Friday 3/11 Torch Today – Importance of Roadblock, TMZ talks to Hunter & Stephanie, “WWE 2K16” now on PCs, Jarrett talks GFW vs. TNA, Shamrock’s WrestleMania Sunday, former NXT stars at Team Vision, Video – Richards vs. Ibushi at EVOLVE 1

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Triple H (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


TORCH TODAY – Friday, March 11, 2016

– WWE enters new territory on a Saturday night with the “Roadblock” special on WWE Network. Four matches have been announced for the “special event” slotted for three hours, so it will be interesting to see how WWE fills out the card trying not to give away too many big matches before WrestleMania in three weeks. WWE also really needs to juice up the Mania matches featuring full-time roster members (outside of Shane-Taker, Hunter-Reigns, and Lesnar-Ambrose), giving Roadblock a secondary purpose to prop up Mania.

TMZ released video of a somewhat awkward ambush-style interview with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon while in New York City. The main focus was on the McMahon Family’s workouts. Steph put on a smile for the camera talking up their “midnight workouts” while Hunter kept walking, only pausing to talk about Vince McMahon being “too crazy” to work out with. The clip ended with a question about Shane McMahon’s WM32 work-outs. Hunter noted he has not worked out with Shane, but he’s “looking phenomenal.”

– 2K Sports has officially launched the “WWE 2K16” video game on Windows PC. The game is available for $49.99 and comes with select extra packs from the PS4 and Xb0x One video game versions. (PC Game Details)

Jeff Jarrett stressed in a new interview that there is no comparison between what he’s trying to do with Global Force Wrestling and his old home, TNA.

“Everybody has in their minds a comparison or a pecking order or what have you. I know that certain times in TNA’s history, I’d love to be compared to that company. Other times, not so much. But wrestling fans will pick and choose how they want to compare. It doesn’t bother me … because when you come a Global Force show, you immediately know this is not TNA,” Jarrett told Brady Hicks on

– Former WWE IC champion Ken Shamrock will be spending WrestleMania Sunday at a speaking engagement in Indianapolis. “Wrestling Theology” announced Shamrock for a Q&A on Sunday, April 3 at Fox & Hound Sports Tavern. (Full Event Info)

– Recently-released NXT wrestlers Sylvester LeFort and Marcus Louis are now training at the Team Vision Dojo in Orlando. Both have been working with students (including TNA’s Raquel/Gabi from Tough Enough) and trainers (Santana Garrett). This weekend, Santana and Raquel/Gabi meet for the Wonder of Stardom Title at “I Believe in Wrestling” Saturday night at the Dojo.

– WWNLive’s free video of the day is Kota Ibushi vs. Davey Richards from the very first EVOLVE event in January 2010.

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