VIP AUDIO 7/31 – WKH – Bray Wyatt Release Reaction + 10 Yrs Ago Hotlines including analysis of Punk’s interview with Bill SImmons, Henry’s multiple pushes, Raw review, Hogan exchange words, more (151 min)


SHOW SUMMARY: This edition of the Wade Keller Hotline features a 10-minute take on the Bray Wyatt WWE release situation followed by a week of vintage Wade Keller Hotlines from 10 years ago this month. Details follow:

•The July 26, 2011 episode features a look at the latest news including Raw ratings coming in flat, Jim Ross reacts to return to ringside, TNA signs new X Division wrestler, RVD and GenMe have a war of words, Matt Morgan’s ill-timed setback, Smackdown taping news, and more.

•The July 27, 2011 episode features a look at the latest news including more analysis and perspective on Raw ratings including year-ago and demographic comparisons. Also, the bar gets raised for what the buyrate for MITB needs to be to be considered a success considering the impressive early returns for Capitol Punishment. Plus in-depth analysis of Punk’s interview with Bill Simmons.

•The July 28, 2011 episode features a look at tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling show on Spike TV including several signs of a change in tone and approach that could help them get to the next ratings level if they stay the course. It also features Matt Morgan addressing his ill-timed injury, Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan exchange words, Angle vs. Mr. Anderson in a cage, X Division mic time, and more.

•The July 29, 2011 episode features the Ask the Editor feature on topics including why Mark Henry has received multiple second-chances in WWE, whether DVRs are affecting WWE & TNA TV ratings, and whether all multiple-man title matches should feature an elimination format so the champion factors in the decision, plus other in-house notes.

•The July 30, 2011 episode features the Ask the Editor feature on topics including whether John Cena and Rock are helping or hurting their prestige since their match has been announced plus whether Randy Orton should be part of the hype, was WWE desperate to sign C.M. Punk and must he turn babyface now, and does WWE make a mistake assuming pro wrestling fans will always be there so they target the casual fan.

•The July 31, 2011 episode features a review of weekend house shows from WWE and TNA. Included is a review of the Cena-Punk booking on the Raw shows with non-finishes, Punk and Sheamus positioned as faces and where that could be going on TV, Smackdown’s line-up and early lukewarm reviews on Jinder Mahal from behind-the-scenes, TNA’s Bound for Glory Series matches on the house shows & odd match-ups as a result, plus in-house notes.

•The August 1, 2011 episode features a look at tonight’s episode of WWE Raw including a detailed look at the C.M. Punk-John Cena-Triple H follow up, analysis of Triple H addressing the WWE Title dual champion situation, Summerslam’s main event announced, more PPV matches take shape, every segment review.



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