1/16 NXT UK TV REPORT: Kassius Ohno vs. Dave Mastiff, A-Kid vs. Joseph Connors, backstage footage from NXT UK Blackpool II event

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


NXT UK TV REPORT (Episode 78)
JANUARY 16, 2020

NOTE: This was a condensed episode of NXT UK as it was sandwiched between their two major PPV events – last week’s Takeover: Blackpool II and this weekends Worlds Collide with the U.S. NXT roster.

– “In Memory of Rocky Johnson” screen.

– Video highlight package on Takeover: Blackpool II.


The action was grounded pretty quickly, followed by some standing armbars and countering of each other. A-Kid then cornered Connors and slapped him in the face. A-Kid’s offense then picked up and  he got a quick roll-up for one. A-Kid started to use his high flying skills but was leveled by Connors strength. Connors caught him with a bulldog for two.

Connors proclaimed “I am worthy!” at the top of his lungs before tossing A-Kid around the ring. Connors held him in the air for a moment before slamming him to the ground for a two. A falcon arrow soon followed for another near pinfall. He lifted up A-Kid for a side slam and yet another pinfall attempt.

A-Kid started to pick up his pace after battling out of a chin lock. They exchanged slaps and A-Kid scored a quick two. A- Kid connected with a German before a nice Northern lights suplex got him another near pinfall.

Connors dodged a kick by sliding out of the ring. A-Kid met him by flying through the middle rope. He rolled Connors back in as A-Kid went tot he top rope. He knew he was late so he got back down. Connors rolled to the apron and used the top rope to hit A-Kid on the chin, but caught Connors with a slingshot as he was making his way back into the ring. A crisp superkick. followed. Connors rolled back out of the ring. A-Kid pounced on the top rope and hit Connors with a moonsault to the floor.

Connors rolled back in and A-Kid went to the top a went for a cross body. Connors grabbed him and went to slam him but was countered with a small package for two. As Connors was on his knees, A-Kid kicked him several times in the chest. Connors connected with a backbreaker and neck snap. Two and a half. Connors went up to the top and landed a moonsault but was caught in an armbar. A-Kid went for a triangle but Connors used his strength life him. A-Kid countered with a cradle for two. A small package for two followed by Connors. A ‘Don’t Look Down” solidified a win for Connors.

WINNER: Joseph Connors via pinfall at 10:22.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A fun match. A-Kid is learning quickly. A-Kid is a white meat babyface and needs to learn his character but has a nice move set. The veteran Connors helped get him over in the match, even in defeat.)

– Takeover II post-match footage from WWE.com. Trent Seven backstage with Eddie Dennis taunting him after his victory over Seven. Not a whole lot to this.

– Imperium speak out next week.

– ILA Dragunov in action next week.

– Takeover II tag team leader match recap.

-WWE.com exclusive backstage footage from Takeover: Blackpool II of Gallus, who retained their titles. They stated that the titles would be on them for a long time.

– Recap on the Jinny and Jazzy storyline. Killer Kelly for Jazzy Gabert next week.

– Highlights of the women’s triple threat match from Takeover: Blackpool II. WWE.com exclusive footage showed Toni Storm saying that she felt robbed. She said that she is going to rob Rhea Ripley at World’s Collide.

– Worlds Collide commercial

– Royal Rumble commercial

– Highlights of the Championship match at Takeover: Blackpool. Sid Scala and Johnny Saint announce two more matches for next week- Jordan Devlin vs. Ligero and Travis Banks vs. The Brian Kendrick.


Mastiff took control of the match early on after some tests of strength. Mastiff started to work Ohno’s arm. Ohnoworked his way up and rolled to the apron to avoid Mastiff, who then tossed him over the rope and back into the ring. Ohno rolled the apron again and ran Mastiff’s arm into the turnbuckle. Back in the ring, Ohno worked his 3/4 nelson and a cutter for two. Ohno with a couple of rolling sentons and a cravat that Mastiff countered with a suplex. Mastiff grounded Ohno and hit a few rolling sentons of his own. Near pinfall for Mastiff. Back to their feet, Mastiff went to the corner for a cannonball, but Ohno countered that into a sunset flip for two. Mastiff caught Ohno and tossed him with a German suplex. Mastiff slowly hobbled to the corner and onto the middle rope, but was too slow. Ohno took advantage and connected with a double throat chop. Ohno met him on the middle rope and held Mastiff in a 3/4 again. Mastiff lifted him on his back and landed a super rolling senton. Mastiff ran to the corner and landed an Into the Void, knocking Ohno out cold. Easy pin for Mastiff.

WINNER: Dave Mastiff via pinfall at 6:48.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A fun battle of big men. An entertaining match for sure. Mastiff’s star will be shining brightly once he gets some reps in. Ohno is a great veteran for him to learn from.)

– As Mastiff exits, the announcers hype a stacked card for next week. I look forward to it.

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