HEYDORN’S DYNAMITE RECEIPT 4/27: C.M. Punk vs. Adam Page a true main event for signature AEW event


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This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-The FTR showdown between Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler worked so darn well. Harwood and Wheeler wrestled a singles match that lived right in the middle of their style and psychology as a tag team. Both genuinely looked emotional when it was over. A cool moment for a tournament that is finding itself for the first time.

-C.M. Punk vs. Adam Page for the AEW World Championship is official for Double or Nothing. A huge match for AEW to deliver and Tony Khan now has a choice to make. Go with the hot act in Punk? The homegrown guy in Page? Something else like a Punk heel turn? We’ll see, but this is Khan playing a major card in his arsenal.

-Really good mic work from Punk after the announcement. He looks supremely confident in what he’s doing and is fresh inside the championship picture. Punk didn’t guarantee victory, but he put himself out there. I smell a world title change.

-Scorpio Sky and Sammy Guevara getting promo time to talk about the stakes of their TNT Championship ladder match was a great touch and one that should be used more in AEW. These were short, but very effective in framing the match and TNT Championship as a big deal.

-Blackpool Combat Club has the highest level of “cool” factor in wrestling night. Feed this beast, Tony Khan.

-Was Christian Cage issuing some tough love to Jungle Boy for losing his spot in the Owen Hart Foundation tournament last week or just being an asshole? I guess that questions is the idea and I’m here for it. Jungle Boy vs. Christian Cage at Double or Nothing?

-The Powerbomb Symphony finisher fits Wardlow in a damn good way. He shined bright tonight opposite Lance Archer. If the teases are accurate and W. Morrissey is the surprise opponent next week, that’ll be some kind of moment.

-Want to see two pros going at it on the microphone without meta tropes? Watch Eddie Kingston and Chris Jericho’s in-ring promo segment. Textbook.

-A little surprised that Shida didn’t get the victory over Serena Deeb to wrap the feud, but it appears Deeb is on track to feud with Thunder Rosa for the AEW Women’s World Championship. If that’s the case, Deeb winning is perfectly logical.

-Undisputed Elite have matching shirts! I guess they are on the same page now? A long time coming. Can we see the group out there dominating now?

-A good ladder match between Scorpio Sky and Sammy Guevara. It needed longer and more calculated selling, though. How was Guevara down for that spot off the ladder onto the ladder with barbed wire? A few seconds? That spot, in particular, needed more.

-Guevara and Tay Conti as heels now was the only way to go. They can lean right into their obnoxiousness now and they’ll do it well by all accounts. Sky is a babyface I guess? The crowd loved him and the title win. Time to ditch Dan Lamber if that is the case.

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