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Eric Bischoff comments on CM Punk WWE return
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Eric Bischoff says that he is “extremely enthusiastic” about the new direction for WWE.

In an interview with CBS Sports, the WWE Hall of Famer spoke in detail about recent pivots WWE has made creatively and the success he believes they will have for the company in the future.

“I’m extremely enthusiastic and somewhat prescient at the same time because while I was hoping that those things would happen, they have happened, right,” Bischoff said. “To a noticeable degree over a relatively short period of time… But Paul has already made it clear publicly that he’s going to let talent have a little more freedom and be less rigid in the stick to the script, word for word, comma by comma approach that has been pretty much the norm for the last 10, 15 years. That in itself is kind of exciting because you’re going to have talent that are going to bumble. They’re going to stumble, they’re going to trip over a word.
“Guess what? That feels gritty,” Bischoff said. “That feels a little more real. That’s live TV. I’m looking at some of the episodic elements of the most recent formats where a story starts out early on in the show and then threads itself through. It’s sort of a three-act structure, which I’ve been begging for the last seven years. We’re seeing a three-act structure within a three-hour show. Imagine that. Episodic storytelling. It’s that kind of discipline to detail in story and format — because you can’t have a good story if you don’t have a good format and vice versa — That kind of commitment to discipline and format and structures, I think going to create a lot better television and it’s already happening.”

Eric Bischoff is the former President of WCW and Executive Director of Smackdown. He entered the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021.

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