Tony Khan talks booking strategy, planning for AEW


Tony Khan talks future AEW television deal
Tony Khan (image credit Rubin Jay @ PWTorch)


Tony Khan has concrete plans and a specific booking strategy for AEW, but builds in flexibility and the opportunity to pivot as things change around him and his company.

In an interview with PWTorch, Khan detailed his strategy for booking the world championship picture, how often he changes his mind, and what elements are involved when he does alter course.

“I do have plans,” Khan said of his booking of the world championship. “You never know how they’re going to change. I do have a plans. Kenny is on one of the great runs and I’m not so sure we’re ready to see it end. On the other hand, Hangman is ready and there are a lot of fans behind him and there are a lot of great possibilities with either person as champion. I think there is a lot of great matches ahead of both of them and whatever the result is, it’s not the end for either man. Both of them are going to come out and be in a great position. I do know with a pretty good amount of certainty, what I expect to happen, but I also am very optimistic on the futures of both of them.”

“Two out of three times, it’s about what you thought and one out of three times something changes and it’s not what you expected — somebody gets sick and then you put a replacement in and that starts going well and you move in another direction,” Khan said about being flexible and pivoting plan. “I would say about two out of three times if I draw stuff up and map stuff out … one out of three times some circumstance changes or something gets really hot unexpectedly and you go with it.”


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Tony Khan agreed to be part of christening the first week of Wade Keller’s new daily series this month called “Keller’s Focus on AEW” featuring the latest news, rumors, TV show analysis, notable social media posts, media interview highlights, on-site correspondents, guest analysts, and more – anything regarding AEW. It’s posted every afternoon for full VIP members and Patreon supporters (Tier 2 or higher). It can be your new daily listen on your commute home from work or at the gym.


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These topics are covered…

  • Is Cody Rhodes really, truly committed to remaining a babyface or is there storyline wiggle room to change course?
  • Does Tony think Cody getting a mixed response is a good thing, citing John Cena and Roman Reigns as examples of top stars who went through that?
  • Tony responds to framing C.M. Punk’s impact on business as a disappointment so far
  • Does Tony think he could have gotten more out of Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, Ruby Soho, and C.M. Punk if their debuts were spread out?
  • What is his COVID protocol within AEW? Has he been vaccinated?
  • More on the Jon Moxley situation and his comments in front of the crowd after Dynamite on Wednesday about what a tough week it’s been for him.
  • Does moving Miro into Moxley’s place cause a ripple effect on his booking plans for Miro?
  • His reaction to WWE roster cuts and his mindset on the inevitable roster cuts he’ll need to make eventually.
  • Is Cody being booed, Punk’s impact on business, Danielson-Cole-Punk, COVID protocols, Moxley situation, WWE cuts
  • How does Tony decide what cities and arenas to bring TV and PPVs to
  • Reflecting on the success of AEW at arenas across the country in first two years on tour
  • Tony’s thoughts on the viewership drop this week for Dynamite
  • How much All Out PPV growth does Tony attribute to C.M. Punk’s first match in AEW
  • What percentage of time does he stick to his long-term plans versus changing for various reasons
  • The evolution of the roles of the Executive V.P.s – Cody Rhodes, Matt & Nick Jackson, Kenny Omega – behind the scenes, especially in the creative booking process
  • Is there an EVP most closely aligned with his creative vision?
  • Who else is involved in the weekly process other than EVPs?


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