WWE SMACKDOWN HITS & MISSES 9/23: The Bloodline continues stellar segments, Morgan vs. Evans misses, more


WWE Smackdown analysis


The opening segment with the Bloodline – HIT

Ten minutes into this promo, it seemed a very run-of-the-mill acknowledge me promo from Roman Reigns, but Sami Zayn turned this entire segment into something spectacular. Sami Zayn’s acting here was something special. From being sad, when Jey tore off his shirt to the moment, Roman gave Sami his own tee shirt as if a kid just unwrapped their favorite toy on Christmas. Also, you can tell Jey is annoyed by this whole situation but not overacting; Jey had great facial expressions from the corner.

Liv Morgan vs. Lacey Evans – MISS

Not only was the match not good there was too much exposition in this match from the commentary team. I’m not sure if Liv and Lacey were on different pages, but it felt like there was a ten-second pause from each transition. Liv getting the win and then beating the crap out of Lacey wasn’t for me. The table spot was fine, but I don’t feel anything was accomplished to elevate Liv for her upcoming match against Rhonda Rousey.

Hit Row Street Profits backstage segment – MISS

I don’t mind Hit Row doing these harmless segments, but I’m not too fond of the Street Profits doing these goofy segments. These segments are there to get someone on t.v or use a soft launch to introduce new characters. I’m not sure if Triple H has dropped the Street Profits breaking up entirely, but it would be in WWE’s best interest to have Ford or Dawkins wrestling consistently on t.v.

Sami Zayn’s backstage segment – HIT

I mentioned last week that Sami and Solo Sikoa have a Martin Prince and Nelson Mutz relationship, and man, it was in force for this segment. First, Sami getting bullied by Mad Cap and Ricochet; only then, to get trucked by Solo Sikoa was awesome.

New Day vs. MMM – MISS

MMM’s shelf life for this post-Vince McMahon WWE is near the end of its rope. The match was less than 2 minutes. Nothing of natural substance here other than the New Day winning with the BackWoods and L. A Knight appears to be on the way.

Otis vs. Braun Strowman – HIT

Big meaty men slapping meat; what else could you want? I think the match went about 2 minutes too long, but other than that this match was tons of fun.

Drew McIntyre and Karrion Kross Promo – MISS

The nicest thing I can say, at least it, won’t be a lights-out match at Extreme Rules PLE. This feud is as successful as the failed fireball sport from Scarlett last night. Fun fact the last WWE strap match was Jackson Ryker vs. Elias.

Dakota Kai vs. Raquel Rodriguez – MISS

It’s quite an accomplishment to have such an awful match in two minutes, but it happened. The brief action from Dakota and Raquel looked good for what it was, but the overbooked nonsense with Shotzi was dreadful. It’s bad enough that a champion gets pinned viva roll up by a bigger opponent, but every interaction Shotzi had pre, and post-match was not good. Hopefully, this new alliance with Raquel can get Shotzi back on track.

Brawling Brutes vs. the Usos – BOTH

The Brawling Brutes had a fantastic showing in the main event. Ridge Holland getting the hot tags from Butch was great. The big+little combination of Ridge and Butch paired wonderfully with the Usos. I was not too fond of the finish of the match. There wasn’t any need for Imperium to interfere other than to set up the heat for Sheamus and Gunther in two weeks.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The Bloodline continues to carry the show overall. I understand a weekly wrestling show isn’t going to be perfect, but it seems like there’s not much thought and or care in the segments where the Bloodline isn’t involved.

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