Sammy Guevara comments on backstage altercation with Eddie Kingston


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Sammy Guevara (photo provided to PWTorch courtesy AEW)


Sammy Guevara commented on his backstage altercation with Eddie Kingston and said the last thing he wanted to do was hurt someone for real.

In an interview with Fightful, Guevara gave his side of the story regarding the situation.

“Eddie did not mention to me, or the coaches, or Tony Khan, or anyone in AEW what he didn’t want said,” Guevara said. “I cut a promo on Eddie insulting Eddie and the fans as a heel … I see what people say online about Eddie and his appearance, which, anyone who legitimately shames Eddie for how he looks can go to hell, it’s the same people who shame me for being too small.

“But Eddie did not do the professional thing and communicate to me,” Sammy Guevara continued. “If he did, I never would have said it, because the last thing I want to do is hurt someone for real. So after the promo I get to the back and Eddie is flipping out yelling ‘you can’t call me fat’ over and over as I’m trying to walk down the stairs in gorilla, making a big scene … I know this isn’t Eddie’s first time being aggressive and getting out of control backstage. I know he had to do some kind of anger management after this whole thing.” (h/t to Wrestling Inc. for transcription)

Eddie Kingston reportedly was suspended for this incident due to taking a swing at Guevara. Reports indicate that Kingston has already served the suspension.

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