8/5 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers vs. Callihan, Edwards, & Kazarian, Bey vs. Robinson, more




Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown

-Recap video of last week’s events.

-Intro video.

-Jay White walked to the ring with his title belt and wearing a Bullet Club tracksuit. He summoned Chris Bey to the ring.

(1) CHRIS BEY (w/Jay White) vs. JUICE ROBINSON (w/David Finlay)

Bey dropkicked Juice right at the bell, then stomped him in the corner. Juice fought back but Bey thumbed him in the eye and threw him out of the ring. The action spilled to the floor. Back in the ring, Bey had the advantage. Bey landed a series of kicks. Juice tried to suplex Bey, but Bey turned it into a sleeper. Juice backed Bey into the corner to break it up, then missed a cannonball. Bey came back with kicks and a Fame-asser.

White cheered on at ringside. Juice got a spinebuster on Bey. Juice followed up with clotheslines and a cannonball. Juice hit Bey with a series of punches. White got on the apron, but Finlay pulled him down and they fought to the ramp. Bey used the distraction to get a cutter on Juice for the win.

WINNER: Chris Bey in 5:00.

After the match, Jay White presented Bey with a Bullet Club shirt and they celebrated on the entrance stage.

(D.L.’s Take: Too short to really get going, but fun while it lasted. An exciting way to start the show.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Don Callis, Kenny Omega, and the Good Brothers. Callis called them an elite group. Omega talked about three of the most talented wrestlers getting in the ring. Omega said that Impact was scraping the bottom of the barrel to save them. Violent by Design showed up. Eric Young said they were using their rematch clause to get a match for the tag team titles at Emergence. Callis called them crazy. Doc said that he used to be crazy. Omega noted that he used to be Festus. [c]

-Gia Miller interviewed Fire N Flava. Kiera said they would bounce back from their recent mishaps. She noted that Tasha didn’t win at Homecoming. Tasha said Kiera was right and she knows what a good tag team partner looks like. They predicted a win tonight.

-D’Lo and Striker appeared on camera and introduced the matches for tonight.

-Recap video of the matches at Homecoming.

-“The Drama King” Matthew Rehwoldt appeared in the ring. He was wearing a crown. Fans chanted “Drama King”, then “You still suck”. He said he was sharing the ring with his queen, Deonna Purrazzo. Deonna walked to the ring. She wore a crown as well. Fans chanted “No one likes you”. Deonna said this was her coronation and she would wait all day for the fans to be quiet. She talked about her accomplishments. Fans chanted “No one cares”.

Deonna said everyone knew she was the uncrowned queen of the Knockouts division. Mickie James’ music played and she walked to the ring smiling. Deonna said “Seriously?” The fans chanted for Mickie. Deonna was mad about being interrupted by Mickie again. Mickie said she was there to congratulate them. Mickie said that she knew how Deonna loves to go over her accolades. She asked Deonna to sign a contract to sign for the title match at the NWA Empower show. Fans chanted “Sign it”.

Deonna said she wanted to know who her opponent would be. Mickie said her opponent for Empower was here tonight. Melina made her way to the ring. D’Lo Brown said he was speechless. Melina did the splits to enter the ring. Striker raved about Melina. Melina and Deonna faced off. Deonna looked over the contract and signed it, then Melina signed it. Deonna wanted to formally introduce herself to Melina and said it was going to be an honor to defeat her at Empower.

Melina said Deonna won the Knockouts out title on her first opportunity and Melina said she was excited to do the exact same thing. Mickie and Melina walked up the ramp. Fans cheered.

-Gia Miller interviewed Taylor Wilde backstage. Gia asked why Taylor had been gone for two months. Taylor said she was just getting her groove back after being away for awhile. She said someone reported her as a suspicious person when she tried to go from Canada to the U.S. Taylor said she suspected Tenille because the person who called her in was named Kelvin with a K, so that’s why she beat Kaleb last week. She vowed to beat Tenille next. [c]

-Short vignette with Su Yung and Kimber Lee (who was wearing face paint like Su). Lee asked Su “Mother, may I?”


This match was to determine a number one contender for the X Division title. Jake clotheslined Daivari over the top rope to start. Trey and Rohit battled in the ring. Rohit dove through the ropes onto Jake and Daivari. Trey did a flip to the outside. Trey caught Daivari with a cutter. Rohit hit a flying knee on Trey. Jake hit a crossbody block on Rohit, Daivari, and Trey while they were on the apron. [c]

Jake charged at Trey and Daivari. Rohit and Daivari double teamed Jake. Rohit DDT’d Daivari. Trey knocked Jake down with a Pele kick. Trey and Rohit slugged it out. Trey got Rohit in a leglock and fought Daivari while doing it. Jake powerbombed Trey. Rohit broke up the pin attempt. Rohit and Jake traded punches. Daivari pulled Rohit out of the ring and threw him into the post. Daivari dropkicked Jake from the top rope. Jake got Daivari in a Black Hole Slam for the pin.

WINNER: Jake Something in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Lots of hot moves. Jake will make an intriguing challenger for Josh Alexander’s X Division title.)

-Backstage, Rohit threw a fit about Jake Something winning and was throwing stuff. Matt Cardona confronted him about almost hitting Chelsea Green with a bag that he threw. Shera said he didn’t want to hit a woman and walked off. Rohit said “my bad” and walked off. [c]

-Gia Miller interviewed Josh Alexander backstage. Josh talked about Jake Something challenging him at Emergence. Daivari got in his face and said Alexander was lucky he wasn’t facing Daivari. Alexander challenged him to a match next week and if Daivari wins, he can have a title shot.


Grace and Ellering debuted matching green and white outfits. Both teams brawled to start the match. Grace hit a spinebuster on Tasha. The fans chanted for Jordynne. Grace and Ellering double teamed Tasha and tagged in and out. Tasha finally made the tag to Kiera. Kiera connected with a running kick to Grace. Fire N Flava kept Grace in the corner. Tasha kicked Grace and put her in a chin lock. Grace suplexed Fire N Flava by herself, then made the hot tag to Ellering.

Grace connected with double knees, an elbow, and Vader Bomb to Kiera. Tasha broke up the pin attempt, but Grace threw her out of the ring. Kiera super kicked Ellering. Grace knocked Tasha off the ropes. Grace and Ellering hit a double team move on Kiera and Ellering got the pin for the victory.

WINNERS: Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering in 6:00.

Grace and Ellering celebrated and left up the ramp. Kiera and Tasha stared at each other in the ring. Savannah Evans showed up and booted Kiera. Tasha stood by and did nothing. Evans put Kiera in a Samoan Drop. Fans chanted “You suck”. Tasha and Evans left up the ramp together.

(D.L.’s Take: Grace and Ellering are really gelling as a team. Sorry to see the breakup of Fire N Flava. They were a team I always looked forward to watching. It will be interesting to see what Tasha and Savannah Evans have to offer as a team.)

-The very busy Gia Miller interviewed Frankie Kazarian backstage. Kazarian called Impact Wrestling the house that he built. He said it was people like Christopher Daniels, A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, Gail Kim, and Traci Brooks who built Impact Wrestling. He said that Sami and Eddie could settle their differences elsewhere, because tonight was about ripping out the heart of The Elite. [c]

-Eric Young and Violent by Design knocked on Scott D’Amore’s office door. Scott came out. Young informed him they were using the rematch clause at Emergence. Willie Mack and Rich Swann walked out of the office. Scott told Young he could have the rematch but he was adding Swann and Mack to make it a three-way match.

-Clip of Steve Maclin attacking Petey Williams.


Maclin attacked Jah-C from behind before the bell. Maclin went on the attack and hit Jah-C with a back elbow. Maclin yelled “Don’t you ever turn your back on me!” Maclin hung Jah-C in the corner and attacked him. Maclin went for the pin but pulled him up at 2. Maclin landed a series of elbows. Maclin went for the pin and pulled Jah-C up at 2 again. Maclin yelled at referee Brian Hebner. Maclin connected with a front piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Steve Maclin in 2:00.

Maclin continued to attack Jah-C after the match. Maclin brought a chair in the ring. Petey Williams ran in for the save. Petey grabbed the chair, but Maclin rolled out of the ring.

(D.L.’s Take: A good old fashioned squash match.)

-All About Me segment. Tenille Dashwood introduced the show. Kaleb still had a bad neck from his match last week against Taylor Wilde. They brought in “Doctor Ross Forman”. He asked about Kaleb’s symptoms. Scott D’Amore showed up and said the doctor had more important things to do and dismissed him. Scott sat and talked with Tenille and Kaleb. Tenille was hoping to hear that Taylor Wilde was fired. Scott said that wasn’t happening.

Scott said that Taylor made accusations against Tenille that they called the authorities on her. Taylor said she would drop the investigation in return for a match against Tenille. Scott said it would do great ratings. Scott said Tenille should call Madison Rayne about taking her interview set. Scott left and Tenille wrapped up the show. [c]

-Clip of Moose beating Chris Sabin last week.

-Gia Miller interviewed Chris Sabin backstage. He said his feud with Moose was far from over. He said that Moose brings the hate out of him and gets under his skin. Sabin vowed to win the number one contender’s battle royal next week, win the belt, and make sure that Moose would never be the world champion.

-D’Lo and Striker ran down the matches for next week including:

  • Number one contenders battle royal
  • Tenille Dashwood vs. Taylor Wilde
  • Daivari vs. Josh Alexander
  • Finjuice vs. Jay White & Chris Bey

-The Good Brothers, Don Callis, and Kenny Omega made their ring entrances. Callis did his over-the-top ring introduction for Omega. Callis’ list of all-time greats included Ric Flair, David Flair, and Charlotte Flair. Omega entered the ring. [c]


Kazarian received a “Welcome home” chant. Both teams brawled at the start of the match. The action spilled to ringside. Sami and Omega fought and got in the ring. The bell finally rang. Sami suplexed Omega. Kazarian clotheslined Omega and hit him with a forearm and a springboard leg drop. Kazarian chopped Omega. Doc interfered from the outside to turn the tide. Omega went on the attack and threw Kazarian into his team’s corner. [c]

Doc punched Kazarian and choked him over the middle rope. Fans chanted “Frankie”. Kazarian caught Anderson and Omega with elbows. Eddie tagged in and ran wild on Anderson. Eddie hit a series of chops. Eddie went for a rana while he and Anderson were on the ropes , but Omega held Anderson in place. Omega tagged in and landed an elbow on Eddie. Doc tagged back in. He head butted Eddie. Doc suplexed Eddie, then went for a chin lock.

Eddie fought out of it but Doc caught him with an elbow and a slam. Anderson and Doc knocked Kazarian and Sami off the apron. Omega and the Good Brothers triple splashed Eddie. Anderson kept Eddie in his team’s corner. Eddie caught Doc with a boot and a dropkick. Sami and Omega tagged in and fought. Sami stomped Omega in the corner. Eddie back suplexed Anderson. Omega caught Sami with a v-trigger.

Omega and the Good Brothers triple teamed Sami. Omega got a two count on Sami. Kazarian took Gallows over the top rope. Anderson hit a spinebuster on Eddie. Fans chanted for Eddie. Anderson got caught with a boot from Eddie. Eddie hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on Anderson. Sami piledrived Omega on the ring apron. Eddie hit a Boston Knee Party on Anderson for the win.

WINNERS: Eddie Edwards & Sami Callihan & Frankie Kazarian in 14:00.

-Callis checked Omega’s fingers to make sure he had feeling. Eddie, Sami, and Kazarian celebrated their victory. W. Morrissey attacked Eddie, who was alone in the ring. Morrissey powerbombed Eddie and stood over him.

(D.L.’s Take: A fun main event with good back and forth action. The Eddie Edwards/W. Morrissey feud continues.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: The last two weeks of the show were light on in-ring action, but things turned around this week. The action was good and there were several angles that advanced storylines. The main event was action packed and had star power. A fun watch.

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