Wednesday 4/20 Torch Today – How long will Reigns be WWE Champ?, McGregor fall-out, DDP talks concussion scares, JR new blog, WWE’s Canadian Wrestling DVD, TMDK talks taking over NXT tag division, Nikki on Cena’s “Total Bellas” role, McMahons & Cena honored at USO event, Rock teases new MTV show project, Video – Animal to Booker T Fantasy Camp

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The Rock (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


TORCH TODAY – Wednesday, April 20, 2016

– POLL RESULT: How long will Roman Reigns hold the WWE World Title? PWTorch readers are currently voting on a long-term title reign…

  • 38% – Lose WWE Title at Summerslam
  • 22% – After SSlam in 2016
  • 22% – Sometime in 2017/beyond
  • Only 10% – Lose at Payback
  • Only 7% – In-Between Payback & SSlam

At More fall-out from Conor McGregor teasing retirement on Tuesday.

The WWE aspect of McGregor’s teaser continues to be a side-story, especially after McGregor and WWE executives followed each other on Twitter during WrestleMania Week. The Independent newspaper in McGregor’s home country of Ireland picked up on the speculation.

Diamond Dallas Page talked about the concussion concerns facing wrestlers from his generation in a recent radio interview. DDP said he thinks he was knocked out “at least 20 times” during his wrestling career. “I definitely have a little damage there,” he told radio host Tom Elliott.

Jim Ross published a new blog at reviewing Monday’s Raw, the Conor McGregor situation, and the official start of his boxing announcing career.

– WWE’s forthcoming Canadian Wrestling DVD is being titled “Our Nation’s Pride.” The cover art includes Chris Jericho, Edge, Kevin Owens, and Trish Stratus. The plan is to only release the DVD in Canada in May. ( Report)

– New WWE signees TMDK (Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste) talked to WWE’s website about their tag team style, the difficulty of leaving NOAH/Japan after starting from the bottom and reaching the top, and wanting to take over the NXT tag division.

“Our ultimate goal is to main event a TakeOver for the NXT Tag Team Titles. We want to be in the first tag title main event, and if we’ve got to take a while to get there, then so be it. We want to bring tag team wrestling up and make it what it should be,” Haste said.

New Japan Results for Wednesday building to the “Wrestling Dontaku” special event.

Nikki Bella talked to E! about the “Total Bellas” reality show spin-off premiering this fall that will include a lot of John Cena as rules-enforcer. Nikki said the family moved in together for three months since Nikki could not leave the house following neck surgery, prompting Cena to take over with Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella and other family members moving in. “You will see him a lot because he made a lot of rules, and he makes sure they’re all enforced,” Nikki told E!.

– WWE stars John Cena, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon were recognized at the 75th annual USO awards ceremony Wednesday night in Washington, D.C. Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon was also on-hand.

The Rock teased a new TV project with MTV that will be officially announced on Thursday. Rock’s production company, Seven Bucks, is co-developing a new half-hour content/interview show called “The Greatest Movie Show Of All-Time, This Week.”

– The next Booker T Fantasy Camp is scheduled to feature “Road Warrior” Animal. The event promoted by Reality of Wrestling is scheduled for May 8 in Texas City (outside of Houston).

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