6/16 MLW FUSION TV REPORT: Women’s Featherweight Championship, triple threat tag team title match, more


Full results and analysis of this week's MLW Fusion


JUNE 16, 2022 (RECORDED)

MLW Fusion Commentators: Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski

– A video of Jacob Fatu and Juicy Finau breaking into and wrecking Cesar Duran’s office was shown. Cesar was shown later trying to clean up the mess left behind. He picked up a phone and made a call to someone, asking them to take out the Samoan Swat Team. Taya Valkyrie entered the office and declared her intentions for the MLW World Featherweight Championship.

– Rich and Joe went over tonight’s card.


Budd and Gangrel exchanged punches until Gangrel got the advantage after hot-shotting Budd on the top rope. Gangrel caught Budd into the corner and unloaded with chops and forearms. The Vampire Warrior shot Heavy into the opposite corner but Heavy reversed it and hit Gangrel with a big splash. Heavy climbed to the top rope but was cut off by Gangrel, who took Budd down with a bulldog from the second rope. Gangrel got the win with the Impaler DDT.

-After the match, the rest of Strange Sangre beat down Budd Heavy.

WINNER: Gangrel in 1:30

(Analysis: There was not a lot here. I am enjoying Gangrel’s career resurgence on MLW Fusion. He looks like he’s having a ton of fun popping up in different promotions. )

-A quick recap of the issues between Cesar Duran and Jacob Fatu aired. It was announced that Jacob Fatu will take on Mads Krugger in a “Weapons of Mass Destruction” match next week.

-Next week, Myron Reed will defend the Middleweight Championship against KC Navarro and Arez.

(2) 5150 vs. The Von Erichs vs. Hustle & Power – MLW Tag Team Championship

Rivera ran down the crowd, taking particular shots at the 76ers and Phillies.

The Von Erichs and 5150 started to brawl before Hustle & Power even made their entrance. The champs immediately took out Hernandez and then turn their sights onto the Von Erichs. 5150 got involved again as they double-teamed EJ Nduka.

After a break, all three teams brawled around the outside. Rivera tossed Tankman into Los Maximos, who were ringside, providing commentary. Calvin and Marshall exchanged shots back in the ring. Tankman sent Marshall into the corner after a spinning back-fist. EJ got a two-count after hitting Marshall with a sidewalk-slam/neck breaker combo. Rivera interrupted a pin attempt after the Von Erichs landed with a flurry of tandem maneuvers on Calvin. Hernandez hit Calvin with a slingshot shoulder tackle. Tankman rolled to the outside but Rivera and Hernandez hit both members of Hustle & Power with a pair of dives. 5150 hit Ross Von Erich with the Headcrack and got a near fall as Calvin pulled Hernandez to the floor. Tankman took out Rivera with another spinning-back fist. Calvin placed Rivera on the top turnbuckle. Rivera fought him off long enough for Hernandez to get Tankman up for a Border Toss. Calvin escaped, and EJ nailed Hernandez with a spear.

The Von Erichs caught Hernandez with the Iron Eagle, sending all three men through a stack of tables that were set up on the outside. Rivera tried for a tornado DDT but Tankman was able to hang on. Hustle & Power hit a tandem spike piledriver on Rivera, getting the win.

– After the match, Los Maximos brawled with the champs.

WINNER: Hustle & Power in 10:00

(Analysis: I’m starting to think that an MLW tag match is just a blank canvas for mayhem. I don’t think that there was an official tag at any point in the match. Once again, this was never explained or even mentioned in passing. There were a few false finishes that made me think that titles could have changed hands. I loved having Los Maximos get involved in the program. Hustle & Power against Los Maximos at some point is a great way to bridge the gap between the old school MLW and the current generation.)

– It was announced that La Estrella, Mads Krugger, Myron Reed, Ken Broadway, Warhorse, and Mircoman will be competing in the Battle Riot.

-Myron Reed was in his dressing room, eventually interrupted by Davey Richards. Richards offered Reed a spot on Team Ambition. Reed said he’d consider the offer.

-A Contra promo interrupted the commentary team as they were explaining the rules for the match between Fatu and Krugger. Krugger said that he was made to be a weapon and that their war will come to an end once his target is destroyed.

-Another Killer Kross vignette aired for MLW Fusion.

-nZo was in the parking lot, talking about Battle Riot. He was interrupted when he was told that it looked like someone had hit his truck. He asked who drives a black Cadillac. Someone replied, thinking that it may be Fatu’s car.

-Richard Holliday was shown in Beverly Hills, speaking on the phone. He was speaking with an agent, going over his accomplishments, emphasizing his win over Alexander Hammerstone. It turned out that he was speaking with someone about his car’s warranty.

(3) TAYA VALKYRIE vs. HOLIDEAD – MLW Women’s Featherweight Championship

After a lock-up, both women exchanged wrist locks until Taya caught Holidead with a couple of back-elbows. Valkyrie sent Holidead into the corner and charged toward her. Holidead caught Taya with an elbow of her own. Taya tied Holidead in the ropes and slammed her down with a sliding German suplex.

After a break, Holidead dumped Taya out the outside and dropped her on the ring apron. Holidead hit Taya with a leg drop and began to choke Valkyrie and hit a series of leg drops. Holidead went for one too many as Taya avoided the attack. Taya got a two-count after a spear after ducking some punches. Holidead slid to the outside, daring Taya to follow. Taya took the bait and Holidead hit Darkness Falls on the floor. Holidead rolled Taya back into the ring, getting a two-count in the process. Holidead caught Taya in a camel clutch. Valkyrie was able to make it to the ropes, breaking the hold. Taya hit Holidead with a running crossbody and single-leg dropkick. Valkyrie got another two count after a meteora. Holidead got a two count of her own after a spinebuster. Holidead hit Taya with an Unprettier, getting a very close near fall.

Arez came down to the ring and instructed Holidead to try for Darkness Falls again. Taya fought through it and caught Holidead in an STF, getting the win.

WINNER: Taya Valkyrie in 9:00

(Analysis: This was a hard-hitting and physical match. Having these two women in the championship match made a lot of sense. Holidead has been tearing through the division since the start. Taya being the one to get the title and giving Holidead her first loss on MLW Fusion is a big deal and I hope she’ll be a mainstay in the division.)

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