7/24 GCW HOMECOMING: PT. 1 RESULTS: Radican’s report on Deppen vs. Ninja Mack, Stunt vs. Starboy Charlie, Gage vs. Cardona main event

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @SR_Torch)


JULY 24, 2021

Announcers: Kevin Gill and Dave Prazak

It looks like GCW drew a huge crowd. The venue is packed.

Marko Stunt came out first to a giant pop. Prazak said this was GCW’s biggest crowd since they ran a Spring Break show in New Orleans. Starboy Charlie was out next to a big pop and Starboy chants as well.


They went to a fast exchange off the ropes and Stunt sent Starboy to the floor with a rana. He then hit a tope suicida and the fans lost their minds again. Charlie caught Stune with a backbreaker and flexed before covering Stunt for a one count. Stunt fought back, but Charlie hit a snake eyes in the corner and a German with a bridge for a two count. They battled up top and Charlie hit a kick from the apron. He set up for a suplex to the floor, but Stunt blocked it and kicked out his legs through the ropes. He then hit a big running dropkick to Charlie’s head. Stunt set up Charlie in a chair and went up to the apron, but Charlie got up and surprised him by tripping him on the apron. He then hit a DVD on Stunt through the chair. He played to the fans and got booed.

Charlie hit a springboard corkscrew press off the second turnbuckle for a near fall. Stunt countered Charlie and hit a DVD into the turnbuckles and the fans went crazy again with both men down on the mat. Stunt hit a gutwrench suplex and a big running dropkick in the corner. He hit an elbow off the top to Charlie’s back. He then nailed him with a huge running clothesline. Stunt hit sliced bread #2 and Charlie kicked out at the last second and the fans gasped. Charlie fired back with a flurry of offense capped by a big falcon arrow for a near fall. Stunt ended up countering Charlie and got a pinning combination for the win.

WINNER: Mark Stunt in 15:00. (***¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was just a great back and forth match. The crowd ate up the action and they really took the crowd on a roller coaster ride with some great near falls leading into the finish. Charlie isn’t much bigger than Stunt right now from a muscular standpoint, but he’s so young he could grow a few inches in the next several years.)

The fans chanted welcome home to Stunt and went nuts as he posed up top after the match.

Tony Deppen was out next and the fans sang along to his “We built this city” theme music. Ninja Mack was out next to big Ninja chants.


Deppen blocked a kick and flipped Mack over, but he landed on his feet. Mack went for a monkey flip, but Deppen rolled through to his feet and the fans fired up. Mack went on the attack and hit a running uppercut and a pair of crazy standing dives. Mack was flipping around the ring and Deppen bailed to the floor. Deppen moved out of the way when Mack set up for a dive. Deppen tried to trip Mack off the apron to the floor, but he landed on his feet again. Deppen finally caught a kick and then nailed Mack’s leg with a kick.

Deppen slowed the pace down and took control of the action. Mack fired back and went for a spinning kick, but he missed by a mile. Deppent sold it anyway. Mack then hit an insane series of backflips into a moonsault to the floor and the fans went crazy. Mack went to work on Deppen in the ring and hit a spinning kick to his head. He went for another kick to the head and made the cover for a two count. Mack flipped Deppen off and hit a pair of kicks, but Deppen blocked a third kick attempt and locked in a modified STF. Mack struggled, but got to the ropes.

Mack did a moonsault off the top and landed on his feet. Deppen hit a chop block, but Mack non-sold it. He hit a German and a poison rana. He then hit a traditional hurricanrana for a nearfall and the crowd went nuts. Mack went up top and hit a 630, but Mack’s cover forced Deppen’s foot into the rope. Deppen tucked Mack’s head in the corner a short time later and nailed him with a knee strike. He went up top, but Mack suddenly popped up and caught Deppen coming down with a code breaker. Mack went up top and went for a phoenix 630, but Deppen got out of the way. He then hit a big shining wizard for the win.

Deppen stormed to the back after pinning Mack.

WINNER: Tony Deppen in 11:30. (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: Mack is a lot of fun to watch, but he needs to work on his timing in the ring. A few spots with Deppen were off here, but otherwise this was a tremendous match.)

A.J. Gray got a huge pop coming out to face Nolan Edwards as the fans joined him and chanted along to his entrance theme.


The announcers noted that Nolan Edward took his mask from his trainer Kerry Awful. Edward sent Gray to the floor and nailed him with a big flip dive. Edward went up top again and hit an Ibushi style moonsault off the second turnbuckle to the floor. He went up top and hit a frog splash for a two count. Gray fired back and caught Edwards with a rolling kick to the hit. The fans fired up and began chanting back and forth for both men. They went to a chop exchange a short time later. Gray knocked Edward down with a big chop. Edward got right up and took off his mask. Edward then tore off his elbow pad. Both men eventually began trading bombs in the middle of the ring as the fans lost their minds. Nolan hit a belly to belly with a bridge for a nearfall. He then hit a big cannonball splash in the corner.

Edward went up top and missed a 450, but landed on his feet. Gray nailed Edward with a powerbomb and held on to his leg and locked in a half crab when he kicked out, but Edward got the ropes. Edward ate a big clothesline and kicked out at one. He flipped off Gray, who nailed him with an enzuguri and another lariat. Gray then hti a second lariat, but Edward kicked out at two. Gray then hit a modified piledriver for the win.

WINNER: A.J. Gray in 8:00. (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This match didn’t last long, but they tore the house down. The spot where Edwards took off his mask and elbow pad and began trading bombs with Gray tore the house down. This was a fantastic outing for Edward, who looked fantastic despite taking the loss.)

Gray shook hands with Edward after the match. The fans threw some money in the ring after the match.

Grimm Reefer was out next to a big Reefer chant. 2 Cold Scorpio was out next dancing to Jungle Boogie.


Both men shook hands as the fans chanted their names back and forth. Reefer called for a joint to a big pop. He then offered it to Scorpio, but then kicked him when he went to hit it. Scorpio fired back and too a drag, but Reefer sent him into the corner. They ended up in the ropes and Reefer hit a leg sweep off the ropes. He then locked in the Chronic Crossface, but Scorpio freed himself by knocking the joint out of his mouth. Reefer got a jackknife pin for a nearfall. Scorpio hit a big kick to Reefers head. Scorpio hit a flipping leg drop off the second rope and made a lazy cover for the pin. They traded blows and both men connected at the same time and went down.

Reefer got up first, but he went down to his back and faked dead. Scorpio went for the cover, but Reefer turned it into a crossface. Scorpio ended up getting the ropes to break the hold. Reefer sent Scorpio to the floor and went up top. He hit a springboard dive to the floor and the fans fired up. Reefer hit a springboard swanton bomb back inside the ring a short time later for a two count. Scorpio fired back and hit a Pele Kick. The fans chanted GCW. Scorpio went up top and hit his moonsault leg drop for the win.

WINNER: 2 Cold Scorpio in 10:00. (**¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a fun break in the action. It wasn’t as intense as the previous matches, but it was a nice comedown with some comedy mixed in.)

After the match, Scorpio lit the joint again and smoked it. He then shared some with Reefer to wake him up. Sky danced his way to the back as his music played.

A video played about Drew Parker coming home to GCW. Parker is the current BJW Champion. He came out to a big pop and got a welcome back chant. Alex Colon was out next. He came out to a big pop. He is the GCW Ultraviolent Champion.

(5) ALEX COLON vs. DREW PARKER – Title vs. Title match: GCW Ultraviolent Championship & BJW Deathmatch Championship

Shlak was in on commentary for this match. The ring is filled with light tubes and light tube structures. There’s a shower door propped in one corner. The fans popped huge for the opening bell ringing. Parker smashed some tubes over Colon’s head. Colon then smashed some tubes over his own head. Colon grabbed a pair of tubes and and hit a dive to the floor that smashed the tubes over Parker’s head upon impact. Both men were bleeding at this point. Colon grabbed some tubes and Parker ended up in a chair. He hit Parker with a charging double knee strike while holding the tubes. Parker countered Colon on the floor and hit sliced bread. He grabbed some darts and threw one into Colon’s back. Parker tossed a couple more darts into Colon’s back. He then pulled them out of his back.

Colon flipped off Parker. He ended up whipping Parker into a set of tubes set up against the ropes. They battled over a light tube and it ended up over Parker’s neck. Colon then tripped Parker and it snapped over his head. Colon took the jagged edges of the broken tube and drove it into Parker’s forehead. Colon broke some tube pieces over his own head and then went back after Parker’s forehead with the jagged edges. Parker hit a coast to coast dropkick into a lightube structure with Colon set up in the corner. He then hit a big flip dive to the floor. He went up top, but Colon tossed a light tube at him. Colon set up a pile of light tubes and they battled up top over it. Parker eventually hit a DDT off the top, but both men took some damage. He made the cover, but Colon kicked out at two.

Both men faced each other on their knees and began trading blows. Parker went for a springboard, but Colon turned it into a sleeper suplex. Parker fired back and hit a DVD into the shower door, but it didn’t break. The fans booed. Shlak yelled, “Pick him back the f—k up on commentary. Colon ended up reversing a whip and Parker went through the glass door for a two count. Colon set up Parker to hold a bunch of tubes across his chest while on his knees. He then nailed him with a running knee strike for a near fall. The fans fired up and chanted this is awesome.

Colon set up a piece of double paned glass over a couple of chairs. They brawled to the apron and Colon hit a DVD. Colon then hit a swinging DDT through the ropes. They battled up top and Parker hit a superplex through the double paned glass. He then hit a swanton off the top, but Colon kicked out at one. WOW! Both men began trading bombs as the fans fired up. Colon hit a uranagi into a knee strike. He then locked in the camel clutch. Kevin Gill asked if Parker’s reign could last less than 24 hours. Parker managed to hit some elbows to Colon’s back to free himself. Colon grabbed a big piece of glass covered in barbed wire and dragged it into the ring. He then set it up over a couple of chairs. They battled up top again, but Parker slid under Colon. Parker tucked Colon’s head and nailed it with a kick. He then suplexed him through the glass covered in barbed wire. Colon kicked out at the last second. Parker set up a pile over tubes over Colon and hit a swanton, but Colon kicked up. Parker grabbed a modified STF and the ref called for the bell.

WINNER: Drew Parker in 19:00 to become the new GCW Ultraviolent Champion and retain the BJW Deathmatch Championship. (****)

(Radican’s Analysis: I’m not normally a fan of death matches, but these guys tore the house down and told a good story, as they just kept raising the stakes over and over to see what it would take to win the match. Colon was great here kicking out of everything until the end when Parker made him pass out with a STF style submission. The crowd heat for this match was incredible.)

Parker got on the mic and said Alex should come to Japan and fight him. Parker gave Colon the mic. He paused and then said, “I guess I gotta go to Japan to beat your f—-in a–.” The fans applauded. Parker said he came to GCW two years and fought Jimmy LLoyd and lost. He said he would face Lloyd tomorrow.



Mercer suplexed Cogar all the way across the ring from one side to the other to kick things off. Lee and Cartwheel went at it. They ended up hitting dives to opposite sides of the ring and the fans fired up. Cogar ran wild and posed in the crowd to boos. Oliver slid into the ring to confront him. Mercer popped Cogar up and nailed him with a powerslam. The action was non-stop. Cartwheel eventually hit a handspring dive to the floor. Mercer got Cogar on his back. Oliver went up top and hit a Clout Cutter on Cartwheel. Mercer then threw Cogar at him and he nailed Cogar with a Clout Cutter. He battled up top with Mercer and nailed him with a Clout Cutter. Lee and Cartwheel then nailed both men with stereo SSP presses off the top. Leon then broke up the pin on Oliver with a Swanton off the top and everyone was down. This is a hell of a pack.

Mercer cut off Leon up top. He picked up Leon in a military press and pressed him three times before dumping him down to the mat. A short time later Cogar put his neon green skewers into Mercer’s head. Mercer no-sold the skewers. He picked up Cogar and dumped him down to the mat. Oliver went for a Clout Cutter, but Mercer blocked it. He took the skewers. He hit the Moonsault and Battery on Oliver, but the pin got broken up. WOW!

Lee and Cartwheel traded blows. Lee ended up hitting a sitout powerbomb for a nearfall. Cartwheel rolled to the floor. Oliver hit a cutter on Lee and then a Clout Cutter. Cogar nailed him with a low blow and flipped him off as he stole the cover on Lee for the win.

WINNER: Atticus Cogar in 11:00. (***)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a fun scramble match, but the crowd heat was a little down post-intermission.)

(7) JIMMY LLOYD & G-RAVER vs. SGC (MANCE WARNER & MATTHEW JUSTICE) – GCW Tag Team Championship match

Lloyd jumped Warner and Justice as they posed for the fans while making their entrance. He then wiped them out with a dive. The announcers talked about how Raver and Lloyd still don’t get along, but they won the titles in their first match and this was their second match teaming together. Raver got a running start and wiped out Warner and Justice with a tope through the ropes. Both teams ended up brawling on the floor. Warner’s face was covered in blood. Justice was also busted open. Warner got his tongue stapled to a door inside the ring. Warner stood up with the door and Justice ended up getting hip tossed through the door.

Warner hit an eye poke on Lloyd. Lloyd accidentally hit a cutter on Raver after he got poked in the eye. Justice wiped him out and covered him for a nearfall. Raver and Llody set up a pair of doors on opposite sides of the ring. Justice ended up with his feet draped over the top rope. Raver hit a uranagi on him through the door. Warner hit Raver with the belt. He tossed the belt to Llody. Raver yelled at Lloyd and Justice speared them both through the door. Warner and Justice made stereo covers for a double near fall. Justice got a door covered in barbed wire and handed it to Warner. Warner then wiped out Raver with a chairshot across the head.

Lloyd fired back on both men. Raver then came off the top and wiped out Lloyd. The fans chanted ass—- at Raver. Raver went to the floor and took a seat. Lloyd took a chairshot to the head. Warner speared him through the barbed wire door. Justice then came off the top with a big splash for the win.

WINNERS: Mance Warner & Matthew Justice in 13:00 to become the new GCW Tag Team Champions. (**¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: The crowd still seemed recovering from some of the action from the first half of the show, as this match didn’t get a big reaction. The match was designed to further the ongoing storyline between Raver and Lloyd. The unprotected chairshots were totally unnecessary.)

Raver waited until Justice and Warner left the ring. He got a mic and said he never wanted Lloyd to be his tag partner. Raver said they have gone at this for two years. He said this is the scene of the crime. He said they will finally end this. He said at 3 Cups Stuffed in Chicago where they would have a death match. Lloyd said he didn’t want to do it, but Raver would just make him. He said he would see Raver in Chicago. Prazak mentioned the show would take place on Sept. 3.

Frontman Jah made his down to the ring. He cut a promo, but it was hard to hear. Effy then came out with Ally Katch. He told Jah to pay attention. The fans started a big Effy chant. He said the difference between him and Jah and he doesn’t have to be on the poster. He said it’s homecoming and Effy is definitely home and he’s definitely coming. He said Jah had a match earlier today. He said the difference between them is Jah tells everyone he’s a superstar and Effy is a superstar. He said he was glad Jah was wasting time before Nick Gage came out. He said Jah could leave now or face what he’s going to do to him. He said every little boy that talks has to face their daddy and deal with the consequences. Effy then slapped Jah across the face.


Effy hit a backbreaker and motorboated Jah’s belly. Jah got up and slapped Effy. Jah missed a charge in the corner and Effy nailed him with a hip attack and then a running boot. Effy then hung himself in the ropes while choking Jah with his leg. Jah fired back on the apron and backdropped Effy into the ring. Effy went for a blockbuster out of the corner, but Jah got out of the way. Effy grabbed Jah’s nipple Jah no-sold it and Effy got the other nipple. Jah smiled at Effy and he bit his nipples. Jah said he loved it and Effy tried to bite his nipple again, but Jah nailed him with a big DDT. Jah came off the top and landed short. He nailed a pelvic thrust on Effy. Effy fired back with a headbutt. They got up and Effy hit a big suplex. He followed up with a big chokeslam for a near fall. Effy hit Under the Rainbow for a nearfall. Effy then locked in a guillotine for the submission win.

WINNER: Effy in 6:00.

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a fine showcase of Effy to get him on the show.)

Katch joined Effy in the ring after the match. He asked for the music to be shut off. Effy said he had taken him to the limit. He asked Jah to come to his Big Gay Brunch in Chicago on Sept. 5. Jah gave Effy a kiss to accept the invite. Katch wanted a kiss and she got one as well from Jah.

A video package aired for Nick Gate vs. Matt Cardona in the main event. Cardona came out flanked by security and the whole crowd surrounded him and flipped him off. Cardona got into the ring and egged on the fans. A big MDK chant rang out when his music stopped. Cawrdona was dressed in purple and white. Nick Gage was out next to a giant pop with Dewey Donovan. The fans tackled Gage when he came out. Gage took his time going around the crowd.

Gage got on the mic and asked where his gang was at. The fans roared. The ring was filled with streamers and the fans chanted MDK. Cardona interrupted Emil Jay and Cardona got on the mic and called him a f—-in mark. The fans booed as Jay finished his introduction of Cardona. The announcers saidi Emil Jay had some inflammatory exchanges with Chelsea Green on Twitter. Jay then fired up for Gage’s introduction.

(9) NICK GAGE (W/DEWEY DONOVAN) vs. MATT CARDONA – GCW Championship match 

Gage hit a big spinebuster to start the match. Donovan handed Gage a box filled with light tubes. Gage went after Cardona, but he sent Gage head first into the corner into the light tube. He hit the Woo Woo Woo kick, but Gage got up right behind Cardona. Gage grabbed a tube and broke it over his own head. Cardona tried to run away, but the fans stopped him. Gage was bleeding from the head heavily. Gage gave a fan a chair and tossed Cardona into it. Gage tossed Cardona into another chair held by a fan. Gage swung at Cardona and hit a case full of action figures at ringside. Cardona fired up and hit Gage with a chair. Cardona then hit a big flip dive to the floor.

Cardona hit a tube over Gage’s head. He broke a tube and slammed Gage onto the broken glass for a two count. The fans tried to rally behind Gage with MDK chants. Gage ducked a clotheslien and hit a DDT. He set up a chair on Cardon’s chest and hit an elbow out of the corner onto it. Gage got a plane of glass. Gage played to the crowd and set it up in the corner. The whole crowd was on their feet as Gage set the glass up. The fans chanted you got fired at Cardona as he grabbed a light tube. Cardona nailed Gage with it and the fans booed.

Gage reversed a whip and Cardona pulled up short of the glass pane set up in the corner. Gage then speared him through the glass. Page grabbed some tubes and nailed Cardona over the head with them. Cardona’s back had blood all over. Gage hit another light tube over Cardona’s back. Cardona begged for mercy. Gage took him over to the ropes and gouged Cardona’s head with it. He smashed it over Cardona’s head and got a really sharp edge of the tube. He then cut Cardona with the sharp edge. Gage hit Cardona with several more tubes to the back. He then got the pizza cutter and carved Cardona’s head. Cardona screamed in pain.

Cardona appeared to be crying as Gage played to the fans. He then began cutting him with the pizza cutter again. He then put the cutter on Cardona’s nose. Gage took Cardona to another side of the ring. He smashed a tube against Cardon’s back. The fans chanted over here. He then carved his head with the pizza cutter. Gage got another broken section of the light tube. He carved at Cardona’s head with it as the fans went nuts. Gage got a pane of glass and set it up over Cardona, as it was propped up by 4 chairs. Gage went up top, but Cardona popped up and hit Gage with a light tube. Gage spilled to the floor.

The fans chanted f— you at Cardona. They went at it up top. Cardona hit a superplex through the glass and both men were in rough shape. The fans chanted you still suck at Cardona. Cardona hit a double underhook powerbomb for a two count. Cardona’s arm was shown bleeding like crazy. Gage caught Cardona charging at him with the Choke Breaker. Chris Jericho’s music played. A person dressed in black came into the ring. Gage hit a brainbuster on the chair. He took the hood off the figure dressed in black and it wasn’t Jericho.

Cardona took advantage of the situation and hit a Code Breaker for a nearfall. The announcers wondered if Jericho sent the man or if it was Cardona. Gage hit a piledriver on Cardona. He then hit a second piledriver. 44OH got into the ring, but Gage took care of them. Gage went out of Atticus Cogar until 44OH overwhelmed him four on one. RSP then came down and backed off 44OH. Cogar shoved Page. He then slapped him across the face.

RSP and Gage then fought off 44OH together and the fans went nuts chanting for RSP. Gage and RSP hit stereo choke breakers on Iron and Cogar. Pageset up a set of tubes over Cardona. He then hit a low blow on Gage. Cardona hit Gage with another set of tubes. Cardona hit the Rough Ryder and it was good for the win. The fans tossed bottles into the ring as Cardona held up the title.

WINNER: Matt Cardona at 24:30 to become the new GCW Champion. (****1/2)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a crazy match. I never thought Cardona would go as far as he did with Gage in terms of doing some gnarly spots with tubes and glass, but he did it and held his own wrestling Gage in his own type of match. I give Cardona a ton of credit for doing this and the heat he got for winning the belt with the help of Gage’s rival RSP was insane.)

Cardona flipped off the fans and ran to the back with the help of security. Gage was still alone in the ring surrounded by bottles and glass. The fans started a MDK chant. Gage sold frustration and sat up as the show went off the air.

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