9/18 IMPACT WRESTLING VICTORY ROAD PPV REPORT: Christian Cage vs. Ace Austin for the Impact World Championship, Cardona vs. Raju, Alexander vs. Sabin, more


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SEPTEMBER 18, 2021

Commentators: Matt Striker and D-Lo Brown

-Video package previewing the action for tonight.


All three mixed it up in the ring before the action spilled to the floor. TJP hit a dive through the ropes on Maclin, then Petey dove on TJP and Maclin. Maclin took Petey down in the ring, then gave TJP a backbreaker on the stage. Back in the ring, Maclin hit Petey with a back elbow and got a two count. Maclin punched and kicked Petey in the corner and threw him around. Maclin knocked TJP off the apron, then went back to stomping Petey.

Maclin kicked and punched TJP and Petey. Maclin threw Petey over the top rope. TJP made a brief comeback on Maclin. Maclin hung Petey and TJP on the ropes upside down then speared them. Petey hit a series of moves on Maclin. Petey did a rana to the outside on TJP. TJP and Petey slugged it out inside the ring. Maclin hit Petey with a running knee. Petey DDT’d Maclin and all three wrestlers were down. Fans chanted “This is awesome”. TJP and Petey teamed up on Maclin in the corner.

Petey had Maclin in the sharpshooter. TJP put Petey in a submission at the same time, but Petey powered out. TJP back suplexed Maclin. TJP boot washed Maclin. TJP booted Petey and Maclin. TJP landed a kick on Maclin and got a two count, which Petey broke up. Petey got the Canadian Destroyer on TJP and the fans erupted. Maclin got his finisher on Petey and rolled him out of the ring. Maclin pinned TJP for the victory.

WINNER: Steve Maclin in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Take: The first half of the match was slower than I would have thought due to Maclin being on offense, but the second part of the match picked up. The fans really got into the second half. Energetic opener. Maclin remains undefeated in Impact.)

-D’Lo and Striker appeared on camera and ran down the rest of the matches for the night.


Trey hit a dive to the outside on Jake and Skyler. Taurus and Laredo wrestled back and forth in the ring. Taurus hit a headbutt and powerslam on Kid. Trey mixed it up with Taurus for a bit. Jake triple clotheslined Taurus, Trey, and Skyler. Jake charged Kid and knocked him down. Fans chanted “That was something”. Kid got some offense on Jake and Jake rolled out of the ring. Trey and Kid exchanged fast paced moves.

Skyler and Trey faced off. Fans chanted “You suck”. Skyler speared Trey from the outside. Taurus landed a series of moves on Skyler, including a Samoan Drop. Trey and Kid super kicked Jake. Trey hit a meteora on Jake. Trey and Kid traded punches. Jake choke slammed Kid onto Trey. Fans chanted “That was something” again. Taurus speared Jake. Taurus power slammed Skyler onto Kid. Skyler double speared Trey and Taurus.

Skyler threw Jake out of the ring. Trey hit a dive on Jake on the outside. Taurus dove on Jake and Trey. In the ring, Kid and Skyler fought back and forth. Kid hit a moonsault belly-to-belly suplex on Skyler to get the pin.

WINNER: Laredo Kid in 8:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Two multiple-wrestler matches in a row. This one was so fast paced, I could barely keep up. This might have served better as the opening match to engage the crowd. Everyone had a chance to shine. This was the best I’ve seen Taurus look in Impact.)

-Video package of the Taylor Wilde/Influence feud.

(3) TAYLOR WILDE (w/Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering) vs. TENILLE DASHWOOD (w/Madison Rayne & Kaleb with a K)

Tenille got the early upper hand with punches. Taylor fired back with punches and a kick. Tenille punched Taylor in the corner. Taylor got a head scissor on Tenille. Kaleb grabbed Taylor’s foot to turn the tide. Tenille choked Taylor over the bottom rope. Fans chanted loudly for Taylor. Madison interfered from the outside while the referee wasn’t looking. Kaleb took photos. Taylor made a comeback but was cut off by Tenille.

Tenille had Taylor in a full nelson on the mat. Taylor got out of it, but Tenille clotheslined her hard to the mat. Kaleb argued with the fans at ringside. Tenille went back to the full nelson. Fans clapped for Taylor to escape. Kaleb got on the ring apron to argue with the referee. Madison interfered and pulled Taylor out of the ring. The referee threw out Taylor and Kaleb. Grace pushed Taylor down. The referee threw out Grace and Ellering too.

Taylor rolled up Tenille for a two count. They exchanged rollups, then slugged it out. Taylor clotheslined Tenille and gave her a backbreaker. Tenille tripped Taylor into the bottom turnbuckle then splashed her. Taylor returned some offense. Tenille snapped Taylor’s neck on the top rope. Tenille missed the Spotlight Kick and Taylor gave her a back suplex and bridge for the pin.

WINNER: Taylor Wilde in 10:00.

Fans celebrated and chanted “Taylor” after the match.

(D.L.’s Take: Good match with plenty of activity on the outside to keep it interesting. The fans were really into Taylor. The match really picked up after everyone was booted from ringside. With all of the support for Taylor, it could be time to give her a title match.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan. Sami said they would work as a cohesive unit. Eddie said he didn’t want to team with Sami, but he needed to. He said he was teaming with Sami for the greater good. Sami called them the gatekeepers of Impact. After Sami walked off, Alisha Edwards approached Eddie and said she didn’t trust Sami. Alisha said she would be at ringside. Eddie warned her to be careful.

(4) MATT CARDONA vs. ROHIT RAJU (w/Shera) – No Disqualification Match

Cardona attacked Rohit during his ring entrance. Rohit and Shera double teamed Cardona. Fans chanted for Cardona. Shera gave Cardona a backbreaker. Rohit sent Shera out of the ring and the bell finally rang. Cardona made a comeback and clotheslined Rohit over the top rope. Rohit took Cardona down on the floor and kicked him. Rohit and Cardona exchanged the advantage. Rohit slammed Cardona onto a chair and threw him into the ring post.

Rohit continued to stomp Cardona at ringside. Cardona made a comeback but Rohit cut him off. Rohit hit a cannonball into the corner on Cardona. They traded the advantage again. Cardona slingshotted Rohit into a chair. Fans chanted “Death Match King”. Cardona and Rohit exchanged punches. Fans chanted “This is awesome”. Cardona kicked a chair into Rohit. Cardona threw a metal trash can into the ring.

Rohit connected with a kick. Cardona hit an RKO-like move onto Rohit onto the trash can. Rohit threw Cardona into a chair, then hit a DDT for a two count. Rohit suplexed Cardona onto two chairs. Rohit double stomped Cardona through two chairs. Rohit hit Cardona with a chair. Cardona hit Rohit with a low blow. Cardona dropkicked a chair into Rohit then followed with a Radio Silence. Shera interfered to break up the pin. Cardona hit Radio Silence on Shera on the ramp.

Rohit hit Cardona with a chair in the ring. Rohit put Cardona’s head in a chair. Chelsea Green ran out and kicked Rohit. Cardona hit the Radio Silence for the win.

WINNER: Matt Cardona in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Physical match. Cardona showed good fire and Rohit had good intensity. Fans were really into Cardona. It made a nice end to the story, if indeed the feud is over.)

-Video package on the Chris Bey vs. Finjuice feud.

(5) CHRIS BEY & HIKULEO vs. FINJUICE (David Finlay & Juice Robinson)

Bey and Juice started the match. Bey mocked Juice’s leg injury. Juice hip tossed Bey and slammed him. Finjuice double teamed Bey. Bey took Juice down and tagged in Hikuleo. Hikuleo stomped and elbowed Juice. Hikuleo hit Juice with forearms. Bey dropkicked Juice’s knee. Juice fought out of the corner and made the tag to Finlay. Finlay dropkicked Bey. Hikuleo power slammed Finlay. Bey punched Finlay. Hikuleo chopped Finlay and splashed him.

Hikuleo gave Finlay a delayed suplex. Finlay fought back and sent Hikuleo over the top rope. Juice made the hot tag. Juice punched Bey repeatedly, then clotheslined him and backdropped him. Juice landed more punches and a DDT. Hikuleo tagged in and got hit with punches by Juice. Finjuice sent Hikuleo over the top rope and hit a dive on him. Bey hit Juice in the knee with a chair. Hikuleo slammed Finlay for the win.

WINNERS: Chris Bey & Hikuleo in 11:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Fun tag match. Hikuleo had limited action, but was impressive in what he showed.)

-Video package covering the Eddie Edwards & Sami Callihan vs. Moose & W. Morrissey feud.


All four wrestlers fought in the ring at the start. Sami and Eddie hit double dives to the outside on Moose and Morrissey. Back in the ring, Eddie and Sami tagged in and out and kept Morrissey in their corner. They took turns chopping Morrissey. Moose ran in and got chopped also. Sami and Eddie suplexed Moose. Morrissey double choke slammed Eddie and Sami. Moose and Morrissey threw Sami to the floor. Morrissey booted Eddie to the outside.

Inside the ring, Morrissey dropped elbows on Eddie. Moose pulled Eddie’s hair and stomped him. Morrissey punched Eddie in the corner. Moose interfered from the outside. Morrissey whipped Eddie into the corner and splashed him. Eddie escaped a suplex and hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on Morrissey. Sami and Moose tagged in. Sami stomped Moose in the corner. Sami got a Death Valley Driver on Moose for a two count. Moose went on offense.

Eddie made a tag and exchanged punches and chops with Moose. Sami clotheslined Moose. Eddie got a Tiger Driver on Moose, but Morrissey broke up the pin. Sami powerbombed Morrissey off the ropes. Moose superplexed Eddie off the top rope. Sami and Eddie double teamed Moose. Alisha shouted encouragement at ringside. Fans chanted “This is awesome”. Morrissey caught Sami with a big boot. Eddie threw Morrissey over the top rope.

Eddie got a piledriver on Moose. Eddie grabbed the kendo stick. On the outside, Morrissey lifted up Alisha. Moose speared Eddie, who rolled to the floor. Morrissey stalked Alisha and threw her into the ring. Morrissey and Moose surrounded Alisha. Morrissey powerbombed Alisha. The fans got quiet. Additional referees ran to the ring and checked on her. Morrissey smiled. Eddie carried Alisha to the back and apologized to Sami. Fans clapped for them. Fans chanted for Sami.

Moose and Morrissey double teamed Sami. Moose speared Sami for the win.

WINNERS: Moose & W. Morrissey in 15:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Solid tag team match featuring three of Impact’s mainstays. Moose and Morrissey were good in their roles as despicable heels. Refreshing to see the fans not cheer when Alisha got powerbombed. Look for this feud to continue leading to Bound For Glory.)

-Video package on the Decay vs. Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans feud.

(7) DECAY (Rosemary & Havok) vs. TASHA STEELZ & SAVANNAH EVANS – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match

Rosemary and Havok cut their usual long ring entrance short to attack Tasha and Evans. Rosemary and Tasha started the match. Fans chanted “Bite her face off”. Rosemary had the early advantage. Fans chanted for Havok when she got in the ring. Havok pointed to Evans and shouted “I want YOU!” Havok and Evans went face to face, they traded big punches. Evans splashed Havok in the corner. Havok made a comeback with punches.

Rosemary and Evans traded the advantage. Rosemary tied Evans in the ropes. Tasha attacked Rosemary on the outside. D’Lo said he would pass along any updates on Alisha Edwards. Tasha hit a series of moves on Rosemary. Fans chanted “Decay”. Tasha connected with a series of punches, but Rosemary fired up. Havok and Evans tagged in and mixed it up, with Havok getting the best of it. Evans made a comeback and tagged in Tasha.

Tasha hit a series of kicks on Havok. Havok got a Sky High on Tasha. Evans clotheslined Rosemary over the top rope. Havok threw Evans out of the ring. Rosemary blew mist into the eyes of Evans on the outside. Tasha kicked Havok. Havok caught Tasha and threw her to the outside onto Evans. Rosemary threw Tasha back in the ring. Havok got a tombstone piledriver on Tasha for the pin.

WINNERS: Rosemary & Havok in 9:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Solid tag team match. Fans were really into Decay. Tasha and Evans did well and are still gelling as a team.)

-Backstage promo with Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. Ace called Christian Cage a legend and said he built the foundation of Impact. He said they needed to look to the future, which was Ace Austin. Ace said he had to jump through many hoops, but his goal was always the world title. He said it was inevitable. Ace said we’ve arrived at the time for him to win the title and he would be the youngest Impact champion in history. Good promo.

-Video package showing the Good Brothers vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack feud.

(8) THE GOOD BROTHERS (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson)(c) vs. RICH SWANN & WILLIE MACK – Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match

Mack and Doc started the match. Mack hit Doc with a shoulder tackle, splash, and clothesline. Mack hit a series of punches on Doc in the corner. Anderson and Swann tagged in. Swann caught Anderson with a rana. Fans chanted for Swann. Swann kicked Anderson in the back. Mack slapped Anderson, then charged him in the corner. Anderson raked Mack’s eyes. Mack and Swann double dropkicked Swann. Anderson back suplexed Swann.

Anderson grabbed Swann’s nose and bit his head. Swann bit Anderson’s knee. Doc kicked Swann down. Doc kicked Swann to the floor. Anderson kicked Swann. Back in the ring, Doc caught Swann with a boot to the face. Doc hit Swann with a series of punches in the corner. Swann caught a charging Anderson with an elbow. Doc stopped Swann from making a tag and dropped an elbow on him for a two count. Doc delivered a series of elbows to Swann.

Swann caught Doc with a kick to the head. Swann kicked Anderson and made the hot tag to Mack. Mack cleaned house on Doc and Anderson. Mack got a Samoan Drop on Doc. Mack caught Anderson with a series of moves. Anderson got the spinebuster on Mack. Swann broke up the Magic Killer. All four wrestlers were on the mat after an exchange. Mack and Doc traded punches. Doc caught Mack with a side kick.

Swann kicked Doc and Anderson. Doc powerbombed Swann on the ring apron. Mack dropkicked Doc to the ramp. Anderson got the Gun Stun on Mack. The Good Brothers followed with the Magic Killer on Mack for the win.

WINNERS: The Good Brothers in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A decent tag team match with some good moves sprinkled throughout.)

-Video package on Josh Alexander and Chris Sabin.

(9) JOSH ALEXANDER (c) vs. CHRIS SABIN – Impact Wrestling X Division Championship Match

Fans had a dual chant for both wrestlers. Alexander took Sabin to the mat, but they traded positions and Sabin hip tossed Alexander. Fans chanted “Nine times”. Alexander chopped Sabin and connected with a back elbow. Fans chanted “Motor City” and “Walking Weapon”. Sabin took Alexander down with a dive to the outside. Alexander splashed Sabin to the outside. Sabin sent Alexander to the outside and hit another dive.

Fans chanted “This is awesome”. Sabin DDT’d Alexander and got a two count. Sabin got a neckbreaker on Alexander for another two count. Sabin ran Alexander’s head into the corner and took him to the mat. Sabin worked on Alexander’s neck. Alexander got a flatliner on Sabin. He went for the ankle lock, but Sabin escaped to the floor. Alexander dropped Sabin on the apron. Alexander gave Sabin a backbreaker and scored a two count.

Alexander suplexed Sabin. Alexander had Sabin in a chin lock. Fans chanted for both wrestlers again. Sabin made the ropes to break the hold. A “Both these guys” chant broke out. Alexander clotheslined Sabin. Alexander kicked at Sabin. Sabin fought back. Alexander slammed Sabin for a two count and showed frustration. Alexander missed a moonsault off the top rope. Fans chanted for Sabin. Sabin dropkicked Alexander in the back from the top rope.

Sabin gave Alexander a neckbreaker on the floor. Sabin gave Alexander a neckbreaker from the apron. Sabin threw Alexander in the ring and dropkicked him in the back again from the top rope. Alexander caught Sabin with a boot. Alexander gave Sabin a backbreaker over his knee. The pace picked up and they exchanged the advantage. Sabin got Alexander in a submission on the mat. A “Fight forever” chant broke out.

Alexander German suplexed Sabin twice. Sabin had Alexander in a wrist lock. Alexander dropped Sabin to break the hold. Fans chanted “X Division”. Alexander had Sabin in an ankle lock. Sabin rolled up Alexander for a two count. Alexander resumed the ankle lock and locked it in. Sabin bridged back and got a two count. Sabin super kicked Alexander and knocked off his headgear. Alexander got the C-4 Spike for the win.

WINNER: Josh Alexander in 20:00.

Alexander and Sabin shook hands after the match. D’Lo called Alexander the greatest X Division champion of all-time. Sabin whispered something in Sabin’s ear.

(D.L.’s Take: Excellent match. The pace was slow at the beginning, but really picked up at the end. Alexander’s dominance continues.)

-D’Lo and Striker appeared on camera and talked about the Alexander vs. Sabin match, then set up the main event.

-Video package on the Christian Cage vs. Ace Austin feud.

(10) CHRISTIAN CAGE (c) vs. ACE AUSTIN (w/Madman Fulton) – Impact Wrestling World Championship Match

Dave Penzer gave the in-ring introductions. Brian Hebner was the referee. Fans were enthusiastic for Cage and chanted his name. Cage got the early advantage. Ace consulted with Fulton. Ace started getting the upper hand, but Cage cut him off with a flatliner. Ace missed a dive to the outside and got dropkicked by Cage. Cage threw Ace in the ring, but Ace caught Cage with a kick. Fulton distracted Cage so that Ace could kick him from behind.

Ace kicked Cage and choked him over the bottom rope. Ace stomped Cage in the corner. Ace kicked Cage in the head. Ace pulled out a playing card and cut Cage. Cage came back with punches. Ace caught Cage with a back elbow that sent him out of the ring. Fulton was about to interfere, but the referee caught him and sent him to the back. Cage DDT’d Ace. Fans chanted “This is awesome”. Cage choked Ace over the middle rope.

Cage gave Ace an elbow smash from the second rope. Fans chanted for Cage. Cage punched Ace in the corner 20 times as the fans counted along. Ace hit two kicks, but Cage came back with a reverse DDT move for a two count. Ace caught Cage with a kick from the second rope and scored a two count. Cage snapped Ace’s neck over the top rope. Cage missed a frog splash from the top rope. Ace pulled out another card. He threw it into the crowd. Cage got a spear for a two count.

Fans chanted “This is awesome” again. Ace raked Cage’s eyes. Fulton came back out and snapped Cage’s neck over the top rope while the referee was distracted. Ace got a senton for a two count. Ace missed a charge in the corner and Cage got the Killswitch for the pin and the victory.

WINNER: Christian Cage in 12:00.

-After the match, Josh Alexander’s music played and he walked to the ring. Alexander took the mic. Fans chanted “Both these guys.” Alexander said “Bound For Glory—Option C!” Both wrestlers held their belts in the air and faced off.

(D.L.’s Take: This was really good and the last few minutes were a dramatic back and forth sequence. Option C means that Alexander can trade in his X Division Title for a shot at the World Title.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Another solid Impact Plus special. The fans really added so much to each match with their enthusiasm. Standout matches were Josh Alexander vs. Chris Sabin and Christian Cage vs. Ace Austin.

CATCH-UP: Impact Wrestling suspends Tommy Dreamer after Dark Side of the Ring comments

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