NWA Parade of Champions – three big matches set for Mania Weekend, including former WWE stars in title matches

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

NWA Parade of Champions 2016 - March 31 (NWAPOC2016.com)


The NWA has announced three big matches for their “Parade of Champions” show on March 31 kicking off WrestleMania Weekend in the DFW area.

Included is Jax Dane vs. Charlie Haas for the NWA World Title.

Plus, Rob Conway & Matt Riviera will defend the NWA Tag Titles.

The third match announced is from NWA Smoky Mountain featuring their top match-up of Chase Owens vs. Jason Kincaid.

The “Parade of Champions” show takes place Thursday, March 31 in Ft. Worth, Texas. (Event & Ticket Info)

Updated Line-up

  • NWA World Title match: Jax Dane vs. Charlie Haas (w/Black Bart)
  • NWA Tag Title match: Rob Conway & Matt Riviera vs. Outlaw, Inc. (Barrett Brown & Andy Dalton w/Black Bart)
  • NWA-SM match: Chase Owens vs. Jason Kincaid
  • Also scheduled: ROH tag champion Ray Rowe, NWA Women’s champion Amber O’Neal, Tim Storm
  • Pre-Show Meet & Greet: Jim Cornette, Sabu, Marc Lowrance, Mike McGuirk.

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