5 YRS AGO – NXT TV REPORT (6-12-14): Charlotte & Sasha Banks & Summer Rae vs. Paige & Emma & Bayley, Neville defends against Tyson Kidd, plus Sami Zayn, Bo Dallas, Big Cass

By Justin James, PWTorch contributor

Neville (artist Grant Gould © PWTorch)

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The following NXT TV report was originally published five years ago this month at PWTorch.com…

WWE NXT Results
June 12, 2014
Taped at Full Sail University
Report by Justin James, PWTorch contributor

Slight correct, I had last week’s show listed as #100, when really it was #101.

[Q1] Pre-credit’s match emphasizing Tyson Kidd’s heelish actions at “Takeover” and his desperation for the NXT Championship.

Bayley’s music hits to start the show. She’s in a six-woman tag match, the telegraphed Teddy Long Special. Farewell Teddy Long.

Rich Brennan, Alex Riley, and Renee Young have the call.

There’s a bit of heat among the BFFs on their way to the ring.

1 – PAIGE & EMMA & BAYLEY vs. NXT WOmen’s champion CHARLOTTE & SUMMER RAE & SASHA BANKS – Six-Woman Tag Team match

Charlotte locks up with Emma and easily overpowers her, forcing, Emma to use speed. Emma gets cornered, and the BFFs use dirty tricks to keep her there.

[ Break ]

Emma is still taking a beating. Charlotte with the figure four headlock so Emma bridges into a cover to get a break. Summer Rae is prancing around ringside instead of being available to take a tag. Banks continues the attack. Banks cheapshots Paige, drawing Paige in which distracts the ref to let the BFFs cheat a little more. Summer Rae is in, but she argues a bit with Charlotte.

Emma dodges Banks and locks in the Dil-Emma to get a separation. Bayley takes the hot tag to steamroll Charlotte. The action breaks down, and it’s Charlotte and Bayley back in a cleared ring. A communication mix-up between Charlotte and Summer Rae lets Bayley win off a schoolgirl to Charlotte.

WINNERS: Bayley, Paige, and Emma in 9:20. Really nice match that didn’t get boring despite the lengthy beat down on Emma and Paige never even being in the match.

[Q2] Post-match, Charlotte and Summer Rae have it out and get a bit physical.

Backstage, JBL signs a contract with a new wrestler, wearing a mask.

Backstage, the BFFs rehash their argument, and then Alexa Bliss shows up. She offers them lunch, but the BFFs blow her off.

C.J. Parker has a sign that says “100% Organic” on one side and “I speak for the trees on the other” as Colin Cassady comes out for a match. He’s facing Sylvester Lefort.


Lefort gets in Cassady’s face, which wakes up Cassady. Cassady tosses Lefort across the ring then slams Lefort hard. Lefort crawls into a corner and takes out Cassady’s knee. Cassady tries to fight from his knees, but Lefort keeps him down. Knee lifts to the middle, then a forearm to the back, then a big boot keep Lefort down. Cassady stares down Lois as he delivers the East River Crossing for the win.

WINNER: Colin Cassady in 2:30. For a moment I thought they were making Lefort into a credible wrestler a la Tyler Breeze. Kudos to Cassady for maintaining popularity with the audience despite Enzo Amore not being around.

Backstage, Tyson Kidd is doing push-ups as Natalya relives their dating history. He asks her to not come out ringside, because the match is about the championship, not her, and that is all he can think about.

The mystery signee is announced as “Mr. NXT” and will be facing Sami Zayn.

Backstage, Aiden English is singing to himself, when someone done up like a circus strongman comes out and just kind of looks at him. This is bizarre.

Sami Zayn is out for his match. The crowd support overwhelms his music, thankfully. Mr. NXT comes out. His entrance music is the NXT theme song. Mr. NXT is built an awful lot like Bo Dallas, and has no tattoos, just like Bo Dallas. The crowd has figured it out, just as “Mr. NXT” Tebows in the ring. Even Sami Zayn is in on the joke.

3 – SAMI ZAYN vs. MR. NXT (Bo Dallas)

Mr. NXT hits a shoulder block and celebrates like crazy. Zayn is almost laughing at him. The crowd chants “You can’t fool us” as Alex Riley pretends he doesn’t know who Mr. NXT is.

[Q3] Mr. NXT gets flustered as Zayn gives him a cheesy thumbs up. This angers Mr. NXT as Renee Young points out that Mr. NXT is clearly someone they know. Riley: “I don’t look at the talents’s bodies.” Young: “Maybe you should start.” Riley: “How can you tell about his body when he’s wearing a mask?” Young: “He’s not wearing a mask on his body.” Riley: “He’s wearing trunks!” Young: “I can see see his whole torso, three quarters of his body are exposed to me right now.” This is the best exchange between announcers in a long time. Mr. NXT shouts, “I’m not Bo Dallas!” as he does Dallas’s mannerisms. Zayn is in the electric chair position, punching Mr. NXT. Mr. NXT shrugs him off but the mask goes with him, revealing Bo Dallas underneath. Dallas looks stunned and ready to cry. Zayn tosses the mask at Dallas, distracting him long enough for the Hulluva Kick to put Dallas away.

WINNER: Sami Zayn in 4:12. On the main roster, this would have lasted a month (see: Juan Cena) and everyone would have acted as if they had no idea who it was. On NXT, all but Alex Riley (a heel announcer) and the ref know it is Dallas underneath the mask, and the charade lasts one match.

Post-match, Zayn runs to the back, and brings out four beefy security guards to get rid of Dallas. Dallas leads the security guards on a merry chase, until they finally grab him. He looks like he needs about five shots of Atavan, then breaks free again. Dallas manages to get a mic, and says that “they are trying to kidnap me!” They take him away to some sort of golf cart. He manages to get away, and they continues to wrangle with him.

There’s a break in the tussle as Alberto Del Rio stars in a “be a father” ad. Odd for a WWE wrestler to tell me to “take time to be a dad” given how little time off they get.

Back to Dallas, he is eventually hauled away.

Adrian Neville is out to face Tyson Kidd.

4 – ADRIAN NEVILLE vs. TYSON KIDD (w/Natalya) – NXT Championship match

Slow feeling out process to start. Kidd gets dumped to the outside and Neville comes over the top as Natalya looks on in concern.

[ Break ]

[Q4] More slow back-and-forth with a divided audience. Neville to the top for a turnaround move, Kidd meets him there and wants a side-suplex off the turnbuckle, Neville shrugs him off and hits a missile dropkick. Neville with a two count, and Natalya yells at Kidd to get up. Fast kicks from Kidd but Neville follows with kicks of his own and a standing moonsault for a nearfall. Neville gets stunned on the apron, and Kidd delivers offense. Huge flipping leg drop from the top as Neville is draped through the ropes. This would be good for a win, but Neville gets a foot on the ropes, the ref sees it after hitting three and waves off the bell. Kidd is blowing up but Natalya lets him know that Neville really did get to the ropes.

Neville in the Tree of Woe and Kidd lands knees to his middle. Basement dropkick to Neville’s face. Lots of instructions from the ref for some reason. Kidd wants the Sharpshooter and locks it in mid-ring. Neville refuses to tap and manages to get to the ropes. Kidd is baffled as Natalya tries to encourage him. Surprise small package from Neville almost wins the match. Neville dodges int he corner and hits a kick to the back to put Kidd down. Neville to the top, but Kidd dropkicks his feet out from under him. Kidd to the top, blockbuster, but Neville barely kicks out in time. The ref has gloves on, Kidd with a springboard elbow drop for a nearfall. Kidd is almost praying mid-ring, with a great camera shot going between him and Natalya.

Kidd leaves the ring to get a chair, and Natalya grabs the chair away from him. Superkick from Neville as Kidd turns around, Red Arrow, and Neville retains.

WINNER: Adrian Neville in 14:40. Really solid match here, but a bit too much focus was on the angle of Natalya at ringside and Kidd’s heelish moves than the match itself at the end, in a rather predictable turn of events.

Post-match, Natalya consoles Kidd in the corner, and Neville is bleeding quite a bit from the face.

Final Reax: Wrestling-heavy show with two long matches, one good and one really good. Neville – Kidd looks like it could have one more match in it. Neville still looks great as champion, and the BFF meltdown story is injecting new life into the women’s division. The Bo Dallas debacle was fun, though the post-match dragged out a bit too long.

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