9/29 WWE MAIN EVENT TV REPORT: John Morrison vs. Drew Gulak, Mace vs. Austin Crain, more


Results and analysis from this week's WWE Main Event


SEPTEMBER 29, 2021

Announcers: Byron Saxton, Kevin Patrick


  • Return of the jobber squash match
  • Morrison brings flash to Main Event

(1) MACE (w/ T-Bar) vs. AUSTIN CRAIN

Crain looked unsure of himself as the match got underway. They locked up and Mace shoved Crain into a corner, then shouted, “Shut it down, baby!” He gut wrenched Crain and tossed him across the ring with little effort. Crain landed a ginger forearm blow to Mace’s back, which led to a slow-motion turnaround by Mace, who lit Crain up with an aggressive knee strike to the chest. He tossed Crain to the opposite corner. He landed a series of shots to Crain’s midsection in the corner, then tossed him yet again.

Mace lifted Crain to his feet by his neck, and placed him in position in the middle of the ring. Mace ran the ropes and leveled Crain with a reverse elbow, causing Crain to roll out to the floor. Mace joined him there, and slammed Crain’s face into the announce table a few times before throwing him back into the ring between the middle and top ropes. Mace entered behind him, and Crain landed some truly pathetic shots to Mace’s gut from his knees. Mace hoisted the hapless man onto his shoulder, then planted him with a spinning slam and covered Crain. He lifted Crain up himself at the ref’s two-count to continue toying with him. He slammed Crain against the mat by his neck a few times, then lifted him to his feet only to knock him down again with a monster kick. Mace finally ended the slaughter with a cocky one-foot-on-the-chest pin and three-count.

WINNER: Mace by pinfall in 3:25.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Refreshing! An old school jobber squash match, only going over three minutes because the heelish Mace decided to torture the poor Cincinnati man for more than was required for victory. Crain didn’t get a single hope spot, so there was nothing to root or cheer for. Still, it’s nice to see the deviation from the Main Event formula.)

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Gulak controlled Morrison early on with wrist and arm holds. Morrison twisted his way out and dragged Gulak to the mat, then rolled him up for a quick two-count. Gulak got to his feet and backed off a bit. They lined up for another lockup, but Gulak instead threw a punch, catching Morrison off guard. Morrison came back with a stylish kick to the chin and a standing shooting star press, then covered for a two-count. He whipped Gulak to the ropes, but Gulak held onto the top rope and rolled out to ringside. Morrison immediately ran and took out Gulak on the floor with a twisting dive. He rolled Gulak into the ring and climbed the corner. Gulak met him there and yanked on Morrison’s arm, which caused Morrison to roll curiously across the top rope before toppling to the mat. Gulak body slammed Morrison legs-first against the top rope, causing a slingshot effect down to the mat. Gulak covered for two, and we cut to break.

Gulak had control of Morrison on the mat after the break. Morrison broke free with three forearm shots, but Gulak chopped downward on Morrison’s arm and covered. Morrison kicked out, but Gulak maintained control over Morrison’s left arm. Morrison landed body blows and was momentarily free, but Gulak went back to the arm and this time twisted Morrison face-down to the canvas. Gulak repeatedly shouted at the ref to “Ask him!” Morrison rolled through the hold and got to his feet. He escaped from a side headlock and finally took Gulak out with a flying kick. Morrison took Gulak to the mat with a rolling Alabama slam, which was smoother and gentler than a standard Alabama slam would’ve been. He hit a running knee strike to Gulak’s face and covered for two.

Gulak fired Morrison into a corner, but caught a boot to the face when he chased him in. Morrison landed a few punches and shoved Gulak face-first to the mat. He held up his fist and set up for Starship Pain, but Gulak had slowly rolled out of harm’s way. Morrison followed him across the ring, and Gulak struck by yanking Morrison down against the middle rope. Morrison got to his feet and rolled up Gulak – Gulak kicked out and immediately applied a cross arm breaker. Morrison rolled over, thus pinning Gulak for two. They broke apart and Morrison, with rare subtlety, merely looked over his shoulder at the crowd to elicit a nice response. He bounded across the ring and nailed Gulak with a big clothesline, knocking him to the mat. Morrison climbed the corner again, and was this time successful with the Starship Pain, a move good for the pin and three-count.

WINNER: Morrison by pinfall in 7:30.

(Meyers’s Analysis: This episode continued to be spiced up with the addition of Morrison. His bizarre selling alone is exciting to watch, and he brings a one-of-a-kind flair with his offense.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 8.2

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