VIP AUDIO 3/2 – 10 YRS AGO PPV Real Deal with Pat McNeill (2-14-06):Punk returns to ROH, MTV wrestling pilot, Vince McMahon, Styles, Too Late Dream Match


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SUMMARY: On the Valentine’s Day “Real Deal with Pat McNeill” VIP Audio Update, Pat follows up with more details and backstage skinny about this week’s Newsletter Cover Story on the MTV wrestling pilot. Also, this week’s Hot Five Stories including C.M. Punk’s unadvertised return to Ring of Honor, Sunday’s big Smackdown pay-per-view, TNA’s new World Champion and Vince McMahon’s on-air reaction to the taning salon allegations against him. Also, the day’s wrestling news, including rumors about Bret Hart and WrestleMania weekend in Chicago, A.J. Styles takes a booking in a surprising place, and a Monday Night Wars dream match is scheduled eight years too late. Plus the Indy Lineup of the Week as TNA’s biggest feud hits the United Kingdom, Listener Mail on Mick Foley and Chris Kanyon, and hear the hottest new segment in Tuesday wrestling audio, the Real Deal Newsmaker Hotline!


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