GFW announces partnership with reality TV company

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Global Force Wrestling announced a partnership with a reality TV production company on Wednesday.

The deal with A. Smith & Co. Productions calls for a “TV series that obliterates the conventions of televised wrestling.”

It’s unclear if this is the “Amped” TV wrestling show GFW taped in 2015 or a different show since “Amped” was not mentioned in the press release. It’s also unclear when anything will be released.

The press release simply focused on trying to reinvent the presentation of pro wrestling utilizing GFW’s talent roster.

“All sports go through transitions, and wrestling is primed for its next evolution. We’re going to be adding a number of new features and elements that are going to completely change the entertainment level of the sport,” said president Arthur Smith of A. Smith.

“There are lots of companies that produce sports and lots of companies that produce entertainment, but no producer combines the worlds of sports and entertainment like A. Smith & Co.,” said GFW’s Jeff Jarrett. “I can’t think of a better partner to collaborate and innovate with to take the sport that I love and have been part of for decades to new heights.”

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