7/23 NXT UK TV REPORT (Ep. 105): Hidden gem between Fabian Aichner and Mark Andrews, Piper Niven vs. Jinny, Dave Mastiff vs. Eddie Dennis

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


JULY 23, 2020

Hosted By: Andy Shepherd (from home).

-Andy Shepherd again announcing from home that we will be having another show on “the best matches in NXT UK’s history” (which, by now, is no longer living up that line).

-Mark Andrews introduces what Shepherd called a “hidden gem of a match.” His video was made while he was enjoying an ice cream cone (I’m guessing strawberry flavored) while walking on a sporting field.

(1) FABIAN AICHNER vs. MARK ANDREWS (from NXT UK, December 5, 2018)

They shake hands at the bell and lock up. Andrews hit the ropes and pounced onto the larger Aichner but he caught him mid air. Andrews escaped and reversed with an arm drag and body scissors. Aichner exited the ring before the obligatory through-the-ropes dive flattened him outside. The went right back into the ring and Aichner again caught him mid air and executed an incredible back breaker for two. He held Andrews in a leg lock.

Aichner countered the leg lock for a near pinfall and the two made it to their feet and exchanged strikes. A Stomp 182 and corkscrew senton from Andrews gave him another two count. A sequence of aerial maneuvers followed that countered Aichner’s powerbomb gave Andrews another pinfall attempt. Aichner went to the ropes and was met with a 619 before slamming him to the mat.

The two then exchanged chops and forearms. Aichner hit an impressive lariat before Andrews landed a Stundog Millionaire. Both men rolled in agony on the mat. Andrews slowly worked his way to the top rope. Aichner grabbed him and executed a brain buster for two. Aichner went up for a springboard moonsault but Andrews moved. Andrews with a DDT for two. Andrews went up for a 360 splash but Aichner moved out of the ring. Andrews followed, but Aichner tossed him into the stairs. He rolled back in the ring as Andrews lay outside. He ran back in the ring at the count of nine, where Aichner met him immediately with a spinning powerbomb for the win.

WINNER: Fabian Aichner at 9:12

(Koenig’s Analysis: That backbreaker early on in the match from Aichner was a real beauty to watch. There were some sequences in this match of some incredibly stellar moves. In hindsight now, I can see why this was dubbed “a hidden gem.” Highly recommended watch.)

-“Undertaker- The Last Ride” commercial

-Xia Brookside in a vignette saying that, during these times, its time to better yourself, be positive, and that if we all all work together, (NXT UK) will be back soon.

-Piper Niven introduces her history and match with Jinny.

(2) PIPER NIVEN vs. JINNY (w/Jazzy Gabert) (from NXT UK, November 28, 2019)

Report below taken from my initial review

After a few seconds of keeping herself away from Niven, Jinny attempted several running attacks, only to be caught on each one. She slammed Jinny to the ground and attempted to hit the ropes but saw that Jazzy was ready to protect her friend. That stall gave Jinny a moment to retaliate for a few moments. A sloppy somersault over the top rope gave her a pinfall attempt. Jinny hit the ropes and jumped on the massive back of Niven in yet another poorly executed move- this time an octopus hold. Niven powered out as Jinny kept trying to keep her grounded. Niven rolled out of the ring, right in front of Jazzy. The ref kicked Jazzy out after he noticed that she touched Niven. Niven made it back to the apron, where Jinny was waiting for her, punched her and dropped an elbow for the two. Both of them made it to their feet and Jinny laid in a bunch of strikes to Niven, which looked a lot like Pete Townshend windmilling his guitar. A fist from Jinny and headbutt by Niven put both of them to their backs. Niven got up first at an eight-count from the ref. The two exchanged horrible strikes. Niven was met with a boot to the face while running at her in the corner. While she was selling the blow, Jinny went to the top rope, jumped, but was caught. Niven got her up for an electric chair, followed by pinfall attempt, but Jinny’s foot made it to the bottom rope.

Back in the middle of the ring, Jinny kneed Niven in the face, grounding her. Two count. Jinny went to the corner, proclaimed it was “her NXT”, ran at Niven, was met with a dropkick into the corner, and followed by a cannonball. A Michinoku driver planted Jinny for the win.

WINNER: Piper Niven in 7:28 via pinfall

(Koenig’s Analysis: I went into this really wanting to like it, knowing how green both of the athletes are. Horrible match though. Maybe it was a bad night at the office, or they just don’t have chemistry, but many moves were botched and/or sloppy. I am optimistic for both acts. I really like Niven and think that she will be the face of the women’s division very soon, especially since Rhea Ripley is essentially American WWE property now. And I think Jinny and Jazzy are very good with each other. Alas, this match was painful to watch. I really enjoy both acts and with some reps, they will both be just fine.)

– After the match, Kay Lee Ray was called out by Niven, saying that she is coming for her championship. Ray comes out and slaps Niven. Niven rebuttaled. After being unceremoniously injected back into the picture during this past Survivor Series weekend, Toni Storm ran out and continued an attack on Ray. This was the first time Storm has been seen on NXT UK since Takeover: Cardiff, where she lost the strap to Ray.

-WWE Summer Slam commercial

-A creepy, Mick Foley-esque promo video from Saxon Huxley putting fear in the roster.

-Dave Mastiff introduces the next match, and his history with Eddie Dennis.

(3) DAVE MASTIFF vs. EDDIE DENNIS (from NXT UK, December 12, 2018)

This was an impressive face-to-face to start the match, as Dennis is nearly a foot taller than the massive Dave Mastiff. Dennis started with a side headlock. That didn’t work, so he hit the ropes. That didn’t work either as Mastiff double dropkicked him and left him on the mat after a series of elbows to the face. Mastiff with a cross body and moved out of the way and out of the ring before Mastiff attempted a senton. Mastiff followed but was beaten down out of the ring before Dennis rolled him back in and held him in a 3/4 nelson. Mastiff broke out and laid in some more forearms. Dennis took him to the mat and laid in a series of elbows to the back of Mastiff’s neck. As he tried to power his way back up, Dennis kept kneeing him to keep him down. He was able to escape and struck Dennis with a headbutt that knocked him down for two.

Dennis went up to the middle turnbuckle here but Mastiff was right with him. He climbed up with him and Mastiff executed a huge suplex from there. When they both made it to their feet, the two men went blow for blow before Mastiff caught him and hoisted Dennis up for a Finlay roll, followed by a senton for another near pinfall. A bridged German followed for two. The two hoss’ then charged at each other, with Dennis getting him for a side slam and two and a half.

Dennis started to cower from Mastiff at this point but he caught up with him on the apron and slammed Dennis’ arm down on the top rope. Mastiff hoisted him back to the middle rope again and went for another powerbomb. Dennis countered and lifted him up (impressively), but Mastiff slid down to escape. Mastiff with a german suplex and a cannonball for the win.

WINNER: Dave Mastiff at 11:48

(Koenig’s Analysis: If Dennis was able to lift Mastiff up and carry him to the middle of the ring, as he attempted at the end of the match, that would have been one of the most impressive feats of strength in pr wrestling that I have ever seen. The match was a fun battle between two big men with different body types. It reminded me of Keith Lee vs Dominik Dijakovic. This was a good episode to watch all around with three enjoyable matches.)

-NEXT WEEK: NXT UK’s Greatest Hits

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