7/7 WWE MAIN EVENT TV REPORT: Angel Garza vs. Shelton Benjamin, Hardy vs. Veer, more


Results and analysis from this week's WWE Main Event


JULY 7, 2021

Announcers: Byron Saxton, Kevin Patrick


Veer competes for second straight week – can he start a win streak?

(1) JEFF HARDY vs. VEER (w/ Shanky& Jinder Mahal)

Before the match started, Hardy had a look of fearful determination as he watched the threesome make their entrance. The bell rang and Hardy clapped to pump up the Thunderdome. Veer shoved Hardy into a corner after a brief lockup. Hardy labored to keep Veer in a side headlock, then Veer broke free and knocked Hardy down with a shoulder block. Veer flexed at Hardy, then shoved him into the middle rope, causing Hardy to rebound to the canvas. Hardy coughed on the mat, then Veer scooped and slammed him. Veer pointed at Hardy and shouted, then applied a vise grip to Hardy’s shoulder.

Hardy tried to break free but Veer threw him to the mat by his hair, then dropped an elbow and covered for two. Veer went back to work on Hardy’s right shoulder. Hardy got to his feet and landed some body blows, then a jawbreaker, stunning Veer for the first time. Veer looked angry and hammered Hardy’s back with a forearm. Hardy landed a few kicks and punches, then an overhead clothesline. He hit Veer with an inverted atomic drop, then hit a low drop kick and a splash. Hardy covered for two.

Hardy was first to his feet but Veer splashed him three times in the corner from three different angles. Veer held his hands aloft before smashing Hardy with a big clothesline, then covered for three.

WINNER: Veer by pinfall in 4:30.

(Meyers’s Analysis: This was marginally shorter than average for Main Event, and was a borderline squash for Veer. Pretty basic. If the goal is to elevate Jinder and his group, why not put this on Raw? A win over Hardy on TV would help accomplish this.)

-Main Event recap session:

  • Replay of Jimmy Uso calling out Edge from Smackdown
  • Match rundown for upcoming PPV Money in the Bank
  • Replay of eight-woman tag match from Raw
  • Replay of New Day vs. Lashley & MVP from Raw


Garza made his entrance with a rose in his mouth, then lounged atop a ring corner to wait for his opponent. Benjamin applied a side headlock then knocked Garza down with a shoulder block. Garza came back with an arm drag, then removed his sparkly pants and offered a handshake. Benjamin slapped his hand in a friendly fashion and applied a waist lock. Garza hit another arm drag, this one by way of a middle-rope springboard.

They locked up again and Benjamin applied an arm bar. Garza fired him off and took Benjamin down with a head scissors. Garza offered another handshake, but this time Benjamin used it to leverage Garza into a spinebuster. He fired Garza into a turnbuckle a couple of times, then sent him over the top rope to the floor. We cut to break.

Benjamin had control through the break and hit a spinning heel kick before covering for two. Benjamin applied a chin lock. Benjamin rammed Garza face-first into the top turnbuckle, then slowly moved into a snap suplex and a nonchalant cover. Garza kicked out at two, and Benjamin went back to the chin lock. Garza’s eyes began to fade but he soon came back to life and fought free. Benjamin blocked a suplex, then tossed Garza with a release German suplex of his own. Benjamin covered for two.

Benjamin moved behind Garza with a choke hold, but Garza escaped with a series of elbows. Garza hit a few kicks before taking Benjamin down with another head scissors. He kicked Benjamin in the face from the apron, then climbed to the top rope and hit a high cross body. Benjamin rolled through it and came out on top and punched Garza in the face. Garza dodged a spear attempt in the corner, then returned fire with a running front kick to Benjamin’s face. He launched into a moonsault from the top rope and stayed on top for the cover and pinfall.

WINNER: Angel Garza by pinfall in 7:45.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Nothing special here – Benjamin seemed pretty uninspired.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 7.4

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  1. Is Hardy’s contract up soon? Are they hosing him on the way out the door? Is he going to AEW to join Matt for one final flimsy run? Things kind of suck for him since he beat Sheamus (US Champion] in a bar fight not that long ago. Also WHY did he squash Cedric Alexander just a few weeks ago?

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