VIP AUDIO 2/19 – 10 YRS AGO Interview with Dory Funk Jr. by Caldwell (1-20-06): Former NWA Champ on injury prevention in modern wrestling, Edge-Lita sex show, more (33 min)


SUMMARY: PWTorch columnist James Caldwell debuts his “On Point” audio interview series for PWTorch VIP members today. His first guest is Dory Funk, Jr. with the “On Point” focus being training of wrestlers for today’s scene and the growing concern of injuries over time given the demands of today’s style. Dory Funk, besides being a former NWA Hvt. Champion and current wrestling trainer, is a former head WWE trainer who worked with some of today’s top WWE stars in their formative stages. In this interview, Dory talks about training methods in wrestling, how injuries to wrestling stars happens too frequently, a universal training program that should be implemented across wrestling, what John Laurenaitis is looking for in a wrestler, heavyweight wrestlers vs. X Division wrestlers as wrestling draws, when highspots are effective, the basics of teaching wrestling, amateur wrestlers in WWE, Kurt Angle, the Edge & Lita sex show, giving back to the business, and much more.

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