VIP AUDIO 8/12 – Saturday Livecast – The Deep…Dive w/Rich Fann (AD-FREE): Sean Radican joins Rich to discuss G-1 Climax Finals lineup, the business aspect of the touring system, New Japan fallout from tournament, more (79 min)

SHOW SUMMARY: This week, PWTorch columnist Sean Radican joined in on the G-1 talk. Rich and Sean discussed the G-1 final participants, how they got there, and what awaits both the winner and loser after the tournament ends. They also delved into praise of the English commentary team of Don Callis and Kevin Kelly, who should be retired from the G-1 Climax in 2018, why Sean was so surprised Bruce Mitchell watched the B block final live, the business of the G-1 tour and New Japan World, Nagata’s farewell, listener calls on potential feuds, and an email question on the structure of the G-1 proper.

Sean’s G-1 Climax Coverage

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