Steve Austin advice led to pro wrestling career for Brian Pillman Jr.


Brian Pillman talks advice Steve Austin gave him
Brian Pillman Jr. (photo courtesy of MLW)


Brian Pillman Jr. says that a conversation with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin led to him exploring a career in professional wrestling and following in his father’s footsteps. Pillman spoke on his wrestling journey with Busted Open Radio and openly talked about the impact Austin had on his choice to get into the wrestling business.

“I get a DM from ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin,” Pillman Jr. said of starting the conversation with Austin. “He’s like, ‘Hey bud, you know, I’ve got this weightlifting belt that was your dad’s. I want to give it to you. Me and your pops were best buds. I want to tell you some stories. You got a minute?’ I’m like, ‘Do I have a minute? I’ll skip class.’

“I just stand outside the little campus building and chat with Steve Austin for about 45 minutes. “He tells me some great s*** and by the end of it, I thought, ‘You know what Steve, I’ve been thinking, I’m here, I’m about to graduate school and start a bulls*** job.’ I was like, ‘You think I could ever get into the pro wrestling business?’ He’s like, ‘I want to let you know your dad would want you to do whatever would make you happy, you know what I mean?’ He’s like, ‘This business ain’t going anywhere.’ He’s like, ‘Don’t do it just to do it.'” (h/t Wrestling Inc.)

Brian Pillman Jr. is a member of the AEW roster as a part of The Varsity Blonds. He’s had tag team championship matches and a match with MJF.

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