor to roll Benjamin up from behind for the victory.

Ali smiled smugly, satisfied with the match outcome.

WINNER: Mansoor by pinfall in 7:20.

(Meyers’s Analysis: If we set aside the classically stupid finish to this match, it’s actually interesting to see the Ali / Mansoor storyline progress on a show that normally only features exhibition matches with little impact. A little effort in that department goes a long way and they should get into the habit of doing this more often.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 8.0

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