Cena says time away is good for everyone, talks WWE biz & legacy

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

John Cena (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


WWE top star John Cena is not scheduled for the Survivor Series PPV on Sunday. And, from the sound of it, Cena believes it’s a good thing to allow other stars on the roster to step up.

After being on the roster for 13 years and being the top star for a decade, Cena gained perspective after stepping away from WWE to film the new “American Grit” Fox TV series.

“Personally, and this gives me a better perspective on Dwayne Johnson’s path, you get to a certain point and you cannot attract any more fans,” Cena told a group of reporters during the filming. “Essentially, my productivity from a company standpoint – I’ve done as much as I can – 15 world championships and a myriad of other accomplishments. I don’t know what left I can do, but I still want to be able to put people in the building.”

Cena’s comments were published Sunday by Zap2It.com, which noted that Cena conducted the interview while “away from civilization” filming the series. It’s that perspective that Cena hopes will help him when he returns to the mix.

Cena also commented on the state of the business, noting that he feels like he’s done everything he can to help WWE as the top star. Now, he hopes doing something like “American Grit” or appearing in an Amy Schumer movie will bring new viewers to WWE.

“I’ve been a cornerstone of WWE programming since 2002. That’s a long time, it’s more than 10 years. So much so that a portion of our audience has direct complacency with me. ‘Man, Cena holds everybody down. He doesn’t give the new guys a chance,'” Cena said.

“From a company perspective, as you know I hold it very near and dear to my heart, the dance floor is open, boys. I’m gone, let’s see who steps up. And I like that. As much as I want to try to distance myself or as much as someone who views me would try to distance myself from WWE, I’m never going to go.”

Cena knows his legacy is on the line. Will WWE be healthier after his run on top is over? Even in the short-term, does he want to see if there’s fruit to his U.S. Title run giving exposure to new acts? It goes back to Cena believing it’s good timing for him to step away.

“If we don’t have a future I don’t have any accomplishments. It’s cool to see the guys stepping up, it really is,” Cena said.

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  1. With Seth Rollins injured and John Cena absent WWE couldn’t do nothing to avoid a slow down. sometimes good matches but never great matches, People not really interesting to see what happennig anymore.Big belly fat man, monsters, becoming main people of main event. Big champ still in limbo, Wrestler like Ziggler disliked by Management authority. Cena put out for a 16th title to preserve old champ…a writer team out of work. Have WWE ‘s fans to wait for a better time? May be for the moment better to rest and come when Cena and others will come back

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