AEW Rampage Spoilers: Results of 11/26 episode taped 11/24 after Dynamite including Kingston vs. Garcia, Baker vs. Riho, Cole & Fish vs. Yuta & Cassidy


NOVEMBER 24, 2021

These matches were taped after Dynamite aired live on TNT on Nov. 24.

Before taping began, Justin Roberts introduced announcers Taz, Ricky Starks and Chris Jericho. The crowd got to do the singalong to “Judas.” A few hundred of the 7,000+ left after Dynamite ended.

(1) Adam Cole & Bobby Fish vs. Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta

Chuck Taylor and Kris Statlander waved from the ramp but did not accompany the Best Friends guys to the ring. Fish and Yuta started. Yuta hit Fish with a drop kick and tagged in Orange for a double team spot. Cole In against Orange. Cole put up the stop sign when Orange tried to put his hands in his pockets. Cole countered with his catchphrase. They milked Orange trying to put his hands in his pockets and Cole not letting him. Crowd was into this. Lot of comedy early on. Yuta missed a top top move and the heels got the heat on him. Yuta tried for a tag but Cole yanked Orange off the apron. Crowd clapped to get the hot tag going. Orange finally gets his hands in his pockets. Double rana on the heels. DDT on Fish. Dive through the ropes. Yuta back in and hits the frog splash on Cole for two. Fish hit an exploder suplex on Orange onto Yuta. Cole hit the running knee on Orange for two. Orange hit beach break on Cole. Yuta and Fish in at the end as Cole and Orange sold moves outside. Yuta gets a couple two counts on Fish, who came back with an avalanche falcon arrow for the win.

WINNERS: Cole and Fish in 13:00.

(2) Britt Baker vs. Riho

If Riho wins, she gets a title shot. Hayter is out with Britt and Rebel. Riho off the top rope to the outside on all three heels. Baker took over and we got dueling “Let’s go Riho/DMD” chants. Baker suplexed Riho into the turnbuckles. Baker hit beach break for two. Riho with a stomp off the top (coup de gras) for two. Riho reversed a move into a pinning combination roll up out of nowhere to win. Decent pop for the win because it was unexpected. This was good but not great.

WINNER: Riho in about 8 minutes to get the title shot.

Mark Henry did his main event double screen promo. 2.0 mostly spoke for Garcia, who said he’d win. Kingston called Garcia too light in the ass to beat him.

(3) Eddie Kingston vs. Danny Garcia (w/2.0)

They started with some mat work. Kingston beat up 2.0 at ringside. Kingston bit Garcia in the corner, then chopped him in the other corner. Kind of slow starting and not much heat so far. We are in hour four here. An attempt at an “f you SpongeBob” chant at 2.0. Garcia worked over Kingston on the mat. Kingston selling the leg. Kingston with an overhead suplex, but sold the leg. Garcia worked the leg some more. Elbows on the mat. Kingston started a comeback with a t-bone suplex. Striking battle. Crowd comes alive a bit with clapping. Kingston hit the back elbow to win. Match will probably come across better on TV than it did live with the tired crowd.

WINNER: Kingston in 15:00.

The heels attacked Kingston after the match and Jericho ran down from the announcer position to make the save. Kingston looks confused at Jericho, wondering why he helped. Guess Eddie didn’t see 2.0 interrupt Jericho’s promo on Dynamite. Eddie says he doesn’t need Jericho’s help as they go off the air.

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