NXT UK HITS & MISSES 8/26: Dragunov strong in first interview as champion, Coffey vs. Brown in the main event, more


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Jinny vs Aoife Valkyrie – HIT

This match started with a jump start. Valkyrie was making her entrance and Jinny came out to start on her before the bell rang. Valkyrie was able to fight her off enough to put Joseph Conners in the cage where he was supposed to be. After that, the match turned out to be a full-on, all-out brawl all over the arena. These two women tried to beat the respect out of each other. The next part of the match focused on who was going through the table. Valkyrie went thru the table, which allows Jinny to take full control of the match. Valkyrie fought back and even with the hurt knee she was able to get the win.

Ilja Dragunov Sit-down interview – HIT

He started out introducing himself as our NXT UK champion. He also said that he couldn’t explain how it felt to win the title. Dragunov said he went through hard times, heartbreaks, sleepless nights, and even more. Then, he talked about how the pain he endured let him know that he can take down any challenger that comes for the title. He ended the segment by saying, “Long Live The Czar.”

Oliver Carter vs Kenny Williams – PUSH

Another first-round match in the Heritage Cup #1 Contender Tournament. The first round started as a fast paced match in which both guys came out jumping into it. As for the second round, Kenny Williams came out strong and took it to Carter. Williams uses every trick in the book this round and beats on Carter. Carter made a comeback, but Williams was able to pull off a roll-up for the first fall of the match. Starting the third round, Williams tried to keep out of the ring and prolong the match that way. Since he has a win he knows if the rounds count down, he can let time run out. Carter wouldn’t allow that and brought the fight to him and pulled out the win in this round. Because it was tied 1-1, whoever got the next win earns the overall victory. They tried to play that into the match, but it seems more like a try hard. Williams then went into his bag of tricks and got his metal water bottle, pulled the turnbuckle off, and the mix-up then caused the ref to then hit Carter with the metal water bottle. Williams picked up the win in the end.

Joe Coffey vs Rampage Brown – HIT

A rubber match between these two guys has been in the works for weeks now. This third and final match is a knock or submission match. Fitting the heavyweight style in NXT UK matches, this was hard-hitting from the start. A lot of aggression in this match which made it a nice hoss fight. Rampage took control and hit a few moves where he could get in a ground & pound position. Then he scores a knock-out win with the ground & pound. After the match, a sign of respect for both guys to each other. Overall, a good main event and match.

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