Roddy Piper memoirs/biography to be released this fall

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Roddy Piper started a memoir about his life and career in pro wrestling before he died in July 2015.

Now, his children, Ariel and Colt, have completed the memoir and a biography is scheduled to be released on October 4.

Penguin Random House is releasing “Rowdy: The Roddy Piper Story” featuring Piper’s story as told by himself and then his family.

According to a press release, Rowdy reveals “little-known secrets about Piper” and sheds light on the following:

  • How he turned a sport into mass entertainment that reaped billions
  • What it was like to step into “Piper’s Pit”
  • His extraordinary tolerance for pain
  • How he brawled outside the ring his whole life
  • What kind of code he lived by — in and out of the ring
  • What Roddy was like as a friend and father
  • How he continued to wrestle despite the toll of addiction on his battered body
  • How his character and image channeled the seething rage born in his violent youth

Rowdy also dishes on how Piper:

  • Earned his stage name and became a master of character assassination
  • Tussled with Muhammad Ali and filmed a fight scene with Henry Winkler
  • Was almost killed by a drug gang in his youth when he was a pot dealer
  • Suffered a broken nose in a fight that gave him a $25 payday—much to his satisfaction
  • In the ’70s and ’80s often wrestled two matches a day, sometimes in different countries
  • Was kicked out of Japan just prior to joining the WWF/WWE
  • Once battled a bear by hand – with honey stuck to his shorts, unbeknownst to him
  • Nearly was killed by angry fans in Los Angeles and Juarez, Mexico, amongst other places
  • Learned he had cancer only because he had broken his back in the ring

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