RADICAN’S TAKE: “Money Plane” starring Adam Copeland (Edge) and Kelsey Grammar is awesomely bad

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @sr_torch)

Edge (artist Grant Gould © PWTorch)


Money Plane is a direct to on demand and digital purchase release from writer and director Andrew Lawrence. The movie stars Adam Copeland aka WWE wrestler Edge and Kelsey Grammar with Denise Richards getting top billing, but playing a very minor role in the film.

The film fits in the category of awesomely bad as Rich Fann, the co-host of my Radican Worldwide podcast on PWTorch VIP, likes to say about these types of movies. They can either be awesomely bad in an entertaining way or on the flip side there’s bad movies that are just painful to watch.

Copeland plays the role of Jack, who leads a group of thieves after high priced art. The movie begins with a painting theft attempt gone wrong and Grammar, who plays a mob boss called The Brand played by Grammar pays off the people Jack was supposed to rob the painting for and essentially Jack owes him a heist.

Grammar’s lines are hilariously bad in the movie. The Rumble explains to Jack that he wants him to go undercover with his crew on the money plane, which is a plane that features high stakes gambling over international waters.

Yes, none of this makes any sense, but The Rumble’s line explaining to Jack what the money plane is is just plain hilarious:

There is a legend in the underworld, for those in the know. It’s called a money plane. Some of the baddest muthafuckas on the planet are on that plane all craving for action. You want to bet on a dude fucking an alligator? Money plane.

Jack and his crew board the money plane with new identities and are charged with getting a billion in crypto currency and over 40 million in cash for The Rumble.

The acting is hilariously bad as Jack and partner Trey played by Patrick Lamont Jr. act constantly nervous around what is supposed to be a group of the worst kind of hardened criminals on the money plane. You would think everyone, including the people running the game would figure out something isn’t quite right with Jack’s crew, but they never do.

The fight scenes are hilariously bad in all the right ways. Jack is supposed to take over the cockpit and communicate with The Rumble on the ground via something that looks face time. Copeland is clearly the tallest person in the movie, but when he goes to take out the captain of the plane, he is confronted unexpectedly by a co-pilot that is much bigger than him. They go on to have a really bad fight in the cockpit and it really is awkward to see Edge painted as the underdog in a fight for that one specific scene.

Thomas Jane is wasted in his role as Harry, Jack’s old military friend, who stays behind to protect Jack’s family while he’s on the money plane. He’s featured longer than Denise Richards, who is completely forgettable in her role as Jack’s wife. Richards has very little dialog, but gets top billing.

The best performance in the movie is from Katrina Norman, who plays Isabella. She is part of Jack’s crew and is supposed to be Jack’s person on the inside posing as a flight attendant on the money plane.

She doesn’t appear nervous in her role and she has the best fight scenes in the movie. Norman stands out delivering her dialog and definitely will catch the eye of action directors with her performances in her fight scenes.

This is the type of movie that if you’re going to watch it, watch it with friends and laugh at the absurd fight scenes, special effects, and dialog. Whether it is Jack and his team making their escape in a van going at 20mph while being shot at with what sound like Lego movie bullets or a drone equipped with a gun being used to take out enemies, there’s always something to laugh at here.

Money Plane is a bad movie, but the cast and crew for the most part appear to be in on the joke. I recommend going the cheap route and buying this movie on demand.

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