VIP AUDIO 12/02 – East Coast Cast #270 w/Travis Bryant: Raw rating woes – what will cause change?, NXT live watch, plus VIP Aftershow! (217 min)


SHOW PREVIEW: This week’s show focused a lot on the continuing trend of terrible Raw ratings. What rating or viewership number is low enough to cause massive changes at the top? Getting a “Fire Vince” chant to catch on nationally might be a way to embarrass WWE into doing what is best for the fans. Has The New Day jumped the shark or the entire aquarium?! NXT plays live in the background, with instant reaction to the matches and segments. Nia Jax is amazing and we want more of her! Tons of TV talk, Travis’s new obsession with the Amazon show, “The Man In The High Castle” that he won’t shut up about. Plenty of calls. and VIP emails with Rich from Pittsburgh.

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