VIP AUDIO 9/22 – The Fix w/Todd & Wade (pt. 2 of 2): Mailbag – Is AEW’s momentum loss in last year unprecedented? Should Drew have beat Reigns? Best source for AWA history? Pre-1900s pro wrestling, Jungle Boy, Austin, more (71 min.)


SHOW SUMMARY: In part two of this week’s two-part episode of The Fix with PWTorch VIP analyst Todd Martin and host PWTorch editor Wade Keller, they cover these topics:

  • A follow-up on the lack of history of pro wrestling in the pre-1900s era.
  • What is the history of big name boxers benefiting pro wrestling’s business?
  • When are wrestlers typically told the finish of their matches?
  • Is Steve Austin right when he says if you’re not in pro wrestling to be world champion, you shouldn’t be in the business?
  • Aren’t a lot of AEW’s issues behind the scenes more typical pro wrestling locker room stuff than an actual indictment of Tony Khan’s promoting style?
  • Thoughts on the pros and cons of MJF’s approach in his promo last week on Dynamite.
  • Isn’t there a happy medium between defending the WWE Title every month and doing it as infrequently as Roman Reigns is?
  • Has WWE explained what Damage CTRL means?
  • What is Jungle Boy meant to be?
  • Why did WWE show a close-up of a fan wearing a t-shirt with a reference to Chris Benoit?
  • Shouldn’t Drew McIntyre be more hung up on how he was cheated out of a chance to win his match against Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle and actually demand a rematch rather than just talk about Solo Sikoa?
  • Where are the best sources of AWA wrestling history?
  • Point by point legal analysis of leverage C.M. Punk might have on AEW given the nature of what went down after his media Q&A with the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega.
  • Did Punk plan to trigger everything that happened after All Out or was it based on genuine emotions and it led to things he didn’t anticipate?
  • Is AEW at risk of turning away fans now that the most interesting story is behind the scenes turmoil that they aren’t even addressing on TV?
  • What is Tony Khan’s end game with Jade Cargill and has he likely picked out who will eventually beat her?
  • Has any pro wrestling company lost more momentum in a year than AEW has in terms of its relative perception to its primary competitor, WWE?
  • Who should finally beat Roman Reigns?
  • Isn’t it already clear a mistake was made by Paul Levesque not having Drew McIntyre beat Roman Reigns now that Reigns is moving on to a match with Logan Paul?



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