VIP AUDIO 3/21 – WKH – News & 10 Yrs Ago Hotlines: Viewership for Smackdown, plus Raw vs. Impact Monday Night Battle reports from late-March 2010 with Cena, Batista, Michaels, Taker, Orton, Joe, Swagger (88 min)

In this episode of Wrestling Night in America, PWTorch columnist Greg Parks breaks down both nights of WrestleMania with callers and emailers. Topics include the quality of the Firefly Funhouse match, the decision to put Charlotte over Rhea Ripley, the potential of wrestlers getting more creative freedom in the current environment, and more.
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SHOW SUMMARY: In this edition of the Wade Keller Hotline, we flash back to three Wade Keller Hotlines from ten years ago this week in late-March 2010:

3/23 Wade Keller Hotline – WWE Raw Analysis: Final hype for WrestleMania includes some stellar promos, high-IQ booking, and a new Vince McMahon teaser (23 min.): This installment of the Wade Keller Hotline features his analysis of last night’s edition of WWE Raw featuring the final push to WrestleMania 26 with a stellar final segment between John Cena and Batista, a strong final angle with Shawn Michaels and Undertaker, a new teaser from Vince McMahon regarding Bret Hart, and the mid-card getting a decent amount of attention also. A walk through a good, steady final push for their biggest show of the year.

3/29 Wade Keller Hotline – WWE Raw Analysis: Michaels’s Fantastic Farewell Speech, dissecting the details, plus Bret’s speech, Hunter’s speech, Swagger’s push, Orton’s turn (23 min.): This installment of the Wade Keller Hotline features his analysis of tonight’s edition of WWE Raw including extended details and thoughts on Shawn Michaels’s farewell speech, Bret Hart’s speech, Hunter’s speech, Jack Swagger’s push, Randy Orton’s absent turn, and more.

3/30 Wade Keller Hotline – TNA Impact Analysis: Ratings breakdown and segment-by-segment opinion on show (35 min.): This installment of the Wade Keller Hotline features his analysis of Monday’s edition of TNA Impact including first a look at the quarter hour ratings followed by segment by segment walk through the show with analysis of what worked and (mostly) what didn’t work – and why, from the Samoa Joe return to The Pope and Chelsea to Eric Bischoff’s role to the stipulations to the usage of top stars, and on and on.



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