15 YRS AGO – ROH in Chicago Ridge, Ill.: C.M. Punk’s final ROH show, headlines against Colt Cabana, parents and roster pay tribute, Pepsi celebration

C.M. Punk ROH (photo credit Wade Keller)


(Note: This article was originally published on PWTorch.com 15 years ago this weekend.)

AUGUST 13, 2005

The event started off with “Bonus Matches” involving ROH students.

(a) Bobby Dempsey (w/Derek Dempsey) beat Smash Bradley (5:00) Bobby Dempsey threw the worst punches that Keith has seen from any wrestler this year. Pin came after the “fat kid splash.”

(b) Brad Bradley beat Shane Hagadorn (2:12) Finish came after a lariat.

(c) Anthony Franco beat Davey Anderews (5:06) Finish was a backslide.

On to the main show!

Dave Prazak came out and announced Punk vs. Cabana has been changed to 2 out of 3 falls. Crowd is 1200. James Gibson was announced as the new champion and was initially booed, as the crowd wanted to see a title change. Gibson came out and shot a promo, talking about how last year his career was in limbo but winning the ROH title was the biggest win of his career. Crowd was really behind Gibson when this was over. Spanky came out and congratulated Gibson and wanted a title shot in the future but said tonight the two had larger fish to fry.

(1) Nigel McGuiness beat Matt Sydal (w/Daizee Haze) and Delirious and Alex Shelley in a Four Corner Survival Match (10:57). Nigel pinned Delirious with a bulldog off the top rope. Tons of comedy spots throughout the match. Delirious posed in the ring with several “Hulk Hogan-like” poses.

(2) Chad Collyer beat Ace Steel at 10:31. Very bloody match. Collyer won with the Texas Cloverleaf as Ace passed out. Steel took a vicious chairshot and was bleeding heavily. This came after Steel accidentally hit a security guard at ringside, and as Ace was tending to the man who was crushed by the chairshot. There were four large women who were wildly cheering for Collyer throughout the match causing crowd to chant “Fat Chick Thrilla” at Collyer. There was also several reverse full nelson spots which caused the crowd to chant “Masterlock!”

(3) Austin Aries beat Jimmy Rave (w/Nana) at 13:29. Rave got a lot of streamers before the match and was agitated with them. Aries’ ribs were bandaged up. Aries reversed a sunset flip for the pin. Rave was said to have blown a lot of spots throughout the match. Afterwards, Alex Shelley came down to help put a beatdown on Aries until GeNext (Sydal and Roderick Strong) came down for the save.

Speaking of Roderick Strong. This afternoon I was watching the Molly Holly Shoot DVD, and she talked about training in Florida and meeting the 14 year old Roderick Strong while he was sweeping acorns off the ring. The picture of Strong is priceless.

(4) Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal beat Homicide & Low Ki at 17:43. Homicide elbowed the ref as he was counting the pin after Lethal nailed Ki with a Dragon Suplex. This caused a DQ. Teams fought all over the building after match in what was said to be an AWESOME brawl. Ki hit a double foot stomp off the bleachers onto Lethal. Joe threw at least 10-15 chairs. In the ring Ki hit Lethal with the Ki Krusher and stood over him.


(5) Jimmy Jacobs & B.J. Whitmer beat Spanky & James Gibson to the retain the ROH Tag Team Titles at 17:32. Crowd chanted “Don’t Go Back!” and “SmackDown Sucks!” during match. Spanky began his heel turn by superkicking Gibson while Gibson had Whitmer ready for a Tiger Driver. Spanky then put Whitmer on Gibson. Spanky had a good heel promo after the match.

Crowd is ALL OVER Matt Hardy.

(6) Roderick Strong beat Matt Hardy at 23:51. Strong won with a rollup. Great match. Possible spot of the night came when Strong reversed a Twist of Fate attempt into a backbreaker. Lots of chants, “Die, Matt, Die!” “We’d Rather Have Jeff!” and chants for Snitsky. After match Hardy thanked ROH for the opportunity. Put over Strong, Gibson and fans, even those that weren’t fans of his.

(7) Colt Cabana beat C.M. Punk in a two-out-of-three falls match. Punk took the first fall at 12:37 after hitting Cabana with a Colt 45. Both Samoa Joe and Ace Steel are at ringside. Cabana took second fall at 15:47) after a lariat. Colt won after a roll up at 27:28. Good match, not great. Joe, Punk and Cabana were all teared up before the match.

After the match the locker room came to ringside (except for Homicide, Low Ki, and Gabe, who were on the ramp), including Punk’s parents. Punk shot a promo putting over the company and the fans. Cabana sprayed a two liter bottle of Pepsi over Punk.

Extremely good show overall.

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