VIP AUDIO 11/05 – PWTorch Livecast Thursday Ad-Free: Keller interviews Jim Brunzell on AWA fall, WWF grind, drugs, WWE contracts


SHOW SUMMARY: In this edition of the PWTorch Livecast “Interview Thursday,” Wade Keller is joined by “Jumpin'” Jim Brunzell, a longtime standout tag team wrestler in the 1970s and 1980s as part of the AWA High Flyers and the WWF Killer Bees. He discusses Verne Gagne as a boss and promoter, the dynamic with Verne and his business partner Wally Karbo, the rise of Hulk Hogan in the AWA and the birth of Hulkamania, the fall of AWA after Hogan left, the culture shock of the 1980s WWF grind compared to the AWA, observing the rise of drugs and alcohol, steroid abuse, one-sided WWE contracts, why Vince McMahon never fully embraced him and the Killer Bees tag team, today’s wrestling scene, and more.


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