5/13 WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Keller’s report on RK-Bro visits Bloodline, Kofi vs. Butch, Sasha & Naomi vs. Natalya & Baszler

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


MAY 13, 2022

Commentators: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee

Ring Announcer: Samantha Irvin


-A two minute video package aired on the RK-Bro vs. Bloodline storyline.

-Michael Cole introduced the show as they panned the audience.

-Randy Orton’s theme played. Orton and Riddle came out to cheers. A “Randy!” chant broke out. He said he and his partner are very excited to be there, but they’re also “sick and tired of the chase.” He said the Usos don’t have the balls to make decisions for themselves. He said it’s obvious Roman Reigns is the only one making any decisions in the Bloodline.

Riddle said he thought they had the match won at Backlash, but then Reigns speared him and they lost. Riddle said one thing he’s good at and one of the things he’s best at is seeing patterns. “It’s like my sixth, or even my seventh sense,” he said. Orton looked at his quizzically. Riddle said anytime the Usos can’t handle their business, Reigns come in and tries to take care of it.

Orton said they’re sick of it and they are demanding a chance to become the Undisputed Tag Team Champions of the world. He called Reigns to “come out here to my ring.” Pat McAfee said Orton has been around for 20 years, but Reigns is the landlord of Smackdown right now. Instead, Sami Zayn’s music played. Cole said he’s as far from Reigns as you can get.

Sami asked if Orton honestly thinks he can just snap his fingers and get Reigns to come out whenever he summons him. Sami said as the locker room leader he is happy to address this on his behalf. He said he speaks for the entire WWE Universe when he says no one wants to see the WWE Tag Team Title unification match. He said more important, Orton and Riddle shouldn’t want it because if it happens, they will lose.

Sami said he’s trying to handle this with diplomacy like a leader. He suggested they take their Raw Tag Team Titles and leave and don’t come back. Orton asked what he’s doing out there. Riddle said he’s going to call him Rusty “because your hair is the color of rust.” Fans began chanting “Rusty!” McAfee said that was an abrupt change of subject for Riddle. Sami clarified his name is “Sami, locker room leader.”

Sami said what he’s about to say isn’t a threat, but they should think about how he talks about Reigns and the Bloodline. He said the last person who disrespected them was Shinsuke Nakamura. He said he handled that situation last week. Orton said Sami isn’t an errand boy for Reigns, but is making decisions for the Bloodline. apparently He said he makes calls and gets things done, which is cool. Sami acknowledged it’s cool. Orton said he’s a vital part of Smackdown. Sami said he gets it. Orton said in that case, he should make the decision to grant them a match – Sami vs. Riddle, and if Riddle wins, they get a Unification Tag Team Title match. Fans cheered. Orton told Sami if he’s calling the shots, make it happen and make a lot of people happy.

Sami looked around nervously, then said, “Fine, fine, let’s do it.” McAfee asked if Sami can even make that decision. Sami rolled out of the ring and then said these things are very complicated. He said maybe in a week or two. He said Smackdown is complicated and he’ll talk to Paul Heyman and Reigns to get it figured out. Adam Pearce walked out and said they’d all like to see a Sami vs. Riddle match. He said the match is official and it starts “right now.” Fans cheered. Orton’s music played. McAfee said “Rusty” backs himself into terrible situations all the time. Cole said he can’t keep his mouth shut. [c]

(1) RIDDLE (w/Randy Orton) vs. SAMI ZAYN

Cole said this match will have no bearing on the future of the tag team titles because Pearce said Sami doesn’t have the authority to make decisions that relate to the Bloodline. Riddle went for a Bro-mission early. Sami rolled to ringside and had some words for Orton. Riddle slide-kicked Sami and threw him back into the ring. When Riddle re-entered the ring, Sami elbowed him and took over. He mounted Riddle and punched away at him. Sami continued to wear a Bloodline t-shirt during the match. Cole said Sami is a multi-time champion and, if he won, it wouldn’t be an upset. He said it’s an even match-up.

Riddle up-kicked Sami and kipped up. He went for a senton, but Sami lifted his knees. When Riddle climbed to the top rope, Sami shoved him to the floor. They cut to a break. [c]

Back from the break, Sami was punching away at Riddle on the mat. He set up a top rope move. Riddle leaped up and went for a top rope move. Sami shoved him to the mat, then leaped off the top rope. Riddle met him mid-air with a Final Flash knee strike to the head for a near fall. Sami ducked a Riddle wheel kick and went for a Blue Thunder Bomb. Riddle countered. Sami hit a Michinoku Driver for a two count. Sami set up a draping DDT right in front of Orton, but Riddle backdropped out of it.

Riddle then nailed Sami with a running kick from the ring apron followed by a flip dive. Riddle then landed the Draping DDT. He pounded the mat to signal an RKO, but Sami retreated to ringside. McAfee said Sami “closes out matches by running away.” Sami shoved Riddle into the ringpost and then into the time keeper’s area. Sami rolled into the ring to beat the count. Orton went over to cheer Riddle. Riddle leaped into the ring at the count of nine. Sami yelled at the ref. Riddle then gave Sami a quick Bro Derek for the win.

WINNER: Riddle in 10:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Fun match between Sami and Riddle. Sami remains perpetually entertaniing.)

-They cut backstage to Reigns, Heyman, and the Usos. Reigns asked why RK-Bro are on his show. He said they already smashed them. Jey said they were talking trash about Reigns. Jimmy said they’re also trash talking them, saying they can’t do anything on their own. He said the whole world will acknowledge the Tribal Chief tonight. Reigns liked that.

-Cole hyped that Ronda Rousey would be out next to talk about breaking Charlotte Flair’s arm. [c]

-Cole announced tickets go on sale Friday for the Clash at the Castle event in Cardiff, Wales. Oddly, the graphic didn’t say when the event takes place, nor did Cole mention it.

-Shinsuke Nakamura walked up to Sami backstage and said, “Roman is the head to the table, but you are the table’s ass.” He laughed. Sami exhaled in embarrassment.

-Ronda Rousey strutted to the ring. A video package aired on Rousey’s win over Charlotte at Backlash. Then back live in the ring, Rousey said Charlotte was a 13 time champion, which is impressive. She said she got the title now, though. She held up her belt. She said Charlotte was one of the toughest competitors she’s fought. She said she had to break her arm to get her to say “I quit.” She added: “I’d die before ever saying the words ‘I Quit,’ but that’s just me.”

Ronda turned to the stage and asked who wants to make history tonight in her open challenge. Raquel Rodriguez made her entrance. Rodriguez walked up to Ronda. The announcers talked about the size difference. Rodriguez accepted her challenge. She said she might be new to Smackdown, but she wants to become Smackdown Champion. She said it’d be an honor to step in the ring against a legend like her. Ronda smiled. [c]

(2) RONDA ROUSEY vs. RACQUEL RODRIGUEZ – Smackdown Title match

Rodriguez lifted Rousey and threw her into the corner at the start. She clotheslined Rousey and scored a one count a minute in. McAfee said only the bravest of champions issue open challenges. As Rodriguez continued to dominate, Cole wondered if Rousey should have waited more than five days to recuperate from the match against Charlotte. Rousey elbowed Rodriguez and took over in the corner, but Rodriguez suplexed out of a Rousey guillotine and scored a two count.

Rousey came back with a knee to the face and a series of rapid-fire strikes. Rodriguez was barely standing after a kick to the head when Rousey lifted her for a Piper’s Pit. Rodriguez lifted Rousey and and gave her a modified Samoan Drop for a two count. McAfee said they had no idea they’d have an epic instant classic Smackdown Title match tonight. Rodriguez went for her signature powerbomb, but Rousey blocked it. Rousey went for an ankle lock, but Rodrigues blocked it and landed a boot to the face for another near fall. Rousey countered a Rodriguez move into a roll-up for the win.

After the match, Rousey offered Rodriguez a handshake. Rodriguez accepted it. She was emotional, but seemed proud of her effort.

WINNER: Rousey in 6:00 to retain the Smackdown Women’s Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Nice match. Rousey is earning points with fans by having good matches, seeming to have a better attitude, and not working a celebrity part time schedule. Defending the title five days after beating Charlotte earns her credit with fans.)

-Shotzi was complaining to Adam Pearce. She said Rodriguez shoved her aside on her way to the ring to accept the challenge. Aliyah then angrily asked Shotzi if she locked her in her locker room so she couldn’t accept the challenge. As they argued, they cut to ringside.

-The Andre battle royal trophy was placed at ringside. Cole hyped that the Pugnacious Prankster would be on Smackdown next. [c]

-Kayla Braxton stood mid-ring and introduced Moss. As Moss came out, McAfee said, “We like this guy now.” He said they’ve learned he’s not just a big doofus. Cole said he has quite a way with words. Braxton asked about Moss’s big moments lately with the Andre win, breaking up with Corbin, and scoring a big win at Backlash over Corbin.


Moss said Corbin can really wear you down with his terrible personality. He said he couldn’t listen to him talk about how much his watch costs again. He said he would have tapped out. He took shots at his tattoos and said he shielded his eyes from his bald head and beat The Big Bald Wolf. He let out a weird noise. Kayla asked what he wants to do now. He said he wants to form a tag team with Sasha called Madcap Boss. He said wants to win the Money in the Bank contract. He said he wants to replace title belts with title suspenders. Corbin then attacked Moss with a chair from behind. (Again, the announcers didn’t acknowledge Corbin entering the ring off-camera but right in front of them.)

Corbin picked up the Andre trophy. He bashed Moss across his back with a chair again. He put Moss’s head in a chair and then slammed the Andre trophy onto the chair, which crunched Moss’s neck. WWE officials ran to the ring including Pearce. They yelled at a proud, smiling Corbin to get out of the ring. McAfee said that made him sick to his stomach. Cole said Moss appears to be seriously hurt. Pearce called for help from the back. Medics rolled a gurney to the ring. Boos rang out as medics put Moss in a neckbrace. [c]

-After a replay of the Corbin-Moss angle, they showed Corbin laughing at Moss as he wheeled into an ambulance.

-McAfee said Corbin’s morals are corrupt. He said he dresses well, but he’s a terrible human being.

(3) SASHA BANKS & NAOMI vs. NATALYA & SHAYNA BASZLER – WWE Women’s Tag Team Title match

Back and forth action early with frequent tags. Sasha surprised Natalya with a Bank Statement attempt, but Baszler stomped Sasha from behind. They cut to a break at 2:30. [c]

Baszler went for a Kirafuda Clutch, but Sasha broke it up with back stabber. Naomi then countered a Natalya sharpshooter with a roll-up for the three count.

WINNERS: Naomi & Banks in 9:00 to retain the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

-They cut backstage to Drew Gulak chatting with Ricochet. Gulak said the last few weeks have been a total nightmare and he asked if he had any advice for him. Ricochet said if he had given up when times were tough, he wouldn’t be Intercontinental Champion. He said if Gulak wants to be the best version of himself, the only person who can control that is him. Gulak said he won’t let Gunther chop him down to size. He said text time he sees him, he’ll put Gunther in his place. Ricochet was proud of his fortitude. Gulak walked down the hall and the camera stayed with him. He just happened to bump into Gunther who tore off his t-shirt and chopped him into a door, then walked away.

-The New Day’s ring entrance took place. [c]

-A clip aired of Sheamus & Ridge Holland winning the tables match against New Day last week.

(4) KOFI KINGSTON (w/Xavier Woods) vs. BUTCH (w/Sheamus, Ridge Holland)

McAfee said Butch needs to reel it in a little bit. Butch charged at the bell, but Kofi met him with a kick and took early control. Cole said Butch has been described as rabid and manic. Butch took over. McAfee said he’s always wanting to punch someone in the face. Butch did some joint manipulation. Sheamus talked near the announce table and took digs at McAfee’s sports jacket. Kofi backdropped a charging Butch. He went for a slidekick, but Butch moved. Kofi springboarded back in the ring and hit Butch with a double axe handle. Kofi faked a dive as Xavier played his trombone. Kofi kneed Butch in the face, then Xavier lifted him onto his shoulders and played some trombone. They cut to a break. [c]

Back from the break, Kofi landed an S.O.S. on Butch for a near fall. Kofi had to deal with ringside distractions by Holland and Sheamus, which led to Butch landing his finisher for the win.

Sheamus and Holland congratulated him in the ring. Butch then went up the stairs of the arena. Sheamus and Holland wondered where he was going. Butch came back to the stage to meet Holland and Sheamus. Cole said he doesn’t understand him.

WINNER: Butch in 8:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Yes, he had help winning, but Butch looked like a serious and impressive competitor there.)

-They went to Cole and McAfee at ringside. They recapped what happened earlier with RK-Bro.

-Sami approached Heyman backstage and said he might have overstepped his boundaries by accepting the match with terms that affected the Bloodline earlier. He wanted Heyman to be sure things are okay. Sami said they disrespected the entire locker room by coming over from Raw, and he said he was the one who stepped up. He said he wants to be sure the relationship with the Locker Room Leader and Head of the Table is synergistic. He said he needs to get his respect back and he wants to be sure Reigns isn’t angry. Heyman smiled and put his arm around Sami. He said, “Sami, your Tribal Chief appreciates you.” Sami was very happy. [c]

-The Bloodline made their way to the ring. Reigns stood mid-ring and asked the crowd to acknowledge him. Reigns told Heyman they’ve smashed them all and there’s no one left. He said he is untouchable. “But, you see, this is where things get interesting,” he said. He explained that the Usos might have somebody next. He asked what they’re going to do about it. Orton and Riddle made their entrance to the RK-Bro music. Cole said they’ve been waiting all night for an answer from the Usos.

Orton said he sees Reigns smiling, but he didn’t smash John Cena. He said Cena is ten times the Superstar he will ever be. “Believe that!” he said. Riddle said before bed, he likes to set the mood and then reach over to his night stand and grab some headphones. Orton tried to intervene. Riddle told him to get his mind out of the gutter. Riddle said he watched their match from Backlash where they lost and he was thinking they need to make the unification match happen. He asked fans what they think. Fans cheered.

Orton said Jimmy and Jey have one brain between them. He slowly said they want a tag team title match so they can take their titles. “What do you say?” Orton asked. Jimmy accepted. Jey said just not tonight, but next week works. Jimmy said there will be two titles on each of their shoulders after next Friday’s Smackdown. Riddle kneed the belts into the face of Reigns. Then Orton and Riddle bailed out as Heyman and the Usos checked on a startled and angry Reigns. Cole and McAfee made a big deal out of that match being on Smackdown next week, saying it was worthy of a WrestleMania or Summerslam

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