Interview Highlights: P.J. Black talks about the opportunities in ROH after the departures of Cody, Bucks, Page, SCU, why he signed with ROH, pitching Vince a skydive entrance

P.J. Black (photo credit Corey Tatum @ ROH)


The following are interview highlights of P.J. Black talking with Chuck Carrol of CBS Local leading into tonight’s Ring of Honor 17th Anniversary event. The highlights were provided to by Carol.

Check out the full interview HERE.

With all the departures to AEW, do you see more of an opportunity for yourself at ROH, given the fact that there’s now this huge void at the top of the roster?

Yes, obviously. But even if those guys were there, it would have been exactly the same for me. I think it’s a fantastic time in wrestling right now, because that happened, because a lot of people had to step up their game. A lot of people are trying to get signed by AEW. WWE upped a lot of the guys’ contracts because they don’t want to lose them because there’s a lot of money being thrown around. Even ROH, they signed me, they signed Rush, they signed PCO, they signed Bandido, which I think is fantastic. WWE’s been trying to sign him for the longest time. So was AEW, and ROH snatched him up. So that means a lot.

We’ve seen guys from NXT going up to the main roster that start hot but eventually fall off into oblivion. Would that be a concern of yours returning there?

That’s exactly what I was eluding to. They’d be like ‘oh, you’ll be on the main roster in six months or seven months, or whatever it is, and even if you’re not, you’ll still get your pay increase or whatever it is.’ I know for a fact because I speak to guys on a daily basis. All my friends are still in the WWE and in NXT, and I speak to these guys all the time, and I know for a fact none of the stuff that they were promised happened. Obviously, there are exceptions here and there, small exceptions, but those guys are just happy to be around and still be making money and being on TV. While most of them are not happy with where they are, that’s what they wanted to do. That’s still their dream job.

Now let me ask you a fun question about your ROH contract. Does your deal forbid skydiving? You’re such a big skydiver, and you post a bunch of your jumps on YouTube. Is there any clause in there that says that you can’t take any unnecessary risk away from the ring that could cause injury?

You know, there isn’t. They haven’t even asked me about any of that stuff. So that’s a good question. I wonder if they even know I do the stuff on the weekends that I’m not booked.

Have you thought about this: you do a stadium show, and for your entrance, you actually parachute into the stadium?

Oh, I’ve pitched that multiple times to Vince [McMahon] and he was like yeah, once you get better at this, we’ll do it. Mainly I was always open. Yeah, we’ve had multiple discussions on that. Even when I did the Global Force thing, Jeff Jarrett was like yeah, why don’t you just jump into, well I made a joke. I was like why don’t I jump into Mania with a Global Force parachute. I’m gonna get to go to jail, you might have to bail me out. I was just joking and he goes, that’s a great idea, let’s do it.

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