WWE SMACKDOWN HITS & MISSES 12/2: World Cup final hits, Bray Wyatt misses, more


WWE Smackdown analysis


Opening promo for the Bloodline – MISS

The dialogue was a little, too, on the nose with the catchphrases here. I’m disappointed I’m giving this a miss, but hey, you can’t bat 1000 forever.

Sheamus vs. Sami Zayn – HIT

Match went 8 minutes too long. No need for this match to go 18 minutes. It was tough to get heat during this match because the crowd wanted to cheer Sami, but this crowd sucked all night. Sami gets the win-viva shenanigans and help from the Bloodline.

Bray Wyatt’s backstage promo – MISS

It’s been two months of this, and it’s pretty clear WWE is just spinning its wheels with Bray Wyatt. Based on Bray Wyatt’s promo, I have no idea how Bray is considered a baby face.

Shayna Baszler vs Emma – MISS

I don’t understand why it’s a goal in life for WWE to make on-scene chemistry so cringe with real-life couples. Emma had a better showing in this match, but man, you could hear a pin drop during the match. Shayna wins viva submission over Emma.

Lacey Evans repackage – MISS

I was a huge fan of Lacey’s during her run in NXT, and I feel bad that she keeps getting yo-yoed around. Triple has had a few months to give Lacey another hard rest but to do it now is strange. So it appears Lacey is getting repackaged in some marine gimmick.

Kofi vs. Gunther – MISS

Big fan of Kofi, but it was odd to give Kofi so much shine in this match against Gunther. This match was another one where it went about 5 minutes too long. Gunther decided to bust out a new finisher which looks similar to a side slam, to pick up the win.

Damage CTRL promo – MISS

Damage CTRL is one of the most noticeable flops in the Triple H era. They are just a group of losers with tag tiles that still don’t matter. Liv, being paired with the returning Tegan Nox, is something, I suppose. How could the Smackdown division feel so directionless when you have this many wrestlers on the roster?

Ricochet vs. Santos Escobar – HIT

Fantastic display of athleticism from both men during this match. Ricochet, when given the opportunity he, has been an MVP of Smackdown during the Triple H era. Great near falls throughout the match, and in the end, Ricochet wins with a 630 from the top rope. I don’t believe Ricochet dethrones Gunther in two weeks, but I imagine they should put on an excellent match in Chicago.

Final Thoughts: Considering this was a fallout from Survivor Series, a very meh, SmackDown, other than the main event. It’s apparent Triple H is just spinning his wheels until Royal Rumble, but Royal Rumble is still two months away. I apologize to readers in advance. This will be a constant complaint as a reviewer from me. As a booker, you need to book things for your wrestling promotion, not just impromptu matches, or promo trains. It would be nice to have more substance than the Bloodline-related matches or angles on the show.

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