RADICAN’S PWG “BOLA 2015 Stage Two” DVD Review – Mt. Rushmore in Guerrilla Warfare


RadicanSean_profilePWG “Battle of Los Angeles 2015″ Stage Two Report
August 29, 2016
Reseda, Calif.
Report by Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist

Marty Scurll attacked Rich Swann from behind with his umbrella before the ring introductions and the match was on.

(1) Marty Scurll vs. Rich Swann in a BOLA 2015 First Round match. Scurll hit a big powerbomb and flipped over on top of Swann with a pinning combination for a near fall. Swann mounted a comeback and hit a big dropkick. Scurll snapped the top rope into Swann’s face, but he took the time to play to the crowd and Swann superkicked him to the floor. Swann went for a dive to the floor, but Scurll got out of the way. Scurll had the upper hand for a long period of time until Scurll missed a dropkick in the corner. The fans fired up and Swann hit a standing frankensteiner to take Scurll of the top back to the mat. Swann went up top for a big frog splash, but Scurll got his knees up. Scurll hit a superkick from the apron to the floor and hit reverse suplex before locking Swann into a pinning combination for a 2 count.

Scurll went for the chicken wing, but Swann fought out of it. They went back and forth and Swann hit a handspring ace crusher. Swann went up top once again and connected with a huge frog splash for a near fall and the fans applauded and chanted Scurll’s entrance music. Swann went for a standing 450, but Scurll rolled him up for a 2 count. Scurll then snapped Swann’s fingers apart and the fans gasped. Scurll played to the crowd and drew some boos. Swann spit at Scurll and gave him the finger, so Scurll snapped his fingers apart. Swann got pissed and the fans fired up behind him. Swann then began punching Scurll with lefts and rights. Scurll fired back and hit a tornado DDT into the chicken wing and Swann tapped out.

WINNER: Marty Scurll

Star rating: (***1/4) – This was a very good back and forth opening match. They played up Swann hitting a frog splash during the first part of the match after he missed the first attempt, which built to a good near fall when he connected later in the match before ultimately falling short as Scurll advanced in the tournament.

(2) Jack Evans vs. Angelico in a BOLA 2015 First Round match. This is a partner vs. partner match. The announcers claimed it was the first time this match had happened in the U.S. Evans said he was a Hart Dungeon graduate. He told Angelico he was going to kill his dreams of winning BOLA tonight. They went to a fast exchange and Evans wiped out Angelico with a spinning kick. Evans told Meltzer to write in his report that Jack Evans carries the team. Angelico took Meltzer’s report from him and changed it. Angelico fired back and got a rolling leg submission. Evans eventually got to the ropes and shoved the ref away. The announcers wondered what had happened to Evans as he threatened the fans for boing him. Angelico dominated the action and Evans bailed to the floor and told Angelico not to embarrass him in his home promotions. The announcers said he hadn’t been in PWG for six years.

Evans brought a beer back into the ring. The fans chanted for Evans to drink the beer. Evans chugged the beer and slammed the cup into his head. Angelico tried to drag him off the turnbuckles, but Evans shoved him away. Evans then did some drunken Kung-Fu on Angelico. The fans chanted drunken master at Evans who finished off the sequence with a corkscrew headbutt. Holy s—! Evans went for a dive and Angelico jumped up onto the apron and Evans crashed and burned. Angelico tossed Evans back into the ring and caught him with a jumping knee as he came off the ropes for a 2 count.

Evans fired back with a moonsault elbow to take down Angelico. Evans took Angelico down and hit a standing full twist moonsault for a 2 count and the fans fired up. Angelico caught Evans coming off the ropes a short time later and it wasn’t a smooth spot, but he managed to nail him with a power slam. Evans knocked Angelico off the apron and hit a 450 splash to the floor and the fans went nuts. Wow! Evans whipped around Angelico’s head a short time later and hit a frankensteiner for a 2 count.

Angelico set up for a dive over the post, but Evans popped up from the floor and nailed him with a kick. He went for a 630, but Angelico got his knees up. Angelico then hit a buckle bomb out of the Razor’s edge position for a 2 count. Evans reversed another buckle bomb attempt into a hurricanrana that sent Angelico into the turnbuckles and both men were down on the mat. Evans hit a crane kick on Angelico and made the cover for the win. WTF! LOL

After the match and told the fans that they cheer him now. He said he knows they’re all full of s—. He said the BOLA trophy would be a symbol that their opinions are s—. Evans continued to run down the fans and said peace, b——. He then shook hands with Angelico.

WINNER: Jack Evans.

Star rating: (***1/4) – This was an odd match. Evans’s antics were funny and the match had some fun spots. The crowd seemed to enjoy it as well.

(3) Chris Hero vs. Timothy Thatcher in a BOLA 2015 First Round match. The fans were jacked for this match and chanted for both men. Thatcher just stood in the middle of the ring and glared at Hero. Hero went around the ring and up to the stage and led the fans in cheers for him. Thatcher simply glared at Hero and they eventually went head-to-head near the apron. The announcers said this was their first match against each other in PWG. They went back and forth on the mat during the early going and came to a stalemate. Hero flipped a fans glasses off and Thatcher tried to drag him back into the ring, but Hero nailed him with a strike. Thatcher then got a leg submission, but Hero was able to get to the ropes. Hero teased a clean break in the corner a short time later, but then Hero nailed him with a bicycle kick.

Thatcher blocked an elbow attempt and got Hero’s angles again, but he managed to hop into the corner. Hero blocked a kick from Thatcher and they exchanged slaps until Thatcher dropped Hero with a huge slap. Thatcher went for a pin, but Hero kicked out and nailed him with a low dropkick. Thatcher took several bicycle kicks from Hero on the apron, but he wouldn’t go down. Thatcher simply recovered and glared at Hero. Hero slid through the ropes and Thatcher dropped down and hit several uppercuts that sent Hero into the crowd. Thatcher caught a bicycle kick form Hero on the apron, slapped him in the face, and applied a half crab using the ropes for leverage and the fans fired up chanting for both men.

Thatcher caught a kick from Hero and Hero nailed him with a kick with his other foot, but Thatcher shook it off and applied another ankle lock. Hero struggled, but managed to get to the ropes. Hero no-sold an uppercut and nailed Thatcher with a slap. Thatcher smiled and fired back with an uppercut. They went back and forth and Hero hit a quick piledriver and the fans went nuts. Holy s—! Hero set up for the Gotch-style piledriver, but Thatcher hit a back drop and applied an anklelock. Hero quickly got to his feet and grabbed the ropes. Hero tried to kick Thatcher away, but he hung on to his leg. Hero nailed Thatcher with another short kick and then a diving knee strike for a 2 count.

Hero hit some light kicks to Thatcher’s head and then a short bicycle kick that sent Thatcher down on his head. They went back and forth exchanging strikes. They hit elbows at the same time three times. Thatcher then just fucking lifted Hero and hit a Saito at an awkward angle and the fans applauded. Hero hit a short jab and Thatcher went after Hero with palm strikes and knee strikes. Hero fired back with a roaring elbow and made the cover for a long 2 count. Hero hit a discus bicycle kick, but Thatcher once again kicked out. Thatcher picked himself up on Hero and Hero greeted him with a pair of big elbows. Thatcher than nailed Hero with several knees, but Hero hit a discus elbow. He went for the death blow, but Thatcher caught him with a short headbutt for a near fall. Holy crap! That fans went nuts after Hero kicked out.

A big chant for Thatcher broke out. Thatcher set up for a Gotch piledriver, but Hero escaped and hit a discus elbow and a tombstone. Thatcher kicked out at 2 and grabbed a Fujiwara, but Hero rolled through and hit Hero’s welcome. He then sat on top of Thatcher and hooked the leg for the win! Amazing!

WINNER: Chris Hero

Star rating; (****1/2) – This wasn’t quite as good as their match during WM weekend, but it was darn close. They had some great hard-hitting exchanges. Thatcher no-selling the running bicycle kicks at times throughout the match was really great. Thatcher also has some really great facial expressions that make you believe he’s in a real fight. This match was great down the stretch and had a really nice finishing sequence.

(4) Aerostar & Fenix vs. Drago & Pentagon Jr. in a Tag Team match. Aerostar and Drago had some really good fast exchanges during the early going. Pentagon and Fenix both made fancy entrances into the ring once they were tagged into the match. They had a crazy exchange that just kept going until they finally came to a stalemate. They paused for a second and finally knocked each other out with a pair of simultaneous kicks. Wow! Fenix and Aerostar hit a Gory special/leg drop combination on Pentagon and Drago for a double 2 count. That was nuts. Aerostar hit a double springboard hurricanrana on Pentagon. He then hit an inside out hurricanrana off the second rope. Aerostar went for a springboard, but Pentagon wiped him out with a dropkick. Pentagon took down Aerostar’s top and wiped him out with a huge overhand chop to the chest. The crowd asked for another one and the Pentagon obliged. The announcers pointed out that Aerostar’s arms were trapped. Aerostar fired back and got a pinning combination for a 2 count. Fenix and Drago ended up alone in the ring a short time later and Drago caught him with an unreal tilt-a-whirl DDT for a 2 count. Unreal!

Aerostar ended up alone in the ring, but he managed to send Pentagon to the floor with a hurricanrana that wasn’t clean. Drago got sent to the outside and Aerostar wiped him out with an insane step-up no arm dive off the second rope to the floor. Fenix followed up with a big dive of his own to wipe out Pentagon and the fans fired up once again. Both teams went back and forth and Drago rolled Fenix up into a back cracker from Pentagon. Pentagon wiped out Aerostar with a sling blade and the pace picked up. Drago ended a big sequence with a block buster style DDT for a 2 count on Fenix. Wow! Pentagon got Aerostar up for a Gory special and Drago fed him Fenix and he held up and hit a package piledriver/Gory special combination for a double near fall. Wow!

Fenix sat on the second turnbuckle and Aerostar stood on his back and hit a big splash on Drago. The ref made the count and as he was doing it Fenix walked the ropes and wiped out Pentagon with an insane corkscrew press after jumping up to the top rope. Are you kidding me? It ended up only being a 2 count on Drago and the fans lost their minds and started a huge PWG chant. Aerostar ended up catching Pentagon with a huge back cracker. Fenix then lifted up Drago and drilled him with a big piledriver. Both men made the cover and it was good for the double pin.

All four men raised their hands and the fans chanted “Please come back” after the match was over.

WINNERS: Aerostar and Fenix.

Star rating: (****1/4) – There were some spots at times that weren’t very smooth, but outside of that this was an amazing display of Lucha Libre that set the crowd on fire. The double team maneuvers and high-flying in this match were pure insanity. This was tremendous.

(5) Drew Gulak vs. Tommy End in a 2015 BOLA Round match. Hero mentioned that both men had been pupils of his, but now they’re men. Neither man could get the upper hand during the early going. Gulak got the better of End with an exchange on the mat and backed off. The fans then started a chant for both men. They went at it again and the action ended up going down to the mat. End eventually caught Gulak with a big kick to the arm and Gulak backed off. They went back and forth on the mat again a short time later. Gulak eventually caught End with a headbutt to the stomach and End rolled to the outside and sold. They tied up again and End caught Gulak with a palm thrust to the mid-section and he had to roll to the floor. They went back and forth and End hit a roundhouse kick and a German for a 2 count.

End missed a double stomp, but landed on his feet. They went back and forth and End hit a jumping knee, but Gulak fired right back with a lariat. Gulak made the cover, but end managed to kick out at the last second. Gulak got an ankle lock and End went for the ropes. He eventually countered Gulak into a rollup for a 2 count. He then hit a spinning kick. End’s ankle gave out and Gulak shook the kick off and hit a sliding lariat for a 2 count. End was peppering Gulak with strikes a short time later and Gulak muscled him into a Saito suplex for a 2 count. Holy s—t! The fans fired up after that sequence. Gulak then sprinted at End out of the corner and End nailed him with a straight right for the win.

WINNER: Tommy End

Star rating: (***1/4) – This was a really good match with both guys really having a hard time getting on track. The pace picked up and just when the match was getting really good, End finished things with a straight right. I didn’t mind this finish at all.

(6) Drew Galloway vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey in a 2015 BOLA Round match. The fans were chanting “Speedball’s gonna kick you!” before the opening bell. I do not think this will bode well for young Speedball, but I could be wrong. Speedball wrestles barefoot, which I keep forgetting about. Galloway manhandled Bailey during the early going and mocked him with a crane kick pose. Speedball fired up and lit up Galloway with kicks and the fans fired up. Galloway finally blocked a kick and he slapped Speedball right across the face. Bailey spun Galloway around and nailed him with several slaps. The ref dragged Bailey out of the corner, which allowed Galloway to nail him with a running boot. Speedball went for an inside out springboard moonsault to the floor, but Galloway caught him and slammed him onto the apron.

Bailey tried to mount a comeback and went for a handstand in the corner, but Galloway nailed him with a kick to maintain the upper hand. Galloway began targeting Bailey’s leg as he worked him over. Galloway tossed Bailey over the top and tied him up in the ropes before doing Sheamus’s punches, which drew some boos from the fans. The fans chanted for both men as Bailey tried to make another comeback. Bailey came off the top, but Galloway caught him and ran him into the turnbuckles twice. Bailey sent Galloway down to one knee with an enzuguri and then nailed him with his signature rapid-fire kicks/enzuguri combination.

Bailey then hit a sick corkscrew plancha to the floor a short time later and the fans went nuts. They went back and forth and Bailey caught Galloway with a nice DDT. The fans fired up and chanted for Speedball. He followed up with a running tornado press, but only managed a 2 count. Speedball followed up with a standing double knee moonsault. Wow! Bailey wound up like a pitcher and kicked Galloway right across the head for a 2 count. Galloway fired back and caught Bailey with a sit-out spinebuster for a near fall. Galloway caught Bailey’s legs in the corner and nailed him with a reverse Alabama slam for another 2 count. Wow!

They battled up top and Bailey hung Galloway upside down with a knee strike. Galloway suddenly popped up and hit a spider belly-to-belly. Galloway followed up with a sick kick, but Bailey kicked out at the very last second. OH MY GOD!! Bailey caught Galloway with a roundhouse kick to the head. Galloway fell to his knees and Bailey connected with another roundhouse kick. He made the cover, but Galloway simply grabbed him and picked him up. Bailey slid out of Galloway’s clutches and nailed him with another kick to the head. Galloway simply bounced off the ropes and hit a tombstone for a near fall and the fans went nuts. What a sequence that was!

Galloway was in the ring on his knees and Bailey hit a SSP double knee strike off the top, but Galloway kicked out at the very last sequence. The fans lost their mind and chanted “PWG, PWG.” Bailey countered a future shock DDT attempt a short time later into a flipping jackknife pin for the win. That was insane!

WINNER: Mike Bailey

Star rating: (****) – This was really fun. Bailey had an answer for just about everything Galloway through at him and when he did get caught, he managed to surprise Galloway with a counter time after time. This was a very good big vs. small match, but what made it unique was Bailey’s ability to utilize his kicks throughout the match to keep Galloway down. This match also featured a tremendous finishing sequence.

(7) Ricochet vs. Zack Sabre Jr. in a 2015 BOLA Round match. Ricochet acted cocky during the early going, but Sabre tripped him and rolled him up with a nifty bridging pinning combination for a near fall. Sabre had Ricochet tied up on the mat until Ricochet finally managed to escape and throw him off. Ricochet got a double arm submission and stood over Sabre. Sabre tried to escape several times before he managed to kick Ricochet away and they came to another stalemate. Sabre went for a leg sweep from his back, but Ricochet flipped out of it and nailed him with a dropkick. Wow!

Ricochet got a double arm submission and draped Sabre over his knee, but Sabre managed to kick Ricochet in the head with his free leg to escape. Ricochet went for the people’s moonsault and Sabre caught him in a triangle. Ricochet managed to escape quickly and he drilled Sabre with a kick before connecting with a standing moonsault for a 2 count. Ricochet continued to act cocky and the announced said it could cost him. Ricochet went for a handspring, but Sabre followed him in and nailed him with a sliding kick. Wow! Sabre stood over Ricochet and went right after his arm. Sabre set Ricochet’s arm up at a bad angle and stomped down on it.

Ricochet fired back and surprised Sabre with an ace crusher before connecting with a standing SSP for a near fall. They went back and forth and Sabre finally caught Ricochet with a diving uppercut. He followed up with a PK, but Ricochet managed to kick out. They went back and forth and Ricochet went for a springboard lariat, but Sabre caught his arm. Sabre transitioned when he couldn’t get a cross-arm breaker. Ricochet countered and got a rollup for a 2 count. Sabre locked his legs around Ricochet a short time later and got a kimura. Ricochet countered it into a northern lights and then a suplex. Ricochet held on and lifted Sabre up and flipped him into a dragon sleeper with both hooks in. Sabre countered and went for another bridging pinning combination, but Ricochet got the dragon sleeper once again. Sabre struggled, but got to the ropes quickly.

Ricochet went for the benadriller, but Sabre landed on his feet and nailed Ricochet with a slap. Ricochet hit a standing meteora and went for the benadriller again, but Sabre countered it and went for a cross-arm breaker. Ricochet tried to clasp his hands together. Sabre transitioned and went for a triangle, but Ricochet lifted him up and slammed him to the mat. Ricochet went up top and connected with a 630, but Sabre kicked out at the last second. Ricochet went for the benadriller again, but Sabre countered it into the cross-arm breaker. Sabre then transitioned into a triangle, but Ricochet kicked him in the head to free himself. Sabre then caught Ricochet in a scorpion clinch pinning combination for the win. The ref was slow to make the three count, which hurt the finish a bit, but this was really good.

WINNER: Zack Sabre Jr.

Star rating: (****) – This was yet another excellent match. This time Ricochet showed some skill on the mat going back and forth with Sabre Jr. Ricochet then went to some of his high-flying, but Sabre had an answer and Ricochet couldn’t put him away. They went back and forth down the stretch with Sabre going for submissions and Ricochet trying to hit the benadriller, but neither man was successful. Really good stuff here, especially the finishing sequence. This match was even back and forth and Sabre had to pull out a crazy pinning combination to get the win.

Busick waited for Super Dragon to come out and they went at it right away. Lee and Everett then wiped out the YB with a pair of dives and the match was on.

(8) Mt. Rushmore 2.0 (PWG Tag Team Champions Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson & Super Dragon) vs. Biff Busick & Andrew Everett & Trevor Lee in a Guerrilla Warfare match. Lee, Busick, and Everett went for a tripe dive through the ropes, but 2.0 tossed three chairs at them. The fans went nuts as 2.0 stood tall. 2.0 followed up with a triple tope suicide dive and the fans went nuts. The Young Bucks threw chairs at Busick, Everett, and Lee. That looked brutal. It looked like Dragon hurt himself on the dive as he was down next to Busick on the floor. The fans chanted back and forth for and against the YB. Nick put on a too sweet foam finger and nailed Lee with it. He took his hand out to reveal a wrench. Super Dragon recovered and got back into the action. He went for a psycho driver, but Everett took him down with a hurricanrana. Busick then wiped out Dragon with a dive to the outside.

The action continued at a rapid pace and the YB stood tall after wiping out Lee. Lee put a trashcan on top of Nick’s head and nailed him with a running kick from the apron. Busick walked right into a chair to the head from Dragon on the floor. Busick got his hands up, but that was just brutal. Matt went for a sunset bomb to the floor and Everett blocked it by holding onto the ropes. Dragon then nailed Everett with a chair to the back and Matt powerbombed him into a pile of men. Holy s—! Super Dragon set up for a dive and Matt wiped out the ref with a superkick. Knox ran into the ring, but Super Dragon blocked his super kick and Matt wiped him out with a superkick. This is nuts! Super Dragon gave Knox a curb stomp and the fans gasped.

Everett was shown getting slammed into a pile of chairs on the floor. Matt flipped off Excalibur, who was in on commentary. Lee then jumped over Excalibur and wiped out Matt with a dive. Holy s—t! Nick tried to fend off a ladder attack from Busick and Everett and he went for a springboard, but they wiped him out by tossing the ladder at him. Everett wiped out Matt and Dragon with a springboard SSP to the floor. OMG! Busick hit half and half suplexes on Matt and Nick. He then went at it with Dragon. Eventually Busick lifted Dragon up and hit an Alabama slam into the ladder that was set up in the corner and the fans went nuts. Are you kidding me!?

Both teams went back and forth. The YB wiped out Busick and Lee with superkicks. The fans went back and forth chanting for and against the YB once again. They set up Everett in a chair and called for a superkick party, but Everett countered it. Everett sent Matt into a chair in the seated positon. Lee then came out of nowhere and wiped him out with a jumping double stomp. Everett went up top for a SSP, but Matt rolled out of the way and Dragon caught him with an ace crusher. Holy s—! Dragon ended up taking front and back uppercuts from Lee and Busick. The fans fired up as Busick and Lee placed him up top. Nick and Matt made the save. Dragon then dropkicked Busick and Lee, who were held in the tombstone position by the YB while coming down off the top into a senton on Everett. There was still no ref anywhere to be found.

The YB went out of the ring and pulled out the loaded Jordan sneakers with the tacks on the bottom. They put them on Knox recovered and wiped out the YB and then nailed Dragon with a lariat. He then wiped out the YB with a huge dive to the floor. They set up Dragon and he came down with a 630, but the YB dragged Knox to the floor and nailed him with a double superkick. Wow!

Busick went at it alone against the YB, but they both nailed him with the loaded sneakers. They set up Busick with his head down on top of one of the chairs. The YB put on their loaded sneakers and wiped out Everett and Lee with a pair of double spiked superkicks. They then nailed Busick with a double superkick. Nick wiped out someone on the floor with a senton that the cameras missed. Matt put some tacks on top of Busick’s head. Dragon then came off the top with a double stomp. He then lifted Busick up and hit a stuffed springboard Psycho Meltzer with Nick for the win.

WINNERS: Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson & Super Dragon

Star rating: (****) – This was a brutal match that built from one big spot to the next. They really came close to crossing the line several times, especially with the tossing of the chairs to the head during certain portions of the match. 2.0 cheated big time during the match and wiped out two refs and ultimately got the win in the end here. This was a war.

Dragon went around ringside and threw off several hats. He then got into the face of several fans. The fans chanted back and forth for and against Dragon. Excalibur got on the mic and said he didn’t know what to say. He thanked the fans for joining them. He said, “This is not over.” Excalibur repeated himself and yelled this is not over by a f—— long shot. He said he doesn’t care who it takes or what it takes. He said this is it. Excalibur said Mt. Rushmore 2.0 is over. He said he’s sick of it. The fans chanted for one more match. Excalibur said he doesn’t need to do one more match. He said there are four men that are just men.

Excalibur said they have an entire locker room of men and one woman. He said he would not rest until he saw them put in the ground. He asked who should be on his team. The fans chanted for Tozawa. The Young Bucks then ran out and wiped out Excalibur with a double superkick and the fans booed. Dragon then hit a psycho driver on him through two chairs. Dragon stared at Hero, who was sitting on the commentary booth. The fans chanted for Hero, who rushed the ring. 2.0 bailed as the fans lost their minds chanting for Hero. Hero ended up jawing with a fan that told him to bring it. It turned out to be the Super Dragon fan. The fans told Hero that this is Super Dragon’s house. The fans wanted Hero to mess him up, but Dragon attacked him from behind. The YB ended up hitting a superkick on Hero, but he got right up and nailed Dragon with an elbow. Hero took another superkick and the YB tossed him into the ring. Dragon nailed Hero with a psycho driver variation. The fans chanted for End to come out.

Nick got on the mic and said 2.0 has two words for them. Nick told the fans to suck and 2.0 left the ring to end the show.

Overall Thoughts: (9.5) – This was another incredible show featuring first round BOLA matches. Everything on the card delivered and the action was diverse throughout the night. The show got off to a bit of a slow start in the ring by PWG standards even though the first two matches were good. Hero and Thatcher then tore the house down with an excellent match that nearly matched their effort during WM weekend.

The show then continued at a rapid pace, but it was nice that the End-Gulak match served as a bit of a breather before the show ended with three excellent matches and a hot show-closing angle. From an in-ring standpoint, you can’t ask for much more than what this show delivered. The main event was cringe-worthy at times as chairs were introduced, but the match was worked relatively safely most of the way given the stipulation. 2.0 is a really fun heel stable to watch, despite the fact that a good portion of the crowd cheers for them.

The post-match angle was really good with 2.0 laying waste to every babyface and setting up a big revenge match for the third night. Overall, this show gets a huge thumbs up and is highly recommended.

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