WWE TLC Betting Odds are out for Styles vs. Ambrose, Lynch vs. Bliss, Miz vs. Ziggler, plus note on Goldberg-Lesnar betting trend (w/Keller’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


The following are the betting lines on tomorrow night’s WWE TLC pay-per-view event.

Favorite: A.J. -530 (So he’s the favorite, as you’d have to bet $530 to win $100)
Underdog: Dean Ambrose (So he’s the underdog because you’d win $350 if you bet $100 on him)

Favorite: Becky -530
Underdog: Alexa +350

Favorite: Miz -190
Underdog: Ziggler +150

Favorite: Nikki -180
Underdog: Carmella +140

Underdog: Kalisto +280
Favorite: Corbin -400

Underdog: Slater/Rhyno +400
Favorite: Orton/Wyatt -600

It’s also interesting to note that the afternoon of Survivor Series, Goldberg went from an underdog to a heavy favorite over Brock Lesnar (+165 to -475), which would indicate some sort of insider information contributing to the betting line momentum. Bill Goldberg’s odds as of late afternoon on Survivor Series Sunday suddenly went from +165 to -475 within 20 minutes. The same afternoon, odds flipped on Brian Kendrick (from +190 underdog into -530 favorite) and The Miz (from +220 underdog to -350 favorite). So early odds are not by any means full-fledged spoilers.

Keller’s Analysis: The theory on the betting is that fans who vote tend to guess well early, but then insider knowledge becomes available late and can swing some of the late voting. Disco Inferno said on a podcast a while back that in TNA, when he found out the plans, he’d call people to place bets for him.

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