RADICAN UNBOXES – December 2016 WWE Slam Crate (w/Coupon code and video)

By Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist

WWE & Loot Crate - August 2016


The latest PWTorch.com monthly unboxing video features an unboxing of the December 2016 WWE Slam Crate. The WWE Slam Crate is powered by Loot Crate. The box costs 29.99 plus shipping and handling. Loot Crate promises that each crate will contain a total of 4-6 items totaling a value worth at least $60 or more. You can save money on each crate by committing to a long-term subscription of three or six months.

Each month has a theme that ties the items in the crate together. The theme for the December 2016 WWE Slam Crate was Dream Big. The WWE Slam Crates are shipped to deliver between the first and tenth of each odd month, so there are a total of six boxes released each year.

One of the things WWE has been doing to work with Loot Crate is to reveal some of the items in the crate on Raw or Smackdown. The Bayley Bear and A.J. Styles t-shirt included in this crate were previewed on TV before the crate landed in the hands of customers. I think this is a good strategy to get people to subscribe to WWE Slam Crate, as you’re only going to get the items included in each box by subscribing, so if you’re a really big fan of A.J. Styles of Bayley for example, you’re likely to subscribe to the crate after seeing the shirt and bear on TV.

Most of the other items were good as well. The WWE Championship pins included in the first two crates have been really nice items. They are highly detailed and look fantastic. So far the old school winged eagle WWE Championship and the IC Championship have been included in boxes. These are nice collectible items that add value to these crates. The Bayley Bear and A.J. Styles shirt were nice items as well and when you combine those with the Daniel Bryan winter hat, you’ve got about the $60 in value that was promised.

In the first two crates, the only thing that has been disappointing have been the toy figures that have been included. The first crate featured an ugly New Day Unicorn figure. This crate includes a much better WWE Metals John Cena figure. The problem with the first two figures included in these crates is that they are two heavy and cumbersome for kids to play with. A happy medium to appeal to both kids and adults purchasing these would be to include a figure that would appeal to adult collectors, but also be something more suitable for kids to play with if they wanted to.

And now on to the WWE Slam Crate Unboxing Video!

Overall, if you’re a WWE fan, you’re going to want to get this crate. As you will see in the unboxing video, there were other fun items included in the box as well that I didn’t discuss in the article. Loot Crate improved on their first offering with this box and overall I would recommend subscribing to this box.

You can purchase a subscription to Lucha Loot by visiting HERE or by visiting LootCrate.com. The theme for the next crate is Masters of the Mic. The deadline to order the next WWE Slam Crate is April 15 at 9 p.m. PT.

Attention: Get $3 off your first WWE Slam Crate by entering the code PWTORCH at checkout. This code works with all crates offered by Loot Crate.


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