7/6 NWA POWER TV REPORT: JTG vs. Chris Adonis for the NWA National Championship, Pope vs. Rinauro for the TV Championship, more



JULY 6, 2021

Announcers: Tim Storm, Joe Galli, Velvet Sky

-The announcers kicked off the show and talked about the main event for the National Championship between Chris Adonis and JTG . They threw to the ring where Pope and Saul Rinauro stood for their TV Championship match.

(1) POPE (c) vs. SAUL RINAURO – NWA TV Championship Match

Galli stated that Pope was approaching his 7th successful title defense, and once he achieved that, he would be able to challenge for the NWA Heavyweight Championship. The bell rang, and Pope threw Rinauro to the mat after a lockup. They traded holds until Pope hit a running shoulder block. Pope hit a flurry of offense and backed Rinauro into the corner. Rinauro tried to hit a bulldog but couldn’t because of his injured shoulder. Pope tried to target the injury but Saul surprised him with a superkick for a two count. From there, Pope hit a neck breaker from the second rope followed by The Elijah Express for the win.

WINNER: Pope via pinfall in 4:00

-After the match, Tyrus came to the ring with Austin Idol. Idol and Pope traded insults before they returned to the back. (c)

-Back from the break, Idol and Tyrus were at the interview desk. Idol and Tyrus both said Pope hadn’t actually beat anyone and didn’t deserve a match for the NWA Heavyweight Championship. Idol ran through a list of fake opponents, saying Pope hadn’t beaten anyone that mattered. Kyle Davis insisted that Idol make his point clear as the interview was unscheduled. Tyrus said he was going to “fill in the gaps” but Idol continued talking. Idol announced a match between Pope and Tyrus and that Pope was going to be destroyed. Davis threw back to the announce desk and they briefly discussed Idol’s comments. Galli threw to the ring for the next match.

(Taylor’s Analysis: The NWA continues to make titles feel important while emphasizing that wins and losses matter. Pope has been on a journey as TV champion and his 7th title defense has been built well. The Austin Idol interview was nothing short of awkward, however. Idol rambled and seemed to get lost several times. He drew out what was a very simple announcement.)


Rosa and Deeb started the match and talked trash to each other after the bell rang. Deeb made a tag to Rae before any action began. Rosa and Deeb locked up and Rosa took Rae to the mat. They traded holds until Rae surprised Rosa with a roll-up for a one-count. Rosa tagged in Blue who hit a running sidekick for a two count. The pace quickened until Rae knocked Blue to the mat with a running knee. Rae tagged in Deeb who hit a flurry of offense on Blue. From there, Deeb cinched in an abdominal stretch. Blue broke free and tagged Rosa as Deeb tagged Rae. Rosa rallied in the ring and hit a diving dropkick on Rae in the corner. Deeb attacked Rosa from the outside and hit a neck breaker across the second rope. Rosa tagged in Blue, but Rae quickly cinched in The Charity Case for the win. (c)

WINNERS: Serena Deeb & Kylie Rae via submission in 6:00

(Taylor’s Analysis: This was an excellent match and told a great story in a short period of time. Deeb and Rosa are natural rivals and work well together on every stage they’re featured on. Blue and Rae also looked great as both displayed crisp offense hard-hitting moves.)

Back from the break, Kyle Davis interviewed War Kings. Jax Dane told Crimson that they had been down the road together for a long time. He said he didn’t know how to tell Crimson what he had to say because Crimson had a serious anger problem. Dax asked a mystery guest to come out from the back. Slice Boogie came to the interview desk and Crimson was shocked. Dane and Crimson argued off the microphone before Crimson returned to the back. (c)

-The show returned with Mae Valentine interviewing Kratos. Kratos said the NWA Tag Championships were prestigious and there was nothing more important than winning and keeping the belts. Kratos said Aaron Stevens didn’t always see eye to eye but they both agreed that winning at all costs was a shared goal. Valentine asked if Kratos respected Stevens. Kratos said respect was earned, and that he “sorta liked” Stevens.

-Back in the studio, Stevens was at the announce desk. Galli said potential challengers from the NWA Tag Team Championships were about to hit the ring and also said the next match would be contested under Lucha Libre rules.


Hawx and Mecha Wolf started the match and traded holds. Bestia 666 entered the ring and traded holds with Hawx. Homicide entered and chaos ensued. La Rebellion dominated Hawx in the ring until El Rudo returned to the ring and rallied. La Rebellion retaliated with a flurry of offense before Bestia 666 hit a running knee. Luke Holmes entered the ring and threw Bestia to the floor. Hawx hit a dive from the top rope to the floor. The pace quickened as all wrestlers brawled in the ring. Eventually, La Rebellion hit The Mark of the Beast for the win. (c)

WINNERS: La Rebellion & Homicide via pinfall in 7:00

-Back from the break, Trevor Murdoch was at the announce desk and said he wanted to watch the next match as closely as possible.

(4) JTG vs. CHRIS ADONIS – NWA National Heavyweight Championship Match

Adonis and JTG locked up before trading holds on the mat. Adonis overpowered JTG and attacked JTG in the corner. JTG countered a back-body drop attempt with a punch. JTG hit a series of shoulder blocks in the corner before dragging Adonis face-first across the top rope. After, Adonis hit a backbreaker followed by a double-under hook suplex for a two-count. Adonis kept control of the match by targeting JTG’s back. JTG attempted to rally but Adonis raked his eyes. With JTG on the mat, Adonis cinched in a headlock.JTG broke free but Adonis chopped him in the corner followed by a power slam. After, JTG countered Adonis and hit a running clothesline. From there, JTG rallied and hit a suplex-neck breaker for a two count. JTG attempted another suplex but Adonis countered and cinched in the Masterlock. JTG came close to breaking the hold, but Adonis cinched in harder. JTG fell to his knees but before he tapped out, Fred Rosser came to the ring and threw in the towel causing the referee to stop the match.

WINNER: Chris Adonis via referee stoppage in 10:00

-As Adonis left the ring with the belt, Adonis thanked Rosser. Murdoch asked Rosser why he threw in the towel for JTG. Rosser said he had to do what he did because he knew JTG was hurt and on the verge of passing out. Murdoch said it should have been JTG who made the decision as the show closed.

(Taylor’s Analysis: The match itself was nothing special, but the story coming out of the match was intriguing. Each wrestler involved is positioned going forward, with JTG and Rosser potentially having personal issues with each other, while Adonis can celebrate a tainted win as a heel champion.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: The NWA seems to have stripped away all the fat that previously weighed Power down significantly. This show forgot all attempts at comedy and focused on championships, wins, and losses. That is exactly what the NWA needs to do with all of their programming and hopefully, this is how the shows will be presented going forward.

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