10/28 Wrestling Revolver in Clive, Iowa: Swagger, Riddle, Callihan, Tessa Blanchard, Ricochet, Joey Ryan


OCTOBER 28, 2017

Similar attendance to last evening’s NXT house show – 300-400 range. That crowd was good. This crowd was excellent. They were die hard wrestling fans vocal each match, all show long. This was my first Revolver show and viewed it from front row. Lighting was poor, SO I will be interested to see how it looks on DVD.

(1) Brian Cage defeated Shigehiro Irie. Irie kicked out if a F5. He works for ddt promotion and was subsitute for Davey Richards. Good stiff match. Cage wins with a rugged clothesline/powerbomb combo.

(2) Jessica Havok defeated MJF. Wicked tombstone off 2nd rope finishes off MJF. He is a mix of Jimmy Rave in ROH & M0iz. He is very good. Havok has a unique look and has the intimidating presence of Taz.

(3) Champion Palmer forces Tessa Blanchard to tap out to Texas Cloverleaf in a Open Invite Scramble. Match also included Dave Christ, Jake Manning, Myron Reed, Paco, Len X, Curt Stallion, and Gary Jay. Curt Stallion had on Qui Gon Jinn attire from Star Wars Phantom Menace and yes, did use the force at one point in match.

(4) Ricochet defeats Jason Cade. A very good wrestling match. Superstar treatment by fans for Ricochet, much like Adam Cole last night. If this was your 1st show ever, you could tell by how the crowd reacts differently for him that he was special. A pleasure to see him live.

(5) RSP defeated Alex Colon in a CZW style match.  This had light tubes, barbed wire boards, blood. It was legit hardcore.


(6) AR Fox defeated Daga. Fun match. Would like to see these two fight again.

(7) Matt Riddle defeated Jeff Cobb. This is what I drove from Minneapolis to see. Did not disappoint. The PW Tag Team Champions set aside thier gold to see who is the true stallion. Cobb submits to Riddle’s bromission. He just oozes charisma. He totally has the fans in his palm. He is simply fun to watch. Bro.

(8) Jack Swagger defeated Sami Callihan. Sami is super over. Crowd did “We the People” during Swagger’s entrance. This was a brawl outside the ring, in crowd, and all over building. Only thing missing was Tommy Dreamer calling it a Clive street fight. (We are close to Des Moines.) Swagger used ankle lock to get a submission.

(9) The Besties in the World won a tag team ladder match for 1st ever Wrestling Revolver Champions. Also competing were Zero Gravity, Luchasarus & Serpentico, Wentz & Miguel, and Joey Ryan & Candice LaRae. The crowd LOVED them both. Ryan did many of his notable spots. I admittedly was not familiar with most of this matches talent but it wasnt much varied from earlier 10 man scramble. Not sure having two of same style on same show was best idea.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Very cool promotion with an outstanding crowd. Fans treated this like a big deal, an important event to be at. The show was three and half hours but it had something for everyone. Tons of stars, three real good wrestling matches, very good action all night. Wrestlers were accessable most of night at merch tables. VIP meet & greet was an hour prior. Thumbs up. I recommend this promotion. Worth the five hour drive. Would love to see them run First Ave. in Minneapolis

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