10/22 NXT HALLOWEEN HAVOC REPORT: Hazelwood’s live report on Breakker vs. Dragunov vs. McDonagh, Rose vs. Fyre, Creed vs. Kemp, Perez vs. Jade, more


NXT adds two new matches to Halloween Havoc


OCTOBER 22, 2022

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): McKenzie Mitchell

(Note: Due to some scheduling conflicts, the VIP-exclusive post-PLE roundtable for Halloween Havoc will be recorded tomorrow night and should be available by early Monday morning.)


-The show began with a Chucky- and Halloween-themed video package about having to go through hell to become the new North American Champion as they hyped the five competitors for the ladder match. Chucky then moved to Mandy Rose defending her Women’s Championship against Alba Fyre for the first time since Fyre changed from Kay Lee Ray. Chucky then hyped the main event triple threat match for the Men’s Championship between champion Bron Breakker and challengers Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh, which I found out this week he doesn’t have a period between his initials. Chucky hyped the gimmick matches next, like Weapons Wild for Roxanne Perez vs. Cora Jade.

-Quincy Elliott and Shotzi, the hosts, then welcomed everyone to the show. Vic Joseph welcomed viewers as they panned to the crowd and the wheel.

-Nathan Frazer made his entrance, then Oro Mensah, then Wes Lee, then Von Wagner with Mr. Stone, and finally the former champion in Carmelo Hayes with Trick Williams. Wagner received boos, but it sounded more like the “you bore us” boos than for actually being a heel. Williams was up on the concourse to give an original intro for Hayes where he recreated his “rest in piss to all my ops” moment.

(1) CARMELO HAYES (w/Trick Williams) vs. WES LEE vs. NATHAN FRAZER vs. ORO MENSAH vs. VON WAGNER (w/Mr. Stone) – North American Championship ladder match

All four men not named Hayes stared up at the championship. Hayes went to go for a ladder, but Lee just superkicked him. I’ll do my best with the action here. Wagner was taking it to the two other faces, already doing corner work, before they turned it on him with double superkicks. Mensah then went after Frazer as Lee and Hayes still fought on the outside. Frazer came off a few rope runs and drilled Mensah, then went to the top and hit a frogsplash crossbody on Wagner and Lee to the outside. Frazer went for a ladder underneath the ring. Actually, Lee was already on the ground before Frazer hit the move. Back in the ring. Frazer and Mensah used the ladder to drill Hayes, then slammed it against Lee in the corner. Hayes slammed Frazer into the ladder, then Mensah baseball slid another into Wagner, before Hayes took him out. Frazer then hit a standing flatliner to Hayes into the ladder in the corner.

My hands hurt already! Frazer set a ladder in the middle of the ring as Lee looked to have slid a ladder back under the ring. Mensah caught him and hit him with a T-bone exploder. Lee came in, but Mensah hit hit a somersault kick. Hayes pushed Mensah into the standing ladder, then folded the ladder. Lee dodged it, then Mensah hit a backbody drop that Hayes landed bad on, landing mostly on his leg on the edge. Lee took out Mensah, then used a ladder on Wagner. He pinned him in the corner with a ladder, kicked it a few times, then stood on it to hit some punches, ducked a ladder toss, but ate a big boot.

Wagner set a ladder, the big man in the match. Mensah tried stopping him, but to no avail. The same was true for Frazer, eating a powerbomb on a ladder laid between the top and bottom ropes in the corner. He then tossed it into Lee in the corner as he climbed. Wagner grabbed a ladder and set this new one up in the ring, then took out Hayes as he came back. Hayes ducked an attack and hit his spinning facebuster. He climbed a ladder, but Frazer leaped from the corner and hit a dropkick, then Lee came down and hit a Rough Rider from the top on a ladder onto Frazer! Mensah returned to the ring and hit a scissors kick to Lee on a prone ladder, then a springboard moonsault to Lee, laying face-down on a ladder. Hayes and Mensah went at it but Hayes – with Williams’ help – hit the Fade Away to Mensah across a ladder!

Hayes used a ladder on Frazer, slowing the pace, but Frazer caught him with an inverted Spanish fly onto a ladder, landing belly-first for both men. That was Hayes’ second nasty ladder bump. Wagner came in and chokeslammed Frazer, went for one on Lee, but Lee rolled out and hit a superkick, then an enziguri, then a capoeira kick. Hayes then took hit out and over the top. Four men were on the outside as Mensah set a ladder in the ring. He climbed, choosing the side closest to the competitors, but then Williams entered and tilted the ladder. Mensah leaped and hit everyone, but may have hit his head on the apron.

Stone and Williams then raced up the ladder. Stone used his shoe to knock off Williams, but Williams knocked the ladder over and Stone took a nasty rope bump on the way out. Mensah climbed, but Wagner brought him down and put him on the apron. Wagner grabbed the ladder and hit Mensah in the gut, then Hayes on the apron, then tossed it onto the other two outside. He went outside for a taller ladder as the crowd chanted “No!” Wagner grabbed a ladder that was so tall he had trouble getting it out of the ring and may have accidentally hit a fan. The fans chanted “Asshole!” He grabbed the big ladder and set it across the the outside from apron to barrier.

Lee caught him with an enziguri, then Frazer hit a senton from the top I think onto Wagner, through the ladder he just set up a few seconds earlier. It was a frogsplash on replay. Wagner is effectively out of the match. The camera missed Lee hitting Frazer with something on the outside, but Mensah hit a pump knee that sent Lee hard into the barrier. Hayes hit his usual springboard lariat, but used the barrier on Mensah. Lee then took out Hayes, and Joseph said that Lee’s eyes are focused.

He grabbed another tall ladder from a different side of the ring and instead of sliding it in, tried to bring it up and over? Wagner recovered already and took out Lee on the apron, the ladder still leaning. Wagner set another ladder, caught Lee, then military press slammed Lee out of the ring and onto the announce table as Joseph yelled “Oh, crap!” Wagner climbed with the vehemently against him. Frazer met him and beat on him on top of the ladder, forcing him off, but Wagner caught Frazer in a powerbomb position. Frazer hit a rana over, but Wagner landed on his feet. He threw Frazer into the barricade, but Mensah hit him with a running attack. The two then grabbed a small ladder and hit Wagner over the barricade onto a little flat area. Wagner rose again, they grabbed the ladder, then hit him with it once more. The two then got on the barricade and rammed the short ladder into a prone Wagner a few times.

Mensah and Frazer looked at each other and made a race to the ladder. They met each other at the top and started punching away. They both went for vertical suplexes off of the ladder, but blocked. Hayes slowly reentered the ring as Mensah pushed Frazer off. Hayes tried ramming a ladder at Mensah’s feet, but the ladder got stuck, creating a platform. Hayes pulled Mensah off onto the ladder. He climbed, but Lee leaped off of the leaning ladder to hit a forearm to Hayes’ back. The crowd is firmly behind Lee, a fry cry from a year ago. Hayes and Lee traded punches over the ladder platform, but Lee got the better. He climbed, but Hayes met him, using the platform. They punched away, Lee getting the better with body shots, but Hayes didn’t give up. Lee hit a meteora to a seated Hayes on the platform! Lee tried climbing again as the crowd cheered and he grabbed the title!

WINNER: Wes Lee at 19:22 to become NEW North American Champion

-Joseph put over how this is Lee’s first singles titles in any promotion. They showed replays of the match, including the closing moments as Joseph called Lee the “Cardiac Kid.” Lee posed on top of the ladder. [c]

-They returned with a closeup of McDonagh as he prepared. Booker T said he loves McDonagh.

-Suddenly, robed druids came out carrying a casket for the casket match. They threw to a Fyre vignette from last night where half her paint was faced like Thunder Rosa, only in orange. She challenged Rose to match in a cemetery. Rose accepted, but Toxic Attraction tried to convince her against going. Rose, to her credit, didn’t show any fear.

(2) MANDY ROSE (c) (w/Toxic Attraction) vs. ALBA FYRE – Cinematic match

I started the timer when Gigi Dolin said, “We’re here!” Jacy Jayne tried to beg off, but Dolin shamed her and said it’s three-on-one. They exited Rose’s Range Rover and entered a haunted house-like outdoor setting. Jayne was freaking out at everything. She backhanded a zombie like Rafiki backhanding hyenas in The Lion King. They proceeded and came upon a creepy house. The door opened for them and they entered as Fyre welcomed them.

There were all the horror markings, like creepy statues, random hands with machetes going through cracks, you know, the usual. Rose said they should split up, but Jayne asked if they ever watched horror movies: don’t split up. Dolin mocked Jayne and said she loves Halloween. Rose said they’re splitting up and to scream if they find Fyre. Jayne repeated her line as a statue moved next to her, freaking her out. Jayne came into a room playing an old film with dusty skeletons in chairs. She turned around, but Fyre appeared from behind the screen and took her away as she screamed.

Dolin saw Chucky at a tea party or dining table as the characters around her moved. Dolin showed no fear, but Fyre appeared and slammed her head into the table, then several times into a wall. Dolin fought back, and it was really like an all-out fight you might see in a movie, using everything around your in your environment. Fyre locked Dolin an refrigerator and left.

Rose came into a room and kicked a hooded figure with a scythe in the groin, saying to put some respect on her name. She played a piano key, then an organ played somewhere. Rose turned, then it played again, Fyre appeared and they fought. Rose took out another character with her knee, then her and Fyre traded trying to use the bat on each other. The horror characters made appearances, too, but Fyre put Rose in a choke. Fyre carried Rose to her Range Rover and put her in the back, then used the bat to take out the other two. She left in the Range Rover.

-A vignette played on the Apollo Crews-Grayson Waller rivalry as the casket match finally was set, Joseph saying it was what the wheel chose (when did this happen?). Alicia Taylor gave the instructions for the match. Waller entered first, looking a bit concerned, followed by Crews.

(3) APOLLO CREWS vs. GRAYSON WALLER – Casket match

As soon as the bell rang, the two went at each other with Crews gaining the advantage early in terms of pure power and striking. He hit a huge chop in the corner, then another, but he ran into a leg lariat from Waller to turn things around. Waller hit the second rope and hit his between-the-legs elbow. Waller sat up like The Undertaker, so Crews did too like Brock Lesnar. Crews sent Waller outside, then hit his moonsault from the apron, landing on his feet, though it was a glancing blow. He and Waller fought toward the entrance area, but Waller baited in Crews and took out the knee. He hit some knees, but Crews blocked a suplex. Crews caught a running Waller with an overhead belly-to-belly toward the ring, right next to the casket.

Back in the ring, Waller used his quickness to land some kicks to take out Crews. Crews countered and sent and Waller back outside, but toward the announce table. Crews hit a shotgun dropkick to Waller, who landed on the announce table. He went after the eye with a Joseph’s pen from the table, giving Waller the advantage. Booker T asked if Joseph feels any blame for that. Waller rammed Crews into the ring post outside. They fought on the apron next to the casket, with Crews putting Waller on the top rope. Crews climbed for a superplex onto the casket, but Waller fought him off by thumbing the eye and sending him through the lid and into the casket. There was confusion as there was no lid to slam shut on Crews. Waller lifted his arm in the ring, but ref Daryl Sharma said no.

The arena went black suddenly, and eerie music played. When they returned, Crews was gone from the casket and at the entrance. The druids were coming back out with another casket (how handy!). Waller went after Crews, but Crews rammed him into the steps. He cleared the top steps, then slammed Waller head-first into the bottom set three times. He took the top and tried to slam it on Waller, but Waller moved. Crews then hit a Samoan drop on the outside. Crews hit a moonsault from the other steps onto Waller outside. The casket they brought out was about twice the size of the previous.

Back in the ring, Crews hit three running corner clotheslines, then a fourth. He stomped a mudhole, then hit a gutbuster. The interior of this casket even had some red velvet or something! Waller was pushed into the casket, but Crews couldn’t shut the lid. Waller hopped out, then slammed the lid on Crews three times. He put Crews in, but Crews fought off the closing lid. He took in Waller and both men were standing in the casket. They traded punches, knocked each other down, then Crews hip tossed Waller to the outside. Crews stood on the casket and hit The Lo Down! Waller did his best to avoid the casket, but Crews hit an enziguri to Waller. However, Waller caught him with his rolling stunner, sending Crews up like a Scott Hall bump. Waller mocked The Undertaker’s throat slash gesture, then went for a tombstone. Crews countered, and hit another gutbuster almost like Ticket to Mayhem from the now Dyad. Crews shoved Waller inside, but Waller prevented the closure again. He went for his rolling stunner on the apron, Crews blocked, Waller went for a chokeslam, Crews forced him into the corner, then hit his big one-armed spinebuster into the casket and closed the lid.

WINNER: Apollo Crews at 13:23

-A Chase U segment aired. He went over their history of Halloween Havoc report, but said some of their reports were the drizzling shits. He said he knows how bright they are and wants them to succeed. He introduced their new transfer student: Duke Hudson. Bodhi Heyward says he doesn’t like transfer students (which, from what I hear, is very true to self!). He asked about The Outsiders beating which team to win the WCW World Tag Team Championship. Heyward was wrong twice, but Hudson was correct and smugly looked at Heyward. The class ended with Heyward looking dejected. Heyward said he doesn’t trust Hudson, and Chase said he doesn’t, either, but Heyward has to do better in class. Heyward said he would on Tuesday. [c]

They showed a view from inside the car as Fyre drove and then punched Rose again to keep her unconscious. I guess the earlier was more of an angle than a match.

-McKenzie Mitchell was in the back with Pretty Deadly asking about their title defense on Tuesday against Edris Enofe and Malik Blade. They did a side plate check, but were interrupted by Kayden Carter and Katana Chance, who took offense to them calling themselves the best tag team in the NXT. Yeah, I’m siding with PD on this one.

-Jade entered with her kendo stick. Perez was in red-and-white and carried a trash can. She opened it to reveal the skateboard that broke early on the turn.

(4) ROXANNE PEREZ vs. CORA JADE – Weapons Wild match

Jade swung the kendo stick, but Perez used the deck to knock it away. She chased Jade around the ring, more stalked, using the skateboard to knock away everything Jade threw at her. Jade hit her with the skateboard in the gut, but Jade kicked her before she could crack it across her back. Perez hit a drop toehold that I think was supposed to cause Jade to fall on the skateboard, but it was awkward. Perez pushed out Jade on the board, crashing outside. Perez then hit a lope before grabbing a table, which she leaned up against the barrier. She saw Jade’s feet from under the apron and laughed. She pulled her out, but Jade had hair spray or something and sprayed it in Perez’s face. She then grabbed Perez’s legs and swung her into the barricade like she’s Claudio Castagnoli (Cesaro).

Jade grabbed a chair and went inside, actually, she grabbed a second and a third chair, a fourth chair, and a trash can before reentering the ring. She set the chairs on the mat in a corner, using a trash can on Perez. She then put the can on top of Perez, kicking and stomping the trash can. She then kicked the can – with Perez – outside. She slammed Perez with a lid a few times, then grabbed a broomstick which she smacked across the back twice. She grabbed a rope and whipped Perez a few times before putting it between her teeth like a modified clutch. She then grabbed a chain and yelled at Perez, but Perez dodged the chain strike. Perez grabbed the rope and whipped Jade. Perez sent Jade into the steel steps with an Irish whip, then leaped off of the steps with a Thesz press.

Perez hit a running uppercut to Jade, then sent her inside the ring. Perez grabbed the black kendo stick as a portion of the crowd chanted for Jade. Perez swung away at Jade, the sound echoing throughout the arena. She then hit a side Russian leg sweep with the kendo stick, but Jade kicked out in what I think was the first pinfall of the match. Perez set for Pop Rocks, but Jade forced her into the corner. Jade hit a running knee in the corner for a two-count on a sloppy cover with no leg(s) hooked. Jade set Perez up near the corner as she climbed to the second rope, but Perez intercepted her and climbed herself. They beat away on each other (I just noticed the back of Perez’s trunks say “Prodigy”), but Perez hit an avalanche rana for a two-count.

Jade rolled outside and into the crowd, up onto the concourse. They fought on the platform as Jade gained the advantage. She hit a bodyslam as Joseph said there’s no give on the platform. Jade easily took off one of the protective railings and taunted Perez, but Perez fought her off. Jade teetered on the edge as Perez punched away. Perez held up, looking conflicted as Jade said please don’t, but I think Jade pulled Perez into her and they hit a side Russian leg sweep off and through some tables. Perez may have been the one to give herself up in self-sacrifice. The ref checked on both, but they used each other to hit their feet. Jade took the momentary advantage as Perez sold the big bump well (at least, I hope she’s selling). Jade yelled to Perez they were never friends in the ring, but Perez hit a backbody drop onto the chairs from earlier. Perez said that Jade was always her best friend, then hit Pop Rocks hard onto the chairs. Booker T was jubilant at his former pupil’s success. Jade stayed curled up on the chairs. [c]

WINNER: Roxanne Perez at 12:30 (Pop Rocks)

-They showed Dragunov doing some agility work with the jump rope in the locker room. Joseph and Booker T then hyped NXT Deadl1ne in December, stylized as such.

-Shotzi then rode out in her mini-tank looking like a mix between The Joker, Beetlejuice, and a special guest referee. She entered the ring and said she promised the event would be the most terrifying, blood-curdling, horrific night. She went over caskets and ladders and bashing friendships, and said there’s more to come…including her co-host. She asked if Booker T had seen him. Elliott’s music hit as he was dressed as a banana with a banana in his hand, acting like a phone. Shotzi said she knows he’s the sweetest banana. They were interrupted by Lash Legend who said absolutely not. She was dressed exquisitely. She complained that a green goblin (Shotzi) was hosting. Elliott said Lashing Out was canceled a long time ago, so she can take those little shoes and skirt her ass back to the locker room. She said her issue is that there’s a host from Friday when she herself is better and fits the occasion. Elliott put over her skills, but said hearing her on the microphone is more terrifying than anything he’ll see on Halloween. Shotzi screamed, then said she can handle this. She headbutted Legend and hit a DDT; how very face! Shotzi and Elliott danced. [c]

-They showed Schism with their mysterious red hooded figure’s back turned to the camera. They went on about people not just wearing masks on Halloween. They said people just spit in their faces so their message won’t be delivered by will, but by force. Joe Gacy asked if the figure is ready to remove his mask. Gacy said it will happen this Tuesday, so there’s another hook for Tuesday’s show. They highlighted where the figure in a mask was standing in a crowd during their in-ring promos the past few months. Schism donned the yellow masks as the video ended.

-A vignette aired on the creation of Diamond Mine, but conveniently left out how only Roderick Strong was the only original member. It was in a timeline style, showing their respective accomplishments and the arrival of Damon Kemp. A torn Diamond Mine logo was over September 2022 as they shifted to some of the comments from Kemp during his pre-recorded promos from the past month or so. It was another well done video. They showed the ambulance backing into the arena, sirens blaring. Taylor went over the rules of the match, basically the same as the casket match. Kemp’s music played even before she stopped talking. He was in black-and-red to be a contrast to Julius Creed’s blue. He carried a chair with Julius’ name spray painted on it in a literal “this has your name on it” ploy. Julius entered next.

(5) JULIUS CREED vs. DAMON KEMP – Ambulance match for Brutus Creed’s career

Creed started chucking pumpkins from the entrance at Kemp, then hit a missile dropkick into the chair into Kemp. The ref rang the bell as Creed took over with an exploder, then another, then shoved Kemp outside. Then were going at it all gritty and dirty, not trying to make it look smooth. They fought toward the ambulance, set in behind the stands in the area where Solo Sikoa would have his street fights. He put Kemp inside, but Kemp use a crutch to prevent the door from shutting. He then threw the crutch at Creed, hitting him in the face. He came out with another, then swung away at Creed’s legs. Creed took the crutch, but Kemp grabbed a fire extinguisher and bashed him. Creed fought him off and sprayed him with the weapon. Kemp then hit a belly-to-back suplex as Creed tried to drag him back to the ambulance.

After a furious first few minutes, Kemp slammed Creed into the announce table and rammed him hard into the steps, then threw a pumpkin off of Creed’s side. Kemp grabbed the steel steps and hit a rushing Creed. Kemp yelled at Joseph that he runs this. Kemp lifted Creed on his shoulder and walked to the back, but Creed slid out. They laid in some snug shots, then Creed tossed Kemp onto the ground, but Kemp kicked out the knee. Kemp rammed Creed’s head into the step of the ambulance, then rammed the door into his shoulder/head area, then one more time. Creed was placed inside, but Creed kicked the door back into Kemp’s face.

Creed punched Kemp back toward the ring and rammed him back-first into the post. He rolled Kemp in the ring and went for the bottom, flat portion of the steps. Kemp caught Creed, then hit an uranage onto the steel steps! He stood on the steps and raised his arms like Randy Orton. Kemp slid the steps under the bottom rope, the edge hanging off of the apron. He went outside and slammed Creed’s face into the steps, then grabbed a wheelchair at ringside. Creed shoved him and the chair into the barricade, then sat Kemp in the chair. He placed the crutch between the armrests, trapping Kemp, then rolled him face-first into the hanging edge of the steps. With Kemp still trapped in the wheelchair and on his back, Creed kicked away. He then righted the chair and tried to wheel Kemp, but Kemp recovered so Creed just thumped away.

Creed hit the apron and as he went for the double stomp, Kemp sprayed him with the extinguisher though Creed still landed on Kemp. Creed went for a stretcher and rammed it into Kemp, then again. Kemp recovered and then shoved the stretcher into Creed into the steel post. The crowd wanted a pumpkin to be used. He grabbed the chair, but Creed kicked it away. He threw the ring bell at Kemp, who blocked with the chair. Kemp wildly threw the chair, then ate the timekeeper’s table from Creed. They fought back to the ambulance for I believe the third time in the match as Kemp hip tossed Creed into one of those large rolling carts. He rammed the cart into the ambulance twice with Creed inside, then lifted and tossed Creed inside. He closed one door, but Creed kept his hands in place and ate two door slams, then three on his exposed hands.

Creed hit a second wind and roared out. He tackled Kemp into some rolling chairs, then hip tossed onto a table. He started just throwing the rolling chairs at Kemp, missing. Kemp grabbed the chair with his name and smashed Kemp in the back, then again, a third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh time. He took a staggering Kemp and had to reset once, but landed a powerbomb that crumpled the stretcher. He put the chair on Kemp, kind of seated, and hit his sliding clothesline into the chair. He then lifted Kemp and carried him to the ambulance and shut the doors. The ambulance turned on the sirens and left with Creed standing tall. Brutus and Ivy Nile joined him in the ring to celebrate. Brutus was ecstatic. They showed the ambulance leaving the arena just as Fyre drove up with Rose in the white Range Rover.

WINNER: Julius Creed at 14:10 to save Brutus Creed’s NXT career. Rose tried scrambling away, but Fyre stalked and beat her into the arena. Rose got in a few shots, but that just made Fyre laugh. They fought into the ringside area from the entrance and into the ring with a ref right next to them, so conveniently placed.

(6) MANDY ROSE (c) vs. ALBA FYRE – Women’s Championship match proper

Rose still had her jacket on as the bell rang, eating a bunch of punches from. If Fyre does win, this is a good way to protect Rose. If Fyre doesn’t win, she looks hapless for going through all of that to no avail. Fyre countered Rose with a modified suplex DDT or something for a two-count, then climbed for her top rope senton. Rose shoved her off and forced Fyre to hit the apron face-first. Joseph said it’s one year on Wednesday for Rose’s title reign as she won the title at this event last year. Rose bashed Fyre’s head into the announce table several times, then shrugged off some gut shots. Rose, still showing no fear, took the fight to Fyre with a couple of running corner shoulder tackles, then hit a nice fall away slam for a two-count.

Rose hit a snapmare and a stiff PK to the back. Rose then slammed Fyre head-first into the mat. Rose forced Fyre into a corner and stomped away, posing to the crowd with disdain on her face, then ramming Fyre’s neck along the rope for a four-count. Rose, the pace slowed considerably, held the advantage until a simultaneous clothesline dropped both competitors. They traded combos of punches and forearms, but then Fyre landed a short-arm superkick, then a gourdbuster, and two chest kicks before she took too much time and at a Rose spinebuster and matchbook cover for a two-count. Rose set for an Implant Buster, but Fyre countered and hit a slam. She climbed to the top and hit her top rope senton. However, Jayne appeared and dragged the ref out of the ring to prevent the three-count. Dolin hit the apron, but Fyre knocked her off into the ref. Rose missed Kissed by the Rose and Fyre hit the Gory bomb, but there was no ref. He was in pain on the outside. Fyre went outside and rolled him inside, but Jayne and Dolin hit their finisher on the outside. They rolled her inside and Rose hit Kissed by the Rose. OK, they had Fyre lose without her looking hapless. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rose loses the title on Tuesday one day short of a full year in some kind of open challenge or being arrogant about a challenge. [c]

WINNER: Mandy Rose at 7:06 (Kissed by the Rose) to retain the Women’s Championship

-They showed Breakker preparing for the main event. He basically shadow resistance banded?

-Mitchell was in the back with Zoey Stark and Nikkita Lyons. Stark said one year ago at this event, she wasn’t sure if her career was over and look at them now: they’re on the doorstep of being champion. Lyons said her biggest reason for wanting to win is this girl right here. Enofe and Blade came in and said they’re going to be new Tag Team Champion, too. Blade’s burgundy vest was a black-and-orange pumpkin vest!

-Joseph and Booker T went over the card for Tuesday’s show with two Tag Team Championship matches. They also hyped Shotzi vs. Legend after the events from earlier in the night.

-They shifted to the main event and threw to a video package. McDonagh entered first, then Dragunov (to a good pop), and finally Breakker. Dragunov taunted McDonagh before hitting his final pose. Breakker really didn’t receive a reaction when his music hit. He entered with tombstones for each of the two and bashed both with a shovel. He was wearing a very 90s Steiner-like singlet. Taylor gave formal ring introductions from ringside as ref D.A. Brewer took the assignment.

(7) BRON BREAKKER (c) vs. ILJA DRAGUNOV vs. JD MCDONAGH – Men’s Championship triple threat match

The three men eyed each other. Dragunov then turned and hit a running kick on McDonagh. Breakker threww off Dragunov and went after McDonagh. They kept shoving each other off to beat on the Irishman. Joseph asked why they couldn’t just work together for a little bit. They got in each other’s faces, which allowed McDonagh to ram both of them. He took out Breakker’s knee and then threw out Dragunov. He hit a very quick snap suplex for a one-count on Breakker, then hit a stiff lariat to a returning Dragunov. He beat on Breakker in the corner, but Dragunov hit him. McDonagh then sidestepped Dragunov, who hit Breakker, and hit a bridging Northern Lights for a two-count. He then tossed Breakker outside and returned his focus to Dragunov with leaping double knees to the face and stiff chops.

He floored Dragunov with a big forearm. Back on his feet, Dragunov hit some strikes, but McDonagh hit an uranage and immediately hit a standing moonsault for a two-count. Breakker was on the outside for a long time for just being sent out and nothing more, really. McDonagh hit a hard Irish whip into the corner on Dragunov, then an enziguri from the apron. He dodged a charging Breakker, sending him back outside, then tripped Dragunov with his legs and hit a sprinboard corkscrew plancha onto Dragnov. He looked for Devlin’s Slide, but Dragunov held him off. Breakker entered and took out both men to some boos.

Breakker hit running corner clotheslines to both men, then an overhead belly-to-belly to McDonagh. Dragunov hit some stiff forearms to Breakker’s back, but Breakker hit the same overhead suplex as a counter to Dragunov. Breakker grabbed a front facelock, then came off of a rope run with a big lariat. He barked, but not many returned the noise. McDonagh came up from behind with a schoolboy, got a two-count, then rolled outside. Breakker looked, then went back to Dragunov. Did they not listen to Kevin Owens on Tuesday? Breakker caught Dragunov with a capture suplex, but had the pin broken up by McDonagh, who went outside immediately again. Breakker glared at McDonagh as the latter laughed. Dragunov dropped to a knee to prevent a vertical suplex, then went for a sleeper hold. He leaped onto Breakker’s back for better positioning and landed some big elbows. McDonagh reentered to attack Dragunov, but Dragunov baited him and landed some 12-6 elbows to McDonagh, about 15.

Dragunov chpped Breakker and beat him a bit, then hit a running kick. He hit a big forearm to McDonagh, then a kick in the corner to Breakker. He hit a second rope knee drop to Breakker, but McDonagh tried to hit Devlin’s Slide again. Dragunov lifted him to his shoulders and hit a rolling driver into Breakker in the corner. Dragunov set for Coast to Coast? YES, HE HIT COAST TO COAST. Booker T even said, “Coast to Coast, baby, Coast to Coast.” Breakker and Dragunov hit their feet first, punching and staggering each other. McDonagh just watched and clapped after they floored each other. The crowd chanted for him until both Breakker and Dragunov turned their heads to him and finally went after him.

Dragunov chased him into the ring and he ran into a big backbody drop from Breakker. The two then trade blows on McDonagh’s head and a big chop from Dragunov to boot before they both tossed him out of the ring. The two got in each other’s faces again, but Dragunov took position and hit a series of the elbows again to collapse Breakker. Dragunov hit a series of rope run lariats, but Breakker then hit one of his own simultaneously that floored Dragunov. Breakker went for his military press slam, but as he lifted Dragnov, McDonagh came in and hit a thigh-slap headbutt to floor all three men.

McDonagh climbed to the top rope, but Breakker met him. Dragnov then came in and tried to set Breakker for a powerbomb, but Breakker fought him off and hit a Frankensteiner that Dragunov caught McDonagh right into a powerbomb. The crowd was showing their appreciation after that spot. The three men traded blows from their knees. Dragunov took the worst, then Dragunov rose and chopped away at both men, almost Gunther-like. Breakker then hit a spear to Dragunov, sending both men outside. McDonagh hit a Asai moonsault to both men on the outside, McDonagh landing on his feet.

McDonagh rolled Breakker back into the ring, clutching his side. He climbed to the top again, once again being met by Breakker. Breakker set for another, but Dragunov chopped the knees and got him into a powerbomb position, hitting it for a two-count. He landed a falling forearm for a two-count, but was hit with a 450 from McDonagh immediately for a two-count. He hit Breakker with a brainbuster for another two-count. McDonagh hit those short-arm kicks to the face and went for Devlin’s Slide. He couldn’t lift Dragunov, and Dragunov countered into a snap German suplex. He held on and hit another, still maintaining his grip for a third, which became a double as Breakker hit both men with his own. Breakker climbed to the top rope and hit the Steiner bulldog. He then hit his militarypress slam. McDonagh sent him outside and pinned Dragunov, but only for a two-count!

Breakker and McDonagh squared off with Breakker sending McDonagh outside. He went for the spear, but ate a big pump knee from Dragunov. Dragunov hit a senton from the top and set for and hit Torpedo Moskau (Joseph said Moskau!). McDonagh held the ref’s hand to prevent the three! He and Dragunov just slapped the hell out of each other in the ring before McDonagh went outside. Dragunov went for a running lariat, but McDonagh turned it into a Spanish fly on the outside. Breakker was still lying in the ring. McDonagh stomped on the ankle he injured before on the steel steps, then grabbed a chair after shoving away the timekeepr to big boos. He went to smash the ankle but Dragunov moved and hit Torpedo Moskau off of the steps!

Dragunov held his head in pain after hitting two finishers and rolled into the ring. He and Breakker rose and glared at each other, then traded forearms. Dragunov hit a lariat, but Breakker stood his ground. Several forearms and a chop later, plus an enziguir and snap German and a lariat, finally floored Breakker. Dragunov set for the Torpedo Moskau again, but ran into a big spear! McDonagh reached from outside, but couldn’t break the count as Breakker retained in one hell of a match. The show ended with Breakker posing with the title.

WINNER: Bron Breakker at 23:48 (spear) to retain the Men’s Championship

FINAL THOUGHTS: The Perez-Jade match took a bit to really get going mostly because it looked like they were a bit hesitant with the weapons at first, and the actual Women’s Championship match was marred by distractions, but the card as a whole was a well-worked event with some hard-hitting action that made use of the various stipulations. Yeah, the casket match seemed out of nowhere if you, like me, wasn’t aware they had already spun the wheel (was it on the pre-show?), but I think they did enough in that match to make it seem worthwhile, including the finish. I wonder what happens next for some of the losers like Kemp and Jade as there are many paths you can take them, including keeping them off of TV for a week to sell the injuries. While I mentioned I could see Rose losing on Tuesday in different ways, I didn’t mention that Fyre had a visible pin on her tonight and could use that as a reason to receive a rematch on Tuesday where Toxic Attraction is banned from ringside and end Rose’s reign at 364 days. Speaking of Tuesday, not only do we have the previously advertised Tag Team Championship matches, but we also see Shotzi in her return match in NXT as well as the reveal of Schism’s newest member – and don’t be surprised if it’s a woman, maybe Sloane Jacobs?

Send in any emails to pwtorchnxt@gmail.com and we’ll answer them in tomorrow’s VIP-exclusive roundtable. Thanks, everyone!

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  1. First time in a while i’ve seen NXT. I used to love it.

    But to be honest, i’m not feeling any of it. Except for maybe Bron, i don’t see a single one of these guys reaching main event status. They all looked the same to me too. Not one iota of “physical” charisma.
    I don’t think they have enough spots on the “Main Event” show for all of these guys. And the ones they have there (like R-Truth, Cedric and Shelton) are much better than most of these guys.

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