COLLECTIBLES COLUMN: Wrestlers and Collectors Weigh in on All In Trading Cards

By Michael Moore, PWTorch Collectibles Specialist


To commemorate the historic All In event, produced a 36-card set that features most of the wrestlers who competed at the event, along with some historical moments that lead up to the show. The cards were initially available in’s monthly subscription box. They were also sold at the All In merchandise stands, and can be purchased from for $19.99.

The set includes a deep roster of trading cards of wrestling stars such as Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, Cody, Rey Mysterio, Chelsea Green, So Cal Uncensored, Tessa Blanchard, Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix and many more. The first card of the set is a screenshot of Cody’s tweet accepting Dave Meltzer’s bet on selling out a 10,000-seat venue.

“This was a great concept, having a card set specific to an event like this,” said veteran collector Michael Labbe. “But this set is different than any other because the set itself tells a story from card 1, the tweet that started it all, to the fine details of the Flip (Gordon) being all out card and the ‘RIP Joey Ryan is a ghost’ card.”

Although many of the wrestlers at the event have appeared on oversized gaming cards from Filsinger Games, the All In set marks the first traditional 2.5 by 3.5 inch trading cards of some very popular wrestlers, including Adam Page, Flip Gordon, Bandido, Joey Janela, Penelope Ford and Britt Baker. These debut cards are seen by many collectors as the equivalent of a rookie card for a wrestler.

“We have many cards that are first time cards for the wrestlers, and for a signed card collector like myself, that is always exciting,” Labbe said.

The All In set also included the first traditional trading card of the dastardly Maxwell J. Friedman, aka MJF.

“My thought on the card is that I look incredibly handsome,” MJF said in an exclusive interview for this column. He also noted that the All In card was his first since the Filsinger card, “which is pretty crazy considering how big of a deal I am – but to be fair, most of the time when people use my name and my likeness, I sue. So I understand people’s hesitation.”

Several collectors have already named the Bandido and MJF cards as their favorites in the set, along with the cards of Janela, Ford, Page and Baker. Labbe and several others also love the So Cal Uncensored card, which marks the first time Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky have appeared on a card together.

Daniels noted that he hadn’t even seen the card prior to All In, but was happy to learn that SCU appeared on a card together.

“I wasn’t sure if the three of us were in separate cards or not, so it’s cool to hear we had a group shot,” he said.

Getting the Cards Signed

Collector Armand Schaubroeck (@wrestlingcard18 on Twitter) attended All In and was able to get several cards signed over the weekend, including cards of Janela, Ford, Green, Blanchard, Fenix, Bandido, Pentagon and even MJF.

“It was the toughest signature I’ve had to get since the ROH days of Austin Aries,” Schaubroeck laughed.

“I was constantly badgered by disgusting pigs all weekend at Starrcast to sign these cards,” MJF said, “and since I’m a nice guy, I did for a small fee of $59.99.”

Baker noted that she signed “a ton of them over the weekend and absolutely loved them. The cards are another piece of All In weekend that fans can take home and cherish forever. I’m so happy fans thought the trading cards were as cool as I did.”

The cards have a heavy gloss coating on the front which, Labbe and Schaubroeck both noted, can be problematic for autograph seekers. Ink will often not show up on glossy cards, or made fade over time.

However, both collectors said that this set may be a rare exception where fans prefer to have the backs signed. The backs of the cards also feature quality color photos but have a dull finish, which might make it easier for wrestlers to sign the cards and produce a better looking signature that will last longer.

“Normally I don’t like getting the back of a card signed, but the back design of these is such that it wouldn’t bother me at all,” Labbe said. “In fact, on a few of the cards, I like the back picture better than the front.”

For fans who couldn’t attend All In, many wrestlers are willing to sign the cards through the mail or at independent shows. Daniels suggested that fans bring the cards to future Ring of Honor shows, and “I’d be happy to sign them there.”

Baker noted that she recently moved, and is in the process of setting up a new PO box. Once that’s done, she said, she’ll be glad to sign the cards through the mail; follower her on Twitter @RealBrittBaker for updates.

Even MJF encouraged fans to send cards his way to be signed.

“If you want me to sign your card for some dough, hit me up,” MJF said. “But remember: we aren’t friends and I’m better than you.”


PWTorch Collectibles Specialist Michael Moore can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @MMooreWriter.

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