8/4 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Kline’s “alt perspective” detailing Wrestle House, Heath vs. Moose, Swann announcement, Kylie vs. Rosemary, Edwards vs. Callihan

By Dennis Kline, PWTorch contributor


AUGUST 4, 2020

Announcers: Josh Matthews, Madison Rayne

-Impact opens with a highlight package from last weeks show. Including Edwards vs. Trey Miguel with Eric Young coming out at the end. EC3 Vignette. Heath getting a shot at an Impact contract tonight. Purazzo’s win over Kimber Lee last week and Jordynn Grace attacking Purazzo after. The Good Brothers, with Ace Austin and Madman Fulton getting into it.

-Then the Impact show opening.

-The show opens with Josh Matthews welcoming us to the show.


Heath makes his entrance first, doing what Heath does. Moose enters second with his TNA title. Heath is looking to get an Impact contract with a win over Moose. As the match is about to start Josh Matthews reminds us that EC3 attacked Moose last week. Moose starts the match off backing Heath into the corner exclaiming “I am a wrestling God!”. Heath fights back eventually giving Moose a clothesline over the top rope. The action is taken to the outside early and Matthews tells us that Heath is a former WWE Superstar, former WWE tag team champion, former 24/7 champion which he then snapped “whatever that means.” After taking a shot off the stairs Moose takes back control throwing Heath into the barricade.

They continue to battle outside until the ref gets to an 8 count. Heath is the first back in and as Moose tries to get in he gives him a forearm. They battle back out on the floor and Heath throws Moose into the barricade. As they come back in the ring Heath has control until Moose gives him a variation of the Hot Shot (How amazing was Eddie Gilbert?). Moose has control now working him over on the ropes. During control of the match Matthews talks about how he much of a role Moose has been on recently but Rayne tells us that if we have a heart we have to root for Heath. Moose continues to control until he tells Heath his kids are ugly, after that Heath blocks a boot from Moose and hits a flurry before hitting a boot and a side kick for a 2 count. Heath thing is thrown into the corner but jumps over Moose for a school boy for another 2 count. After Moose then collides with the ref Heath hits the “Wake Up Call” and Matthews counts three exclaiming he beat him, but the ref was still out. Moose then hits a low blow, rolls him up while grabbing the trunks for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Moose at 8:55.

(Dennis’s Analysis: Okay match, which is really what Moose delivers just ok matches. I am curious how he is a “wrestling god,” though.)

-We are greeted on screen by Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne on screen for the first time. He is here to announce the a PPV type event on AXS over two nights in twl weeks, August 18th and 25th. Featuring a rematch for the Impact Knockouts Championship when Deonna Purrazzo defends against Jordynne Grace. Rayne follows up that announcement with a tag team match happening later tonight between Chris Bey and Rohit Raju vs. TJP and Fallah Bahh. Josh also lets us know we will be heading back to Wrestle House tonight and we get a sit down interview by Jimmy Jacobs. with the Motor City Machine Guns. Eddie Edwards open challenge for the Impact World Championship continues tonight. Lastly, Rich Swann has an announcement later tonight.

-We head over to a backstage interview by Gia Miller with Willie Mack. Miller is wondering if Mack knows what Swann will be announcing later, he does not. Mack is upset over what Eric Young did to Rich Swann. He seems legit upset over what EY did to Swan. Talking about how Swan took 9 months to recover only for Young to do this.

-After a commercial break we come back to an EC3 vignette

-We open with his new logo. Then we hear EC3 in a voiceover: “Angle, Sting, Styles, Joe, Roode. Thought, everything I’ve ever wanted I’ve achieved. I have had a moment of perfection, but a moment is all you can expect from perfection. Because ever since then I have been punished. Punished by a fan base due to company mismanagement. Punished by feuding entities vying for control of THIS corporation. Punished by myself for a burden I placed. Punished by the true 1% of this industry for a name that I inherited. To find your purpose you must… Define Your Narrative. To find freedom, you must destroy your past. The TNA World Heavyweight Championship a physical manifestation of what it is. A legacy, a success, an accomplishment, a personal goal and a personal demise. There is no battle I won’t fight, there is no hell I won’t endure, there is no man I won’t go through to reclaim the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Because I have arrived in Impact wrestling TO reclaim the TNA World Heavyweight Championship to burn its legacy to the ground. Moose….you have been warned”

(Dennis’s Analysis: This is great stuff from Carter here. Find this clip and watch it, so you can see the video that accompanies the promo. He belongs here. You can see he feels it and, from where he is landing on the card, I think Impact feels it.)

-Next we have the sitdown interview by Jimmy Jacobs of the Motor City Machine Guns, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelly. (Speaking of feeling at home, here you go.) Jacobs announces the MCMG as the most revolutionary tag team in Impact history, true pioneers of the modern tag team style and new Impact Tag Team champions. They talk about what they have been doing in the 8 year since they won the tag team titles last, highlights being Sabin’s TNA World Championship win and Shelly’s time in Japan. Then we hear about how they were recently training together wondering if they could still do this in 2020 together. This is how we get MCMG back in impact. Then they start to talk about the tag teams in Impact before being interrupted by The North Josh Alexander and Ethan Page. Alexander has the mic, he is upset because they are giving MCMG a chance to tell their story yet the North were the champs for over a year and never got the chance to tell their own story. They are upset about how the MCMG were given one match and then were in the title match. All of this is setting up The North’s rematch at Emergence.

(DK’s Analysis: The North are in full classic heel mode here. The excuses given are perfect. This one is worth the watch just to see Page and Alexander. They compliment each other on the mic almost as much as they do in the ring. Alexander’s straight to the point delivery counterbalances Page’s over the top antics pretty perfectly. They are a highlight of Impact each week and have been this past year. The feud with MCMG should continue their great run, so far, in Impact. Both will hold up their ends between the ropes but the North will carry the promos. This one will be really good, though they did not give us if the match will be on night one or two.)

-We are now in Deonna Purrazzo’s dressing room and Kimber Lee walks in. Lee is proposing to take out Jordynne Grace so they don’t have a match at Emergence and in return Lee gets a shot at the title. Purrazzo agrees.

-After the commercial break, we have the opening for Wrestle House. It starts with Taya having everyone sit down in the living room and we have a flashback of what happened last week. Taya has gathered everyone to have group bonding exercise, which she is remind that she hates them. She also wants to address the BO, which Swinger thinks she is talking about Cowboy Orton. Taya hands out personal grooming kits. Kylie Rae wonders when we they will be heading back to the Impact Zone because she is the Number 1 contender for the Knockouts title. Rosemary said ‘we leave when he takes a hint’ and they point to Johnny Bravo. During this Alisha Edwards is trying to teach Susie how to pick up men and Swinger interjects himself angering Alisha Edwards. Just then Tommy Dreamer comes in and exclaims “MATCH TIME!!!” Setting up an intergender handicap match with Edwards and Susie taking on Swinger. Which the ladies win after giving him a wishbone and double splash. After the match Kylie Rae introduces herself to Johnny Bravo, which he reminds her that they have met. She wants back in the Impact zone and wants to know when he will take a hint. He explains it may take him a while but he knows what Rosemary wants and he cant take a hint.

(DK’s Analysis: You know those segments that you just hope no one walks in the room while you are watching them, out of sheer embarrassment? This, all of this. Sadly, it’s not over and I don’t mean not over completely, no, I mean not over tonight.)

-It’s time for the Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week and we are treated to Sami Calihan’s Impact Title win after a 2nd rope piledriver to Brian Cage.

-We now see The Good Brothers walking away from the building and coming upon their vehicle. The driver side door is ajar, not how the Bros left it. They show empty beer cans outside the car and the Police approach. After they ask a few questions and explain the open container laws of their county we see this is a set up. Ace Austin appears, instigating a fight with Gallows and when a cop tries to pull Gallows off Austin he accidently elbows the cop. Gallows is arrest and taken off while Anderson complains of this all being a set up before fading to a break.

-We come back from a commercial break with a video showing that Brian Meyers is back with Impact and Matthews tells us Meyers is “coming soon.”

(2) EDDIE EDWARDS (c) vs. SAMI CALLIHAN – Impact World Championship Open Challenge

It’s now time for Edwards open challenge and Matthews reminds us that Eddie does not know who he is facing. Sami Callihan’s music hits but before the lights come up we see that someone is standing behind him and its Rob Van Damn. RVD attacks him from behind and beats him down on the ramp. This is happening because Sami ruined Katie Forbes’ photo reveal. Matthews tells us he doesn’t thing Callihan will be able to compete. Callihan takes his jack off, limps to the ring and climbs in. He exclaims at the ref “I’m fine!. Eddie comes over to tell Sami he doesn’t have to do this and he is greeted with a, loud, open hand slap. The match is on! Matthews reminds us of the history between these two with Sami almost ending Edwards career with an errant swing of a baseball bat. Edwards hits a quick Tiger Driver for a two count and as they get up they begin to brawl. After a headbutt from Edwards, Callihan exclaims from the corner “Is that all you got?!”

Later Callihan sidesteps Edwards, who goes over the top to the floor, then Sami follows it up with a dive between the middle and bottom rope. Edwards then gains control and lands a dive of his own. Eddie continues to control the match on the outside before trying to land a tiger driver on the apron. Sami grabs Edwards eye to regain control and lands a piledriver on the apron. Both land on the floor and Sami continues to punish Eddie. As they head back in the ring Sami lands a running elbow for 2 count. Sami controls Edwards for the next couple of minutes before they trade big boots and as they run the ropes both hit clotheslines. The ref begins his count as both men are down.

As they both get to their feet Edwards gains control with chops in the corner before hitting blue thunder bomb for a two count. Edwards is selling the neck throughout all of this. He tries to get tiger driver and after a quick flurry Callihan gains control hitting a brainbuster for another two count. As they get to their feet they are trading blows, Edwards appears to gain control before Sami hits a go to sleep and then a running forearm for, yet, another 2 count. Both guys are slow to rise and are showing the damage from this match. Edwards gains control and hits another tiger driver, 1…2…kickout. Edwards drags Callihan up but Sami hits an open palm strike then lands his jumping piledriver. Sami covers him and Edwards is able to get his foot on the rope at 2. Sami begins to come unhinged and grabs a chair but ends up throwing it outside the ring. During this Edwards had recovered and when Sami turns around he is hit with a pair of Boston Knee parties. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards to retain the Impact World Championship

(DK’s Analysis: If you have seen these guys work in the past then you know they have great chemistry. This was a solid TV match but I think Edwards is hit or miss as a character; for me it’s a miss. That said they did further the face turn of Callihan here with him getting rid of the chair and Rayne questioning why he got rid of it – because he didn’t want to be disqualified or because he’s had a change of heart?)

-We head back to Wrestle House and everyone is looking for Johnny Bravo. Rosemary finds out Kylie Rae is the reason they can’t find him and screams for Tommy. You guessed it, “MATCH TIME!”

(3) KYLIE RAY vs. ROSEMARY – Wrestle House Match with Taya as Special Referee

Roasemary gains control early choking Rae. Kylie is able to take over with some chain wrestling before a headlock take over. Later Rae tells Rosemary “I’ve got your nose” and Rosemary screams “What kind of sorcery is this!”. This all upsets Rosemary who gains control and as she is on offense Taya tells her she likes what she is doing. After a few minutes of back and forth Johnny Bravo is at ringside cheering Rosemary on. This distracts her and Rae is able to hit a super kick for the 1-2-3

WINNER: Kylie Rae

-Bravo consoles Rosemary and says that if Taya finds out about them she will be mad. Rosemary tells him that maybe she doesn’t have to know. Soon after Taya walks over and berates Bravo before dragging him off. This ends the segment of Wrestle House.

(DK’s Analysis: I am speechless at the time dedicated to this. At best this should be a youtube show and highlights of it are shown on Impact. They should not be giving this much time to something so niche, in my opinion.)

-We are now backstage and Karl Anderson is on the phone. He appears to be on the phone with Gallows, telling him he will be down there soon to get him. Just then Ace Austin walks up and Anderson attacks Ace before Madman Fulton gets involved. Madman hits Anderson from behind giving he and Austin control of the beatdown. Fulton holds Anderson as Austin attacks him before we go to commercial break.

-As we come back from the break we see Hernandez talking to Reno Scum. Telling them if they help get his money back he will make it worth their time.

(4) BEY & RAJU vs. TJP & BAHH

TJP and Bey start the match off. Lots of back and forth quick action from these two before TJP gains control with a shoulder pop to Bey. Bey rolls out off the ring and Raju comes in causing Bahh to step in. TJP and Bahh continue control before throwing Raju out of the ring as we head to a commercial break. Out of the break TJP and Bahh are still in control before Raju distracts enough for Bey to regain control and tag him in. Raju takes TJP down with a foot sweep and as TJP sits up Raju gives him a super kick for a 2 count. After TJP kicks out Raju settles into an armbar. Raju continues to control the match until he tags in Bey who hits a flying forearm in the corner.

Later TJP escapes Bey with a donkey kick and a DDT out of the corner before tagging in Bahh. Fallah Bahh sends Raju into the corner for a big splash but when he goes for a second one Raju counters with a knee that puts Bahh down. Both guys get tags to TJP and Bey. The match speeds up with TJP grabbing control with a suplex that TJP then rolls over to hit a back suplex before heading to the to rope. Raju meets him there but TJP is able to fight him off. TJP tries to hit a swanton but Bey moves. After Bey hits a spinning heel kick, Raju hits a downward spiral. Bey covers TJP but Bahh breaks up the cover. Raju and Bey continue to have control, holding TJP. As Bey goes for a springboard Bahh pulls Raju out of the ring and TJP catches Bey and locks in a cross armbreaker. Bey immediately taps out.


(DK’s Analysis: Fun match here from these four. I like what they did with the end, setting up Bey vs. TJP in the future.)

-Before the break we are reminded that Rich Swann’s announcement is next.

-Coming back from the break Matthews and Rayne are hyping next week’s matches:

  • Jessica Havok & Nevaeh vs. Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan – No DQ match
  • Jordynne Grace vs. Kimber Lee
  • Eddie Edwards Open Challenge

-Matthews then throws to the ring and Rich Swann’s music plays. Rich appears with a boot on his right foot and is using crutches. We then see highlights of what Eric Young did at Slammiversary before Swann begins to speak.

-Swann tells the story of how terrible the injury he had in January and how the Doctor told him that he will probably be walking with a limp the rest of his life. He says if there is a limp then there is no more wrestling. He busted his butt and was able to change to Doctors mind with heart, willpower and motivation for Slammiversary. He saw there was an opportunity for the Impact World Championship and he knew he was ready to claim that spot. The biggest PPV for Impact. He relived the disgusting attack from Eric Young, while getting emotional. Now he is back where he was, seven months ago, and he was told if he gets back in the ring his life may change. If he continues he won’t be able to live a normal life. Swann said he has to think about his family, his future, and he is going to have to retire. Swann thanked everyone who has supported him and everyone who bust their butt to make Impact what it is today. The Impact locker room surrounded the ringside area. Slapping the ring and giving him a round of applause. The Rascalz, Willie Mack, and Eddie Edwards helped Swann out of the ring and watched him walk up the ramp. Then out of nowhere Eric Young attacks Swann. Hitting Swann’s injured leg with the crutch and the show ends as Eddie Edwards yells for someone to get some help.

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