7/20 BEING THE ELITE REVIEW (Ep. 213): First three minutes with Anderson and Gallows one of funniest segmnts in BTE history, plus Kenny heel turn hints, Hardy, Private Party, Bucks, Colt, Dark Order

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


BEING THE ELITE EP. 21 – “BC 4 Life”
JULY 20, 2020

Watch it HERE.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were in their dressing room/office when Nick walked out of the bathroom with wet hair as if he just got done taking a shower. He asked Matt if he has any extra shirts that he could wear because he doesn’t have one. Matt looked in his suitcase and tossed Nick an old Bullet Club Young Bucks shirt. Matt said it was one of their first best sellers. Nick laughed and held it up. Matt said in their Bullet Club years they were on top of the world. Nick agreed and said “now Evil is the leader.” Matt said he actually packed that shirt for a reason. He said he was feeling nostalgic the other day and he was thinking about one time in the Tokyo Dome Hotel. Matt said it was 2016…

The camera faded to old footage of Matt and Nick sitting with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Anderson thanked them for “coming into the shop” and he and Gallows signed off of their podcast and Anderson stopped recording on his phone. They all celebrated a good recording. They talked about the incredible run they’re on and they all said they’re “Bullet Club for life” together. Nick said Gallows and Anderson would never turn on them like A.J. (Styles) did. They agreed and Nick said that’s because they’re Bullet Club for life.

Matt pulled them in close and wanted to discuss an idea he and Nick had. He said that they had an idea to take their brand and take it to the next level. Matt said that one day, they want to start their own wrestling company. Nick proposed calling it Bullet Club wrestling. Anderson and Gallows seemed intrigued. Matt said this isn’t going to happen tomorrow or even in a year. He said maybe it’ll happen four years from now. Matt speculated that maybe it’ll happen on New Year’s Eve 2019, he isn’t sure. Matt wanted to know, if they, hypothetically, started this new wrestling company, would Gallows and Anderson be interested? Nick said TNT may even pick their show up. Matt dismissed that and said that sounds crazy. Gallows and Anderson agreed and they all gave each other the “Too Sweet” hand gesture, instead of a handshake, to make it official. Matt and Nick then got up and left the room. After they left, Anderson and Gallows both agreed that Matt and Nick are out of their minds. Gallows said the Bullet Club thing is there just to “get them to New York.” Anderson called them both marks and wondered if they even know that wrestling is a work. Gallows said TNT probably doesn’t even want wrestling after what happened last time. Anderson agreed. Gallows said they’re going to WWE and said they “don’t do spots and bullshit like that” and said they’re going to be famous. Gallows promised that, one day, they’re going to tag with Hunter one day. Anderson said he loves that Gallows wants to team with Triple H. Gallows said he’s one of two Paul’s in WWE he wants to work with and he knows neither will ever lie to them.

– Being the Elite open aired.

– A montage of Matt and Nick Jackson travelling to Jacksonville was shown including clips of them on a plane and walking through an airport. Nick said he’s been wearing a mask for ten hours. Matt said Nick’s ears are hurting from the mask strings and his headphones. Matt said he has, as he called it, a “gator style” mask, which you wear around your neck and pull up over your mouth and nose instead of having the strings around your ears. Nick said they’re heading to the doctor right now to get tested so they can get results back and sleep with peace of mind knowing they don’t have the virus. Matt and Nick both said they’re excited to be teaming with Kenny again and said it’s the first time since they teamed against Pac and the Lucha Bros on January 1, 2020.

– Matt Jackson and Kenny Omega were sitting in the Young Bucks’ dressing room. Matt said he was just daydreaming about a couple weeks ago when Omega showed how brave he was when he poured out the beer FTR gave him. Matt said it’s great because not a lot of people have the courage to just come out and say that they’re religious and believe in a higher power and that they’re Christian AF. Angelic music played for a second and Omega reacted and said that was pretty cool. Omega said that he’s always thought about religion and faith and all that, but this is just a lifestyle choice. Omega said he’s never drank, never smoked, and never done drugs. Matt was taken aback and said it’s just a straight edge thing? Kenny said yeah, but also noted that he’s interested, but he just wanted something with a bad ass origin story. Matt cut him off and said there’s nothing more bad ass than Genesis 1:1. Omega said yeah, they’ve had a couple of cool games, but he was always more of a Nintendo guy. Matt corrected him and said no, he’s talking about Jesus Christ dying for our sins. Matt went to fist bump Kenny and Kenny complied, but didn’t really understand. Kenny said that Jesus seems cool and the beard is cool, but “how could you ever get cooler than the aliens and Tom Cruise?” Matt was confused. Kenny said he was thinking about Christian AF and everyone is free to be their own person, but what about “Scientology AF?” Some sci-fi noises played. Kenny celebrated having his own thing now.

– Isaiah Kassidy was sitting alone in a cafeteria. Nyla Rose was in the background on her phone. Alex Reynolds and John Silver walked up and said hi to Kassidy, but Kassidy immediately jumped up and walked away. Silver then pointed at Nyla and said they should try to recruit her. They said hi to her and put down a container of Kool-Aid. They briefly tried to small talk her before just coming right out and telling her they want her in Dark Order. They asked if she would hear them out and she said no, she isn’t joining they’re stupid cult. They did not like the word cult and tried correcting her, calling it a group that enlightens people’s lives. Silver then tried appealing to her by saying he also hates Kris Statlander. Rose agreed with that. Reynolds tried getting her to drink the Kool-Aid. Reynold tried pouring some of the Kool-Aid into a bottle of water. Rose complained that he made a mess on her table. Rose then pulled a straw out of her shirt. The straw was shaped to spell out “F— You.” She put the straw in the drink and started drinking it. Silver was extremely offended that she had a “silly straw.” Silver threatened her as Reynolds held him back. They left as Nyla sat there drinking the Kool-Aid through the straw and laughing at them.

– Christopher Daniels was standing in front of a building on a rainy day. He leaned the camera down to show a new “This is the Worst Year I’ve Ever Lived In” shirt. Daniels sighed and said “without a doubt.”

– Matt Jackson and “Regular” Matt Hardy were walking down a hallway. Jackson told Hardy that he loves what he’s been doing with Private Party. Hardy said thanks and said there’s a lot of chemistry there and he really likes them because they remind him of himself and Jeff. Hardy said they’re hungry, passionate, and want to be players in this game. Jackson invited Hardy into his dressing room. The camera changed angles to inside the office and Hardy had switched to “Big Money Matt” Hardy. Jackson scoffed at Big Money Matt and said he’s the worst Matt of them all and asked that he leave the room and come back in. Jackson called this version of Hardy a prick and asked him to leave. Hardy called Jackson an asshole and said if he didn’t like him so much, he’d sue Matt and Nick Jackson for stealing the likeness of himself and his brother. Hardy looked down at Jackson’s ring gear and sarcastically asked if this was a part of a Hardy Boys starter kit. Hardy said he sees Jackson’s Christian AF shirt and he’s Rich AF, Handsome AF, and Dapper AF. He said “you don’t understand how hard it is to be Matt Hardy.” Jackson asked him again to leave and come back as someone else. Hardy said no and called Jackson an internet nobody. Hardy said nothing is sacred anymore. He said he sees the Young Bucks entrance with the “young bucks” falling everywhere and now he has heat with them. The camera zoomed in on Hardy’s hand full of $100 bills and zoomed out.

Broken Matt interrupted and yelled to pause the multiverse. The camera zoomed out to show Nick Jackson playing the part of Big Money Matt. Broken Matt then explained that heat is  when a wrestler gets  negative reaction from the crowd or viewing audience at home. Heat can also allude to when two wrestlers in the locker room have friction with one another. Broken Matt then grabbed the cash out of Big Money Matt’s hand and said he may be broken, but he shall never be broke and laughed.

Hardy was back as Big Money Matt and reacted to the cash no longer being in his hand. He accused Jackson of stealing it. He said that was $4,500. He said Jackson’s already stolen everything else from him in the course of his life, now this? Hardy said he can’t stand them and stormed out of the room. The camera zoomed into the door and zoomed back out as Matt Hardy Version 1 walked in. He told Matt Jackson that he got free drinks, snacks, and spray tan at catering. He said he loves working in Jacksonville and called it the big time. Hardy then asked if he wanted to go do some high spots in the ring. Jackson started to talk, but Hardy cut him off with a catch phrase. Jackson said being Hardy’s friend is just exhausting and said he’s blown up. Broken Matt appeared again to explain what Blown Up mean. Jackson didn’t freeze this time. The camera zoomed in on Jackson as he became increasingly frustrated by Hardy.

– Brandon Cutler walked into a locker room and said it’s time to see if “they” have any ideas. He said hi as he walked in on Best Friends and Orange Cassidy. Cutler asked if they have any bit ideas this week. Trent said they just did a bit with Trent’s mom and Dark Order. Cutler said that was a Dark Order bit, not a Best Friends bit. Trent and Taylor were not pleased with that and no. Trent said since it was his mom, that makes that bit his, not Dark Orders’. Cutler said no, Dark Order got the laughs there and said that Dark Order are more over than Best Friends are right now. Taylor said they’ll have one for him soon. Cutler said Dark Order is BTE’s favorite. Taylor said they’ll have one and Cutler pretended to leave, but stayed to listen in on their brainstorming session. Trent said they’re going to have to kill Cutler. Taylor excitedly said finally and said he’s been pitching that for weeks. Cassidy put his hound out. Trent and Taylor followed and they stumbled into a “Murder Brandon” chant.

– Clips of the orange juice rig being built was shown ahead of the Dynamite show being taped. The clip of it being put to use on Inner Circle was then shown at ringside. Video of the ring crew and the official was then shown changing the mat out. Justin Roberts announced they were coming back from commercial in 45 seconds as the mat was being released from the ring apron. Roberts announced they were back in 15 seconds as the crew scrambled to get it out of the ring. The crowd started cheering as they finally got the dirty mat out of the ring as the show came back from commercial.

– Clips were shown from ringside of Sonny Kiss’ entrance, then highlights of the Jurassic Express vs. The Elite match. The clip of Kenny attack Marko Stunt after the match was shown too.

– Kenny Omega was walking down a hallway after his match. Hangman Page came out of a room as Omega walked by and asked if he was okay. Omega was upset and said he saw where Hangman was during the match, hanging out with the FTR guys. Page was confused and said they just came to the bar, it isn’t his fault. Omega said they embarrassed him tonight, Page cut him off and said Omega kind of had it coming. Omega was not pleased and pointed out that he tried to give them a drink in the ring. Page said it’s a “you got them, they got you back” kind of deal. Page said it isn’t a big deal and called it a “Carolina Boy” thing. Omega still wasn’t pleased with that answer and said it’s water under the bridge, but didn’t seem happy about it. Omega said he’s cool with it if Hangman is and Hangman said year. Omega said “it’s just national TV, who cares?” as he walked away mad.

Omega walked into Matt and Nick’s office and said he just saw Hangman and saw him at the bar with FTR. Nick asked Omega about beating up Marko. Omega avoided the subject and asked Matt was he was holding his neck. Matt said he took a top rope Canadian destroyer, Omega dismissed it saying it was the second rope. Matt was upset and asked Omega what his problem is. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus entered the room to figure out what happened with Omega. Luchasaurus said they all agreed to a traditional spot fest style match. He said you can’t just call stuff on the fly anymore, it’s 2020. Omega said this is professional wrestling. Luchasaurus repeated that the match was over and everyone got their spots in. Omega got a little defensive and said he just lost his cool. He asked them how Marko was and they said they haven’t seen him yet. Luchasaurus told Omega that he should go check on him. Omega said he tried to apologize in the ring. Nick jumped in and told him to go check on Marko. Luchasaurus said Omega was Marko’s favorite and he looked up to him. Omega smirked and arrogantly said “who doesn’t look up to me?” Omega got up and said he was going to go check on him.

Omega entered the training room and asked how Marko was. Marko said he could be better. The doctor was testing the range of motion in his shoulders as they spoke. Omega said that the guy out there wasn’t him, he apologized and said stuff wasn’t going right for him all day and he took it out on Marko, even though he shouldn’t have. Marko said he’s watched Omega for so long and looked up to him, but what Omega did hurt his feelings. Marko said he was always told not to meet his heros. Omega apologized again and promised to make it up to him. Omega said he is the man Marko thinks he is and walked out of the room. Omega stopped in the hallway, muttered the “don’t meet your heroes” line and seemed remorseful for a second. He shook his head as he chuckled and grinned. As he started walking away he called Marko a “f—ing pussy” and walked off.

– Colt Cabana was outside the training room. He was walking towards the EVP office and said he thinks “he” has calmed down by now. He leaned in and saw Kenny Omega with his back to the door on the phone. Just before he walked into the room, Griff Garrison grabbed Cabana and told him not to go in there because Omega is pissed off. Garrison said Omega is pissed off at Marko and he’s going murder Cabana if he goes in there. Cabana asked why him? Garrison said Omega is just pissed, just look at what he did to Marko. Cabana thanked Jungle Boy for stopping him. Garrison corrected him and said he’s Griff Garrison. Cabana said thanks. Garrison walked off and Cabana looked at the camera and asked “who the f— is Griff Garrison?”

– Alex Marvez walked onto the screen, introduced himself as Alex Abrahantes, and said it’s time for another installment of Speaking Spanglish. Marvez said today’s word has a double meaning. It could stand for counterfeit or not real. He introduced Santana and Ortiz. Santana noticed Abrahantes looked different, Ortiz speculated he had a new haircut. Santana pointed out the different suit and the fact he had a completely different body. Ortiz refocused Santana and told him to do the thing. Santana spoke in Spanish using this week’s word: Fayk. Ortiz went to translate, but instead asked Ortiz if he wants to know who’s “Fayk.” Santana nervously looked at the camera and tried to stop Ortiz from saying it. Ortiz said Carlos is fayk. Santana looked relieved and agreed. Ortiz said he knows someone else who’s fayk and Ortiz told him not to say it. They bickered in the background as Marvez walked back on the screen to do the outro, but got hit with a flying sandal. Marvez walked off as Santana and Ortiz held each other in fear. Alex Abrahantes then walked on and started doing the outro. Santana and Ortiz interrupted and smiled saying that was “Fayk Alex.”

– Matt and Nick Jackson were in their office again both looking at their phones. Matt asked if Nick saw their numbers, he said yes. Matt asked what they’re going to do. Matt said they’re killing it in the key demo, but the 50 plus… Nick said he wants all the numbers because he wants to beat them. Matt sarcastically asked if the 50 plus doesn’t like them. Matt asked if the 50 plus don’t like quick Canadian destroyers off the top rope. He thought everyone liked that. They asked if they like dives to the floor with people standing around catching them. Nick asked how they don’t like that crap. They asked what the old people like then. They tried to picture what their grandparents would like on the show. Matt said he thinks he has something and he wants to pilot it on BTE. Matt said he’d be right back and got up from the couch with a smile on his face.

The camera cut to Matt voicing over video of a planter at his house with some soothing piano music under his voice. He said hello and said he’d love to show everyone around his garden. He said he thinks people will enjoy this, especially the 50 plus. He was standing in front of a five tier planter system with a hose in the top to give it all water. He said when you put water in the top, the system drains into each tier to give it all water. He said eventually he’s going to have some beautiful plants in each pocket. He turned the camera to himself and he smiled as he filled the top with water.

Matt then walked over to his apple tree. He said it’s apple picking season and the branches are being weighed down by his beautiful and delicious apples. He held up a branch to show a close up of the apples on the branch. He watered the plant and said in a couple of weeks he’s going to pick them and make a hot apple pie with them.

Matt then told everyone to calm down because he knows they’re on the edge of their seat. He introduced his newest addition: a plum tree. He watered it and welcomed he plant to the family.

“Last, but not leaf, I mean least, are the beautiful grapes” he said. He showed himself smelling the tiny grape fruits on a branch. He said he’s going to squeeze them all by hand to make beautiful grape juice for his beautiful children. A graphic then showed Matt dressed as a gardener with the words “50+ seconds for 50+” as he said goodbye for now.

– Private Party were walking down a hallway. Isaiah Kassidy was holding his lower back and struggling to walk as Marq Quen asked if he was okay. Kassidy moaned and complained about his back as he entered the training room. Nick Jackson was in the training room as well, but was wearing a mask. Quen called for the doctor to come check on him. Nick said it sounds like he’s moaning. Quen said his back may be broken, Nick repeated that sarcastically. Nick, wearing a stethoscope said he could take a look at him. Nick put the stethoscope on Kassidy’s shoulder and he cried out in pain. Quen accused him of not being a real doctor, as if they didn’t realize it was Nick. Nick pointed to the doctors behind him and said they taught him everything he knows “about doing doctor stuff.” Quen and Kassidy went to leave, but saw someone with long hair standing in the corner. They thought it was “a new, sexy ass nurse” and approached them. Matt Jackson turned around, also wearing a mask. Kassidy said she’s a little rough around the edges, but he isn’t complaining. Matt said he isn’t a sexy ass nurse, it’s Matt Jackson. Private Party laughed him off. Matt again repeated that he’s Matt Jackson, but they laughed him off again. Matt pulled down his mask and said “I’m dead ass.” Quen fell backwards over the training table to the floor in shock. Nick said he’s going to have to check out his back for real now.

– Dark Order were having a meeting. Alan Angels said there’s nothing wrong with wearing a mask. John Silver and Alex Reynolds were opposite him and said they don’t think they should have to. Evil Uno said it’s super comfortable! Silver pointed to Stu Grayson and said he doesn’t have to wear one and he’s the ugliest guy in the group. Uno cut him off and told Silver to try and get Grayson to wear one because he’s been trying for years. Grayson challenged Silver to ask him to put a mask on. Silver and Reynolds said they’re too handsome to wear one. Uno contested he’s just as handsome as them. Reynolds said Silver and Grayson look identical. Neither one of them liked that and they both started yelling at Reynolds disagreeing with his assessment. Brodie Lee entered and screamed to interrupt them all. All members of Dark Order obediently stood in a line in front of Lee. Lee told them to calm down and asked them what the problem is. Silver said that “this ugly piece of shit is being a dick” as he pointed at Stu Grayson. Reynolds tried getting Silver to shut up, but it was too late. Lee stood in front of Silver, towering over him, and asked why it’s always something with Silver. He stepped in front of Reynolds and asked the same question. Reynolds struggled to find an answer, but settled on saying Silver is just a kid. Silver turned to him and said he’s 29. Lee said he has an eight year old and his eight year old isn’t a “f—ing idiot,” but John Silver is. Reynolds looked down to avoid laughing. Lee asked if he was crying and Reynolds held back a smirk as he said no, he’s not crying. Lee said he’s told Silver 15 times that he’s had it with him. He opened his suit jacked to reveal a small stack of papers on either side. They all pleaded with him not to do it, but it was too late. All the members of Dark Order ran out of the room leaving Silver behind. Silver fell on his back trying to leave the room as Lee pulled out the papers. Stu Grayson closed the door as he sarcastically apologized to Silver saying he couldn’t help him. The camera zoomed in on Silver as he yelled for his mom.


That is one of the funniest opening skits I’ve seen on Being the Elite in a long time. I give credit to Gallows and Anderson for being good sports about their situation and being able to joke about their time in WWE. If you don’t want to watch the entire 30 minute episode, watch the first three minutes at least!

Overall, this was a really funny episode of BTE. Most of the bits had really funny moments. I continue to be frustrated, for lack of a better word, with the intermingling of Dynamite stories and BTE stories. This week it was the Omega slow heel turn. He showed signs of turning heel when dealing with Marko and showed signs of dissention with Hangman Page. You can’t have newsworthy stuff like that while also having segments of Dark Order being complete comedy and the Best Friends agreeing to kill Brandon Cutler to get out of coming up with bits for BTE that are pre-planned.

I like this show; I find it to be one of the funniest things I watch on any given week, but it should not intertwine with Dynamite. It’s too different and an entirely different universe for some characters and, while the “insider” fans know the difference, the casual fans won’t get why people act so differently. Hopefully they bring up the Omega stuff on Dynamite because it’s signs of a heel turn, but at the same time I hope they don’t. His character on BTE is just all over the place and I don’t know if you want to have people come check out BTE who don’t know what it is because of that.

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