CALDWELL: Now what for the WWE Title after Rollins’s major injury?

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


CaldwellStaff_thumbSo now what? WWE’s World Hvt. champion, Seth Rollins, is reportedly out 6-9 months, essentially taking him out of WrestleMania Season barring a speedy recovery to return in time. You feel for Rollins, who has been working hard to try to deliver a solid WWE Title run despite Creative issues surrounding him.

Will WWE put the title on Roman Reigns via a replacement tournament at Survivor Series? Should they have someone else win the tournament and put Reigns on the chase?

Oh, by the way, John Cena’s phone is probably blowing up right now. So much for that vacay.

To use Vince McMahon’s favorite phrase during past Draft seasons, I think it’s “time to shake things up again.”

Put the WWE Title on someone completely unconventional and give the audience someone else to see in the top spot. Immediately shifting to Reigns as WWE champion might create backlash, or it might just work depending on how the tournament unfolds. But, I still believe Reigns needs to chase whomever the champion is.

I say put the WWE Title on IC champion Kevin Owens, making him dual champion. Owens and Reigns had such a memorable conclusion to the fatal four-way #1 contender match last week on Raw that WWE immediately created a fresh, main event match-up. Now WWE can turn that moment into a money match-up.

Or, finally put the title on Dean Ambrose, forcing Reigns to watch his buddy and drinking pal walk around with the title that he feels he deserves.

How about someone completely off the radar, like a Curtis Axel, or someone swimming in a sea of mid-card mediocrity, like a King Barrett? Or, Sheamus, whose MITB briefcase is suddenly quite intriguing.

Rollins’s injury really stinks for him, but it’s a chance for WWE to exit the current Road to WrestleMania, take a look at the road map, and find a new path to AT&T Stadium. It will be interesting to see if they simply put the title on Reigns, or try something completely different.

5 Comments on CALDWELL: Now what for the WWE Title after Rollins’s major injury?

  1. I hadn’t thought of AJ. Good call.

    How far away from being healthy is……..Sami Zayn?? I’d love to see him on the main roster.

    or maybe sign Jeff and have him win it. If they can stop him from doing anything too “Willow”

  2. How about have the tournament come down to Ambrose vs Reigns and have Ambrose win. The next night on Raw, have The Authority sign a rematch in the main event with Reigns winning by a heel tactic only for him to side with the Authority and he become their new chosen one. That way HHH can talk for him while teaching how to be more natural with his speaking.

  3. What about this scenario…Sheamus walks out to where the vacant title is encased on top of a podium and cashes in his briefcase before the tournament even starts. The referee counts to ten and Rollins doesn’t appear. Then Sheamus loses it at the end of the show to the winner of the tournament. That way you get the briefcase off of a bad choice and can give the new champion a win over the current champion.

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