Extra minute of Heyman interview from Raw released in which he implies a possible idea for Reigns to beat an otherwise unbeatable Lesnar

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Paul Heyman in YouTube/WWE interview snippet

WWE released an unaired clip of Paul Heyman’s tearful sit-down interview with Renee Young. In this extended clip, available via WWE online, Heyman just finished saying Reigns has no chance against this version of Brock Lesnar whom he said is more driven, focused, and violent than he’s ever seen him before. Then he paused, began to say something, and then said, “Unless…” He paused and got up and began to take off the mic, seemingly deciding not to say what he almost said. Renee pressed him. “Wait, you were going to say something,” she said. “Unless what? Unless what, though? Unless Roman Reigns does what?” Heyman walked away without further word.

WWE did not air portion of the interview on Raw. The inference WWE likely intends viewers to draw is that Heyman was suggesting Reigns could survive against Lesnar if he aligned with him. WWE could be “trolling” fans who want to see a Reigns heel turn with this, knowing the fans likely to watch the clip are the ardent fans who also are most likely to overlap those who boo Reigns, which could draw more interest in Summerslam and certainly drive more social media and YouTube clicks.

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