3/20 Midwest All Pro Results – Eugene’s promotion, Hardcore Holly main event, set-up for Eugene’s debut match


Midwest All Pro Results
March 20, 2016
Sioux Falls, S.D.
Report by Andrew Soucek, PWTorch correspondent

Midwest All-Pro Wrestling had their third Sioux Falls show (fourth show overall) on Sunday afternoon. It was their biggest crowd yet, with over 400 pre-sale tickets.

Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore and his wife Stephanie introduced the show. Right away the crowd was into it. This was easily the loudest indy crowd (outside of ROH) that I’ve ever heard.

1 – J.C. Slater vs. The Husky Heartthrob

Slater is an A.C. Slater “Saved by the Bell” take-off. Heartthrob is a larger Chippendale type dancer. Husky got some huge heat using stalling tactics. After a missed clothesline, he pulled some baby oil from his trunks, and decided to oil himself up. A bit more stalling before they finally locked up. Husky took to the ground, attempted a few kip-ups to no success in a comedy spot. He then kept running the ropes with no opponent there for roughly a minute before wearing himself out. A sarcastic “This is awesome!” chant began.

Slater finally had enough, and dished out a clothesline. He was unable to pick up his opponent, though, and soon lost control. Husky got cocky, and was almost rolled up. Slater tried again to lift Husky to no avail. Husky landed an impressive looking cannonball type corer splash for a nearfall. Slater eventually made his comeback, finally connected with a suplex, and shortly later won with a roll-up.

WINNER: J.C. Slater in 9:37

2 – “Gorgeous” Alex Gretzky vs. “The Highway Man” Jeremy James

Gretzky was immediately pelted with “Fat Dean Ambrose” chants, which is a running joke at the shows. It appears to be catching on more every time. Gretzky played to the crowd, and refuted the claims that he is fat. He locked in a headlock, and connected with a shoulder tackle. James started to make a comeback, until Gretzky kicked him in the gut after a test of strength. After a jawbreaker, he mocked his opponent with a cocky pinfall, followed by a back breaker, and a headlock.

James tried to get to his feet, and was greeted with an overhead suplex. A follow-up was blocked, and reversed. James took over offense, hit a running powerslam, and looked to have things in the bag until Gretzky gained a quick burst of energy, and landed a standing moonsault.

WINNER: Alex Gretzky in 14:37

3 – Bulletproof (Jaysin Strife & Mikey Danger) vs. Tim Boston & The Belgium Brawler

Boston is like Steve Austin, except ice cream flavored! Strife and Cold Stone locked up, with claims of an illegal hair pull to stall. The faces controlled on offense for the first few minutes, until we got some illegal tag team heel tactics. Cold Stone took a beatdown with the villains exchanging tags. A “Cold Stone” chant broke out as he tried to break out of a headlock, but was unsuccessful in escaping. Strife went for a second rope leg drop, which missed and Danger took the tag attempting a Frogsplash, which also missed.

Cold Stone writhed around until he made the hot tag, and The Brawler cleared house with a variety of power moves. Cold Stone delivered a Stunner over the top rope, and The Brawler landed a shot forearm smash to the back of the head for the win.

Post-match, Cold Stone took out a can of whipped cream and sprayed it into his mouth like Austin with a Steveweiser.

WINNERS: Cold Stone Tim Boston and The Belgium Brawler in 11:53.

4 – Yellow Dog vs. Nate Redwing

Dog received a loud barking greeting from the crowd. He wears a yellow mask with floppy ears and a tail. People seemed to dig it. Redwing is the local monster heel, whose bite is even worse than his bark. Dog chased his own tail to start things out, which didn’t amuse Redwing who delivered a diving tackle. He went to work on Yellow’s leg, holding him in the corner. A “You killed Snoopy” chant broke out from the crowd. Redwing hit his finisher, an impressive looking sideways powerslam. He took the dog to the pound.

WINNER: Redwing in 1:02

Post-match, Redwing continued the attack, until Nick Dinsmore ran into the ring for the save. Loud pop from the crowd. He took the mic, and ran down Redwing for laying out one of his students. He challenged Redwing to a match at the next show on May 20, Nick’s first in his promotion. Redwing said he likes destroying people, and accepted. The crowd chanted “Eugene.”


Six of Nick’s students had their second match ever (the first was two nights before in Rapid City). They showed a video of their training at his center.

5 – Allen Wolf & The African Prince Ali & BlackJackX (heel trio) vs. Nicky Valentine & Julian Richards & Dagz (face trio)

A bit of a chaotic match with a lot of quick tags. Each student got some time in the ring to show off their developing skills. Dagz seemed to have the largest amount of supporters with chants throughout. The heel side were in control for most of the match. African Prince dropped the strap, missed a splash, which soon set up a hot tag for Dagz. He delivered a meeting of the minds on two of his opponents, and connected with a big boot for a nearfall. Valentine ran in for a high knee, followed by a superkick from BlackJackX. He tried to tune up the band on Dagz but missed and hit his partner. Dagz then hit a Bossman Slam to finish things off.

WINNERS: Nicky Valentine, Julian Richards, and Dagz in 9:15.

6 – Bob “Hardcore” Holly vs. “Sheik” Ariya Daivari

Ariya grabbed a mic, and ran down the crowd in Farsi(?). He translated and called the fans braindead hillbilly Americans. Surprisingly, that didn’t go over well. Ariya demanded the Iranian national anthem be played, the sound guy refused. Ariya took his time jawing with the crowd, leaving the ring to rile up the fans. Finally, Holly had enough!

When the match started, Ariya took over offense and celebrated with a victory lap. He taunted Holly with a test of strength and before Hardcore lost it and went to town on him with repeated chest slaps. They took it to the outside and Ariya regained control. Holly fought back, but was poked in the eye. He eventually locked in the Camel Clutch, but Holly powered out only to be greeted with a running knee.

Ariya re-applied the hold, nearly getting his opponent to pass out before he broke out and began a brief comeback. Eventually Holly took over control, hit his trademark spots, then was surprised by a superkick. After a low blow, Daivari went up to the top rope and hit Magic Carpet Ride for a nice near fall. Daivari got cocky, cheered and was caught in an Alabama Slam. Solid main event with both guys putting bringing it.

WINNER: Hardcore Holly in 17:27.

That was it for the night, with Midwest All Pro returning on May 20. Each show has seen a big increase in attendance, so hopefully that trend continues!

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